Monday, April 30

Wish List

Spent the weekend on family time, playing, house sorting and finishing off with family dinner at mums. First time I have seen my sister since she returned from Tunisia. Anounced she is getting married out there this summer (nothing would suprise us! although I do hope this doesn't mean we are going to see even less of her than we do now.)

Have completed/started a couple of bits on the Wish List. Entered the hands scrap, started my altered canvas box, bought a DCWV Far East stack and got involved with my first on-line scrap. Updated list follows :

  • Make an exploding box
  • Enter the hands scrap competition - done
  • Alter canvas box - a £1.99 bargain from WHSmith - started
  • Celtic/fantasy cards - have bought some great stamps but never used them!
  • ATC box - to keep all the little left-over bits in for ATC making on the run
  • Send off to have my own stamp designs made up
  • Scrap last year's holiday
  • Make a stamp catalogue - to take shopping so I don't keep buying stamps similar to ones I've already got!
  • Decorate a clippy kit style pencil case that I've found
  • Make an oriental mini book - definately involves buying DCWV Far East stack
  • Try new jewelry designs - chandelier earings, woven bicone bracelet and rings
  • Sign up for online workshops - scrapping and photography
  • Make new wedding samples - started

Have started on my new wedding samples (pics below). Still not totally happy with them, but I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

As my sister was home I was able to have a good chat about setting up an on-line shop (she is an accountant), will now take the plunge and stop procrastinating about this, must move to top of to do list, I guess I'll look at it tomorrow.

** Kate **

Thursday, April 26

Shop!, Shop!, Shop!

Posting very late on Wednesday night so just a quick note. Went crafting this morning, spent a couple of hours chatting and drinking coffee. Bought the following bits and bobs :
Whilst chatting heard that there was a place in town selling decorations for Croc type shoes, so couldn't resist stopping in on my way home. Sandra said they had Winnie-the-Pooh but didn't mention they had Snoopy!!
I know these aren't proper Crocs but I do have an excuse - funny sized feet. They are small and in between 2 sizes and the real deal just didn't fit me. They will probably be really uncomfortable and fall to pieces in a week!

Got home and was looking around on the net for some papers I wanted and ended up ordering a few bargains - time to wait for parcels again! That reminds me I must ring up about that missing cabinet I ordered, it must be on its way soon.

* Kate **

Tuesday, April 24

Furry Friend!

Scrapped the pictures I posted on 9 April. Bought a paper kit in Waterstones ages ago based on the Madagascar film. Never thought I'd find a use for them, but the colours went really well with Teddy's jumper. Covered up the cartoon pictures down the centre of the page and found some very apt stickers in the pack. "Who's the cat?".

Off to my usual Wednesday morning craft group tomorrow. Haven't been for 4 weeks due to illness and school holidays so should be fun to catch up and buy things! I need some basics that are running low but I hope there is some new stock in too. Will report back if I buy anything exciting.

** Kate **

Monday, April 23

Ultra quick ATCs

Had some stickers printed with my blog address to use on the back of cards, at craft fairs and such. Couldn't wait to use them so I made a dozen really quick ATCs. I found some printed labels in a touristy knick knack shop and nabbed them straight away for ATCs. Just added doodling, stickers and brads and of course my new blog labels on the back. Not exactly works of art but great for random swaps at craft classes/fairs.
Back to the school routine again today. I think I have 'mouse-hand' from all my online cropping at the weekend, so not so much crafting today. Have continued with the relentless cleaning and de-junking ready for house sale - but why does it look messier than when I started??!
** Kate **

Sunday, April 22

Online crop 21/22 April

It's been a lovely weekend and in between family stuff and housework I have been joining in with my first online crop - hosted by the Fisk-A-Teers. There's been lots of crafting and chatting. I have been learning lots about time zones, but really it doesn't matter as far as the Fisk-A-Teers are concerned as no matter where you are there seems to be another member of the group awake and chatting somewhere in the world.
I posted a picture of the pre-crop challenge the other day (about journaling). Challenge #2 was to take 3 items from a list and use 3 of each of them in your LO. In this case 3 photos (3 ducks), 3 page accents (cut from the same background paper, layered and a jewel added to finish them off) and 3 flowers (with wire centres held on by jewelled brads).

