Thursday, January 31


A subject currently dear to my heart! So an apt word from HS:MS today.

To arrange things and allocate a place for them. Show us 'organise' in your space.

Endangered species

Apparently this..........
is a rare and endangered animal. No she hasn't been at the bins again, this info has come direct from the BBC news - so it must be true?

I knew the breed was rare but apparently breeding females are more scarce than giant pandas. Before someone plots some elaborate kidnap plan, I should add that the hairy menace had to be 'done' a few years back due to illness and is of absolutely no monetary value! She has other qualities of course, dig deep under all that fuzz and you might find them, you won't however find a brain!

Had a relaxing morning yesterday (code for didn't get anything done) and then lunch at my mum's. All this was in preparation for what has now become a very hectic Wednesday afternoon. Wait for it............. Small-N-Grubby has taken up ballet!!! (no comments about Sugar Plum Fairies please.) He has dithered over the idea since his sister started but was always put off by the slightly stern ladies in charge. Apparently 'Ballet Shoes' on tv over Christmas with Hermione in it has made the idea irresitible. No pictures of him as yet, I don't want to put him off.

Anyway, this means straight from school to ballet with a portable dinner for the Dinky Diva (her lesson is straight after his). So far I have made a pasta salad but any ideas for wholesome transportable dinners (that can be prepared in under 30 minutes) gratefully received.
I am seriously in danger of being led astray by yesterday's commenters. I have to pick up from school this afternoon and it looks like rain has set in for the day, a Mars bar would surely help my soggy walk up the hill go more pleasantly?
I leave you with a picture of her smelliness attempting to look cute. She certainly won't be coming with me this afternoon, she doesn't do rain!
** Kate **

Wednesday, January 30

I have crafted!!!

Yes, before my site is dissed for not having any craft content, last night I set aside all other thoughts and crafted. A spot of jewellery making. I owed my mum a Christmas present, she had asked for a red necklace and bag charm and I bought all the beads before Christmas but got too tied up in a commission to make the things! Here they are.
Also made my sister's birthday pressie which I will blog once I have seen her.
Made this for me.
I have been looking at all of the really long styles of necklace and pendants that are 'in' at the moment, so it hangs on a really long cord.

Will target myself to get the cards done tonight.

I am fed up with myself for moaning all the time about the state of the tidying up, so instead I have decide to include in my blog a daily achievement.

Yesterday's achievement : all the kids Christmas presents have now been packed away!

On to today and HS:MS.
Show us what is being used for currency in your space today!
This is the sum total of the contents of my purse, I guess I won't get far on it.
Off to see what I can achieve today.

** Kate **

Tuesday, January 29


An Idea or opinion appearing in your mind. Show us 'think' in your space today.

I'm sure I have photographed Pooh being thoughtful before, but anyway here he is again.
Last night the tidy-up took on new proportions. I wanted to put some stuff in the loft but SMO announced that nothing was going up until something came down. 5 big bags to the charity shop later and I'm sure the loft looks great, wish I could say the same for the rest of the house!

SMO is out for the next couple of evenings so I have some crafting planned. Some birthday cards and presents to sort out. I'm quite looking forward to ignoring the mess! The only suggestion I have had so far for an 8 year old boys card is Dr Who (did Pirates of the C last year). Any other ideas??

** Kate **

Monday, January 28


Its one of those Monday's where you look out of the window and think "I may as well just go back to bed".
Spent the weekend sorting and tidying. It's like one of those puzzles where you get the little shapes to fit inside a cube, but there's only one way that works. Well I just can't get the four of us to fit inside this house!!! Had set a target of finishing this weekend but it hasn't happened. There are still bags of kids Christmas presents on the living room floor, we have just run out of room. More ruthless throwing out required.
Have distracted myself from all that with today's pictures. (Yes for those who guessed correctly the birds in Friday's pic were clothes pegs - made to give a kind of Snow White look to your wash day, but now comandeared by the kids to make dens with.
Today's word is 'Snooze'. I have cheated slightly and scanned in an old photo. There is little light indoors for pics today and short of dragging the dog outside whilst asleep in her bed there is not much around here snoozing.

This is Small-N-Grubby grabing a few zzzzzz's.
Yes he is wearing a pink vest (Salmon SMO would say), but I wasn't about to chuck all of the Diva's baby stuff out just cos #2 turned out to be of the boy variety. I mean no-one is going to see his vest are they? oops.Borrowed from Suzy's blog!
I've mentioned before that we've had a lot more garden birds lurking around than usual and my frustrations in trying to photograph them. Well I have a couple of attempts from today (taken through the kitchen window as the back door has swelled so much with all the rain the noise of opening it would frighten off the neighbours let alone a the wildlife).
Gave up on trying to get the button to work on my home page and added a kind of table of links instead (not as visually pleasing). Can't always see my new title and the slideshow won't work. View my disaster here and let me know if any on it works!
** Kate **

Friday, January 25

3 is the magic number!

Yes, today's word on HS:MS is 'three' and here is my piccie.

Did you click? Did anything happen? No of course it didn't, I spent ages yesterday trying to assign an action to one of these babies on my shop home page. Did it work? No it b***** didn't.

I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Today's blog post has been bought to you by the number 3 and the letter K.

Thursday, January 24

Overflowing tubes!

