Plan Failed

My plan to force myself out into the world and get on with it failed.  By yesterday evening I felt as bad as ever.  So today I shelved all my plans, cancelled all commitments (other than getting the boys to school) and returned to the duvet, wearing a jumper and 2 extra blankets and still shivering.  My tummy informed me it was lunch time, so I'm up again sat at the computer with a fan heater warming me.  All being well, I am planning a craft in your PJs weekend.  Anyone want to join me??  In your own home that is, I don't really feel up to entertaining fellow crafters in their night attire!!!  Not this weekend anyway ;)

** Kate ** 


Laura said…
Oh dear Kate! Do take it easy and I hope you feel better super quick x
Lora said…
Well I have no kids this weekend, so I might just join you for a crafty pj day :) Hope you start feeling better soon. I must say I am a bit offended that you wouldn't want me to come to yours in my PJ's, I was thinking of visiting you with my onesie on ;) lol I don't really have a onesie but it might cheer you up a bit picturing me visiting you in one! haha
Huggies Lora xx

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