Challenge #3 was to take a LO idea (scraplift) from the Fiskateers website or any other site or book and make your own version (posting it with details of the original idea). Mine is taken from May's 30 minute makes (one of the lead Fiskateers). Its the first round page I've attempted and I don't think it will be my last as I really enjoyed making it. Used a sheet of card from my DCWV Olde World stack and stamped it all over with Stamps Happen's Four Cats stamp. I chose the pictures as the big round cat ornament seemed to be purrfect (haha) for the round LO.

Here's a picture of the detail. I used a quote from T S Eliot's Macavity the Mystery Cat, which was a little bit apt as everytime I tried to photograph the real and stone cats together one of them legged it!!
Still a bit of the online crop to go as it doesn't finish until 8pm my time, may even have time to complete another challenge after dinner at mums!
** Kate **

Thursday, April 19

Mini album journaling

Found something I had made with a bit of journaling on it (mostly hidden!). I bought a set of mini album/cards to make up and sell ready to place photos in. I decide to make one up as a demo and found some photos of Dinky Diva and Small-n-Grubby taken at the end of a wedding weekend.
The main journaling is hidden at the bottom of right hand page where the red ribbon is just showing.

Here is the tag pulled out in full. We had a fantastic weekend staying at the bride and grooms house (as they were treating themselves to a hotel). It was walking distance to the Quaker church and the reception was at the chocolate factory - heaven!

There's a bit more writing on the back of the album. Dinky Diva has found a froggy bean bag and is pulling a face cos I won't let her take it home!
Been keeping myself busy, entered a couple of card competitions, still re-organising my craft stuff (unending task) and opening parcels!! More arrived - stickers, papers and templates (some stuff to sell at craft fairs but I get first pick!).
Just the storage unit to come. Think I will ring up if not heard by Friday as they said it would be this week - can't really finish the tidying without it.
** Kate **

Tuesday, April 17

Journaling challenge

I made this lo for an online crop I'm going to join this weekend at the Fisk-A-Teers. The challenge is to journal in a different way - challenge yourself. In my case, as my journaling is minimal, I have written much more.

I wanted to keep the lo to black, white and pink to emphasie the colour in the photo, but I only had black textured card in 8x8. Then I remembered a sketch I'd made on how to use 8x8s for a 12x12 lo (taken from a DCWV demo). Here's the sketch.

Use one whole sheet of 8x8, cut another in half and either use it for the two 8x4 pieces or (as I did) for an 8x4 and the 4x4. Then cut the remaining piece you need from a 3rd sheet. Fix the 4 pieces together with sticky ribbon and you have a 12x12 page.

On the lo I also got to use one of my new Twinkle Type letters (currently on offer at Lakeland ). There was a lot of glitter in the box and some letters have a few bald patches but it doesn't show on the photo.

Now that I have this lo finished I might challenge myself even further for Saturday's class.

Before I go I must mention PARCELS have arrived, like buses they all came at once (well 3 of them anyway). In particular DCWV olde world textured card - can't wait to go and make something.

** Kate **

Monday, April 16

End of the hols

Ended the hols by helping the kids make a batch of chocolate haystacks (made with cornflakes not shredded wheat - yuk, yuk, yuk). The weather has been brilliant and hard to believe for mid-April. Took ball games to the park and had a picnic lunch. Dinky Diva threw a strop on the way home and nearly didn't go to her Grandma's for Sunday dinner. She let me wash and comb her hair through in the afternoon so she was allowed out for good behaviour. She hates having her hair really combed through properly. I ended up cutting it to get the worst of the knotted ends out. She has promised to brush it properly from now on so that she can grow it ready to be a bridesmaid in Sept!

Am quite excited having joined the Fisk-A-Teers yesterday. Already had some lovely welcome e-mails from other members this morning and I think my scrapbooking is really going to benefit from all the challenges and ideas.

Fingers crossed for parcel delivery today. I have vowed not to order anything more until my outstanding stuff arrives. Cold turkey without buying craft stuff - how long will I last!

