Craft magazines takeover bid

Sunny picture to cheer me up.

Have been ill in bed, being fed soup and feeling sorry for myself, definately unable to craft.
I had planned to tidy my craft area as it is taking over the bedroom. I have some of the 12" x 12" Artbin Super Satchel boxes which are great, but if you've stacked them on end and they fall over on your toes it hurts....a lot. I have taken the plunge and ordered a customised mobile unit from I've chosen the pale blue one which I hope will blend in with some weathered wood stuff I have.

I have been able, from my sickbed, to look at my other storage problem - magazines. They are sneaky. I think they are secretly planning world domination. I have piles of them everywhere.
Whenever I think I will be ruthless and throw some old ones away I rediscover articles I have forgotten and then I can't part with them. Some have definately gone into the recycling today (after I tore out a few bits I couldn't possibly chuck). There will never be enough time to try all the ideas in these articles, but you just know that something will come up and you will need the one you threw out last week. I have started a book with the magazine issue number and details of the key articles I liked - otherwise I can never find the ones I remember reading and end up leaving the whole lot in a mess all over the floor.

As I don't have enough boxes to fill my mobile unit I hope to stack another pile of magazines in the bottom of that too!

Feeling a bit better this evening so, fingers crossed, I will get some crafting done.



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