An Autumn Wedding

Went to watch my friend get married this afternoon and took the opportunity to snap 150 odd photos, as you do.  Shimelle has a Camera School under way at her blog at the moment and lesson #1 was about freeing yourself from photography fear.  I don't take a lot of 'people' shots other than my family and I don't like going out photographing in very public places, so I got to tackle lesson #1 head on.

There was certainly no time to ask for photo blogging permissions, so here are just a few peaks.

I do like taking candid shots and I am really please with the ones I took today, now for a scrapbook album by the time she gets back from the honeymoon!

** Kate **


Lisa Jane said…
oh what fab pics.. i love the one of the two little boys
Lisa x
Wow these are amazing!! I lovethe two little boys too!! Cindy xx
Fabulous photos Kate - think you've really grasped lesson #1 from Shimelle's course from the looks of things - keep posting those photos
Fi (Frosch) xx

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