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Frosty Camping

A recent weekend's camping ended up with the final morning seeing frost/ice on the tents, but I was cosy and warm.  I'm sharing my bedding set up for anyone who's interested and as a handy reminder for me when I'm packing for my next cold weather UK camp.

Before I start I'd better make it clear I wasn't hiking.  Space wasn't unlimited, but there was enough room to bring a large TK Maxx shopper filled with bedding.  In contrast, the rest of my kit fitted into a 24 litre rucksack.

Insulation is key with lots of layers between your body and the ground. My tent was quite a light weight one with a thin sewn in groundsheet, so I added an extra one just big enough to fit under the bedding area. I had a picnic blanket with me which I added as an extra layer during the night when I wasn't having a picnic!
 For camping mats I have a Mountain Equipment Womens Helium 3.8. It's great for insulation but just not soft enough for my back and hips to cope with, so …

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