Little friends

Finally have the robin LO finished. It has taken days but actually I have only been able to grab a few minutes at a time to work on it and even then I had "helpers". I think the design has been inspired by childhood memories with the Big Yellow Teapot (I wanted one but was too old!) and the key to the Secret Garden.

The main picture wasn't taken recently it was from a photo trip to Stourhead gardens, but the other 2 are from the out-laws garden last Sunday.
Dinky Diva was inspired to do her first proper scrapbook page using a photo from when she was a summer flower fairy in a ballet at half-term. Can't really share as it has lots of other girls pictures on it. Will encourage her next effort to be a photo of mine - next thing she'll want her own web page Y.
Still no parcels but when you take into account the holiday weekend it has only been about 4 days - I'm just too impatient. The 12" cabinet is now delayed until next week due to a late delivery of runners. That means it will be a month between ordering and receiving. Any longer and I will have to pay for it before it arrives and I hate when that happens.
Off to play with the little ones as its the last day of the hols before Silly-Mid-On is off for the weekend. I love the lazy days of the hols but I don't like not being able to just go and create when the mood takes me, so I'm looking forward to 2 whole hours on Monday when all are at school.
** Kate **


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