Body Shop - mini haul and packaging review

As part of my minimising efforts and trying to simplify my lifestyle (which is a pretty big ask by the way as I am a hoarder, Disney collector and all round materialist) I've been looking at how I can reduce my use of platics and purchase 'greener' products.

Regretably, my lifestyle right now does not afford enough time for me to start making my own cosmetics and toiletries, but as a compromise I've been researching ethical manufacturers and the packaging they use.

Body Shop is somewhere I remember as ticking the boxes on my current research and, after a read through of their details on line, I popped to my local store for some ethical retail therapy.  Zero carbon footprint from me, tick.

My main target was hair care products as I have recently run out of my favourite shampoo and it's been discountinued.   

A quick chat with the sales assistant confirmed my suspicions that they no longer take back bottles to re-use, instead they are widely recyclable.  Better than nothing, but my understanding is that most recycled plastic is turned into non-recycleble items, so not the ideal I was looking for.

The banana shampoo I remember was still there, but my online research showed it contained ingredients 2 of my children are allergic to so I thought I wouldn't have that one sitting in my bathroom.  As there wasn't as much choice of hair products as I remember,  I thought I would give their Rainforest range a try.  The reviews online for this weren't great, so I just bought the travel sizes to test, with an extra shower gel as they were a 3 for2 offer. 

Whilst I was there I took advantage of a few other sale and offer items.  

This glass file could remove my need for disposable emery boards and hopefully its plastic case will last a good long time.  However, the need for an outer celophane covering was totally unnecessary in my opinion.

I also bought a couple of face products in handy travel sizes, but after I got home realised they are #5 recycling which isn't offered here (we only have plastics #1 to #3) so they won't be repeat purchases.

Lastly, I loved the scent of this candle which was vastly reduced as it is leftover Christmas stock.

It's in a glass jar that I can upcycle at home and carboard packaging that I can recycle, perfect?  Not quite, it has a plastic protector inside that keeps the wax surface nice and the wick undamaged.  This could easily have been done by manufacturing an extra foldover flap into the cardboard package design.

Final verdict on Body Shop packaging - unimpressed, could do better.  Product reviews to follow.



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