** Kate **

Friday, April 13

Little friends

Finally have the robin LO finished. It has taken days but actually I have only been able to grab a few minutes at a time to work on it and even then I had "helpers". I think the design has been inspired by childhood memories with the Big Yellow Teapot (I wanted one but was too old!) and the key to the Secret Garden.

The main picture wasn't taken recently it was from a photo trip to Stourhead gardens, but the other 2 are from the out-laws garden last Sunday.
Dinky Diva was inspired to do her first proper scrapbook page using a photo from when she was a summer flower fairy in a ballet at half-term. Can't really share as it has lots of other girls pictures on it. Will encourage her next effort to be a photo of mine - next thing she'll want her own web page Y.
Still no parcels but when you take into account the holiday weekend it has only been about 4 days - I'm just too impatient. The 12" cabinet is now delayed until next week due to a late delivery of runners. That means it will be a month between ordering and receiving. Any longer and I will have to pay for it before it arrives and I hate when that happens.
Off to play with the little ones as its the last day of the hols before Silly-Mid-On is off for the weekend. I love the lazy days of the hols but I don't like not being able to just go and create when the mood takes me, so I'm looking forward to 2 whole hours on Monday when all are at school.
** Kate **

Over spent

Should have finished scrapping my robin photos today (12 April) but spent too much time watching QVC. There were just too many bargain prices I couldn't miss like 432 pages of 8" DCWV papers for £19.58 and card/envelope templates for around £1 each - how can a girl resist. Will need to split some of these packs up and sell them on before the bank manager finds out!

Have found a website I want to get some up to the minute stuff from too - that will have to wait until I go into my next credit card bill (only a couple of days to wait).

Dinky Diva had a friend over to play and my niece visited too so the day has been quite full.

Really hoping for deliveries on Friday (which I think is today now its so late - I blame QVC).

Will do a second post today - that is unless I'm still up this late on Saturday morning. I'm so confused I think I had better go to bed now!

** Kate **

Wednesday, April 11

To shop or not to shop

Have been spending a lot of time online browsing (hence no new craft projects to share today - will have finished scrapping the Robin pictures tomorrow - promise). Am very tempted by an online shop here . For the price of a stall at a craft fair I can get a shop front for a year. Don't see how I can lose - I've done a craft fair where I would have been better off if I'd paid £1 to each person that came through the doors, can't be worse than that!

I can choose which items from my range I advertise e.g. my best sellers. Best of all I have my own personal computer geek to help with the HTML shop front (please Steve! - I haven't asked him yet). I'm sure he won't be offended by the geek title, this is a guy who has links to mine and his parents PCs so if we have problems he can view our systems remotely!!

I think I need to investigate the tax implications as my next step. There is a bit of chat on the shop forum about registering as self-employed. Silly-Mid-On has a cousin who works for business link I need to invite her round for a cup of coffee and a bit of brain picking!

Don't like to have no pics at all today, and want to catch up on some old projects as I have been crafting for years but only blogging for weeks! I made these notebooks from plain notepads which had no covers. Cut covers from thick card and decorated with stamped images.

Stamps are by - butterflies = Funstamps, cat portrait = Anita's, tall cats and little girl = Stamps Happen. I think I got the notepads from Rymans.

** Kate **

Monday, April 9

Bank holiday weekend

Collected the little monsters from their grandparents on Sunday. Spent the day helping with the gardening and ate Sunday lunch on the patio in the sunshine. Made friends with a little robin that kept coming down to see what was going on. I think this calls for a robin scrapbook page. Didn't take any crafting with me but made some notes from the Sunday magazines on interesting design ideas.

Dinky Diva had her teddy with her, as she had slept over and couldn't be parted from him for the night. Granny found some of Silly-Mid-On's old hand knitted clothes, so teddy now has a whole new wardrobe.

