Visualise Your Destination

A tidying and decluttering introduction.
Decluttering seems to have become a bit of a life long hobby, a new type of sport.  It's something you continually do in your spare time, but, for me as well as I think many others, it never reaches a conclusion.

I first read 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying' some time ago and have dabbled at it since, like testing a new piece of sports kit for my decluttering hobby.  Marie Kondo, the book's author,  warns however that "Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination."  She suggests you visualise your ideal lifestyle to give purpose to your "Once and for all." tidying.  Once and for all appeals to me.  I want it done and then I want to move on.  To use that time I spend constantly decluttering for a far more pleasurable hobby.
So, here is my personal vision:
  • Tidy, no trip hazards, everything is easy to find and then put away again once it's finished with.
  • Calm and relaxing, decorated using clean, natural hues of white, wood tones and green.
  • Show off collections neatly in themed areas.  I want to see my things because they make me happy.
  • Multifunctional family spaces.  I have a small home and follow the tiny house movement with great interest.
Can I truly put an end to clutter and stop continually tidying?  Let's see...……….

- Kate -


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