Capsule wardrobe revelation

It all started when the central heating broke over the winter.  It's too old to be fixed and so we resorted to using plug in heaters to tide us over.  One of the consequences of this was the inability to get our washing dry.
Without realising it the whole family slowly worked our way through all the clothes we had until the washing baskets were over flowing and the wardrobes were empty.  With the minimal washing I could get dry I concentrated on the essentials - work clothes, school uniform, underwear etc.  

Surprisingly it was the smallest member of the family (Branston Pickle) who was the most annoyed about this and so to keep the peace I targeted one set of clothes (joggers, t-shirt and jumper) to be washed and dried in time for Saturday morning and then worn for the whole weekend (barring mishaps!)  One set in the wash and one set on is how he has existed for over 3 months and that's where the revelation happened.  What if the whole family managed their wardrobes like this?

The finer weather is here and I'm washing up to 3 loads a day on catch-up and the little voices have changed from "I've got no clean clothes" to "Where am I supposed to put all this clean stuff?"

I think it was Messy Minimalist that I recall saying your washing basket should be no bigger than one load of washing and I can definitely see why!

The capsule wardrobe for each member of the family is taking shape.  I'm basing it on how many days a week spent at work/school versus how many days off each person gets.  For the boys in the household it will be a straight 5/2 split.  For us girls our lives are a little different and will take a bit more consideration.  I will need to take into account holidays (irrespective of whether they are spent at home or away) and any club/sports wear.  

I'm only packing away the excess clothes to begin with, after I've removed any worn out and unwanted items.  We can then 'shop' from it for different items and see how often it's needed, if at all?
And so the experiment begins.



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