Spent all day Monday tidying our own garden and turning out the shed. We are thinking of moving house so all areas need tidying and ruthlessly de-junking. I don't mind chucking the general household stuff but when it comes to my craft supplies I might just have to store them out the way at mum's house!
** Kate **

Saturday, April 7

Easter #2

First I have to get a quick rant off my chest. Someone I have met through craft fairs is getting married this year and borrowed my wedding invite samples before Christmas. Now she won't give them back, aaaaargh!!! Will have to start again - bigger and better of course - but anyone else wanting help with their invites will have to take photos home to look at!!!

Now that I have got the red haze over with, let me share Dinky Diva's easter room makes. They are - napkin ring bunnies, easter baskets and potato print chicks. Small-n-Grubby's potato prints all joined together so he had some help making giant daddy chick (in case you thought I had a potato that big!).

Little ones are now off to Granny and Daddad's for the night. Most of our plans are cancelled though as Silly-Mid-On is feeling fluie. You can't wait for the hols to come so that you can relax and unwind but your defenses are down and you are hit by all the bugs you've been fending off whilst you keep working all week. Never mind a quiet night in and uninterrupted Dr Who still sounds good to me, must get a large supply of chocolate ready.


Thursday, April 5

Easter #1

Let me start by saying that everyone is well this morning - hurrah!!

Happy Birthday Steve we are very sorry that we gave you our bug at the weekend, hope you are better for your birthday. The cards in the post, sorry its late - you know bugs and all that!

Made these egg cups for an easter fair last month. Wooden egg cups (Baker Ross) painted with a coat or 2 of acrylic paint. Stamped the ladybirds (Hero Arts) in black ink and then put a light coat of red acrylic over the top so that the black spots still showed through. Finished with a couple of coats of child safe varnish. (The flowers on the cup in the background are a Papermania rub-on and the easter stickers were free with Papercraft Inspirations - I think).

#2 to follow when Dinky Diva has finished decorating her easter room!!


Wednesday, April 4


Small-n-Grubby has very generously passed his bug round the whole family.

Be back soon.


Monday, April 2

Playing in the park

Managed to get a few snaps in the park yesterday before everything went pear-shaped.
The kids have been busy today working on easter projects with the help of an Usborne activity book. Dinky Diva has announced they will have an easter themed room for the hols. So far have made little rabbits and easter baskets.
Have been working on my project wish list. Here it is (in no particular order) :
  • Make an exploding box - got a free kit when I had my TLC party, haven't made it yet
  • Enter the hands scrap competition
  • Alter canvas box - a £1.99 bargain from WHSmith
  • Celtic/fantasy cards - have bought some great stamps but never used them!
  • ATC box - to keep all the little left-over bits in for ATC making on the run
  • Send off to have my own stamp designs made up
  • Scrap last year's holiday
  • Make a stamp catalogue - to take shopping so I don't keep buying stamps similar to ones I've already got!
  • Decorate a clippykit style pencil case that I've found
  • Make an oriental mini book - definately involves buying DCWV Far East stack
  • Try new jewelry designs - chandelier earings, woven bicone bracelet and rings
  • Sign up for online workshops - scrapping and photography

That should keep me busy for the rest of the year!!!


Sunday, April 1

Hectic, hectic

Why do schools, pre-schools, toddler groups have to be so busy on the last day of term. I feel like I've been pulled in 6 directions at once. The hols have started now and we've had some family time. Playing in the garden, picnic in the park and a family dinner at my mum's today. (Minus Silly-Mid-On of course - indoor cricket finals. I believe we get a whole two weeks before the outdoor season starts!) All plans ended when Small-n-Grubby threw up. My mum doesn't "do sick" so we were promptly ejected and came home.

Needless to say not much craftings gone on. I did fit in a trip to Franklins. Bought some beads of course but also found this box of fab felt flowers. Used them as the finishing touch to a 6" X 6" album I had been re-covering. The album was from Poundland with a bit of a boring checked cover. Got the idea to change it from a letter I read in a mag but I can't find it to credit whoever had the brill idea.

I've covered it with a diamond paper from K&Co and the accent paper is from DCWV. Sticky ribbon from Anita's, Dream rub-on from a Poundland kit and the white stickers are freebies from Scrapbook Inspirations.
Am going to sort out a wish list of projects I want to get done in the next couple of weeks (kids permitting) and will list them in my next post.