Capsule work wardrobe

I've started to thin down the family's vast amount of clothes in a, once and for all, attempt to live with less.  The aims being to have far less that needs washing and organising and so free up more of my precious time.  Also, without really planning it, we have ended up joining the tiny house movement.  Instead of fighting it, I've decided to embrace it.  More on that another time.

Unfortunately, the vast piles of washing still need to be done to enable us to donate all the surplus and so the machine is still whirring away in the background as I type.
The first cut was fairly easy as there was plenty of unworn, just in case items that can go straight to donate and lots of very worn, too small items that can go to the rag man. 

Looking at the principles of how my days are spent, a typical week has 3 days at work with an occasional call in for a 4th day.  Here's what I ended up with.

A pair of black trousers that can be worn everyday.  They sponge out and dry easily overnight if there are any spills (I work with children!)  A fleece for warmth and a light loose fit jacket for summer.

I have 3 tops:

2 of these from Gap in navy and grey.  They are really soft and wash well.

A loose fit long top/tunic from Fat Face in this fish material.

The floral tunic (on top of the pile) is one that I've worn a lot but won't be including in my everyday wardrobe.  I'll keep it tucked away to use if I have to work on a 4th day and may replace with a nicer one when I clear out more.

Somewhere there are some linen crop trousers from Marks and Spencer that I wear on unbearably hot days (lets face it, there will be few occasions when they are needed!)  I can keep them tucked away with top #4.

That's all, it can go through in one wash at the end of my working week and have plenty of time to be dry ready for the next week.

That leaves 4 days a week to fill for my everyday wardrobe.  Plus some event and holiday wear.  I'm on to that next.



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