Well not quite, but that is the last couple of days prompts on HS:MS.

Yesterday's was 'tube'
Today's is 'overflow'. These are horrible sugar puff things (without the sugar), which means they are really just broken up rice cakes. They overflowed on their way to the bin.
The coffee stain from my last post is a real one (although I quite like the idea of a stamp for scrapbook pages). It was on the back of an invoice left next to the pooter.

Still trying to write up my new shop home page. Have to do it at the PC which is a bit distracting I keep sales shopping!

** Kate **

Tuesday, January 22

At last....

....................I have time to blog. Made an attempt yesterday but had Small-N-Grubby home sick from school. My mum had made him bread rolls with a speciality allergy type flour she uses and he had over-indulged! Luckily no allergic reaction just a poorly tummy from stuffing them whilst still warm. Funny I'd only commented to my mum when she handed them out that she always said warm bread gave you tummy ache.

I took a quick HS:MS photo yesterday for the word 'Ring', but despite telling himself I would only be on the computer for the length of a Bill and Ben episode he was having none of it. So here it is, late again.
Today's word is 'Wrinkle'. Anita on HS:MS has a new puppy and any excuse for a daily word that involves a shot of the little critter. I've followed suit but, as the real deal in our house is far too hairy to show any wrinkles (the alternative look to botox me thinks), I went for this one which the Dinky Diva won at the fair.
That's about it for today. S-N-G has gone back to school and I have loads to catch up on.

** Kate **

Thursday, January 17

Another miserable day!

Staying in to work on the computer and hoping it clears up in time to walk up and collect the kids from school later.

The weather was much better yesterday so other than checking my e-mails I avoided the computer and headed to town to visit a couple of shops. Slightly more exciting than my trip out on Tuesday to buy loo roll (but only slightly!).

Did buy myself one of my favorite indulgences of the moment. Which is quite handy as yesterday's HS:MS word was 'indulge'.
These are very yummy, extremely calorific, gluten free indulgences made nearly completely from chocolate and nuts. one bar is probably about a quarter of your daily recommended calorie intake, but a good treat now and then. Made by these most excellent people here.

Today's word is 'numbers'.
This belongs to Small-N-Grubby but the number 7 was lost when he took it to school for the letter 's'.

Sorted out some Valentine's and Mother's day cards for the shop last night but had trouble photographing them because it is so dull out today. Going to upload what I have as I think it will be at least March before we get a nice morning and it will be too late by then!

** Kate **

Tuesday, January 15

Guess what?..................... It's raining

Yep, raining hard again today. Have abandoned my plans to go into town (as I have to go tomorrow anyway) which gives me some PC time. The tidying has taken on new dimensions as I decided to include a very large storage cupboard in the corner of the room. It extends behind the water heater and I usually keep larger craft items in there along with the Christmas decs. I had this rash idea that I would turn it all out before we put the decs away, but there is so much stuff shoved in there!
So a break from tidying was needed and I have tackled a couple of Her Space : My Space prompts (which for those who haven't seen them before are daily one word photo prompts, link here).
Yesterday was 'CD', I love all the colours you can see when you tilt them in the light.
Today is 'Away', and right now I don't think we could get much further away than this.........
................... unless it snows of course!!

In my computer breaks from tidying I have started on a revamp of the shop for 2008, both its contents and appearance. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I borrowed a tablet and pen to do a bit of designing before Christmas and still haven't got around to wiring it in, so you can imagine how far I've got.

** Kate **

Wednesday, January 9

Where have I been?

Knee deep in craft supplies that's where. Having a slight lull before this year's many projects kick in (and not least of all due to the promise of a new bed) I started on a complete turn out. Over Christmas the craft stuff had edged to within a foot space of the bed and I couldn't stand it any longer.

I've discovered loads of supplies from my early crafting days which I just don't use anymore (heading for the local day centre) and equally loads of magazines which I thought I would refer to all the time but the projects look dated now (headed for the recycling).
In my head I see a beautiful craft space with all things packed neatly away and easy to find (in my dreams!). But have been so determined to try I haven't even blogged! So what tempted me back to the computer today. Firstly I had a lie-in and shut my eyes to the mounds of mess. Secondly I had a catch-up on HS:MS.

Monday was 'Fold'. One sister gave me this lovely pink shawl for Christmas, (the other gave me craft supplies but I can't photograph them as they have already been assimilated into the collective).
Tuesday was 'Bling'. Just had to go for some of my own creations here and so I went for a couple of pairs of my blingiest earrings.
Now for today, which is 'Steam'. I had a look at some of the other contributions and on at least 3 it said 'steam added later in photoshop', good on the honesty but how hard can it be? Bloomin hard, that's what!

Now if it had been Monday I could have taken a self portrait of the steam coming out of my ears. Small-N-Grubby flatly refused to go to school and hid behind the bunk beds in his pjs. SMO took the Dinky Diva on up the hill while I tried to persuade him it was in his best interests. We both lost our rag and I threatened him with every punishment I could think of and made the whole situation worse. This included the threat of being taken in his pjs, but in the end SMO talked him round whilt I hid in the bedroom sobbing and he went off quite cheerfully if a bit late, which the teachers agreed was the best solution.

Back to the photo, I tried the kettle 1st, no joy and how dirty were my kitchen tiles - another job for the list. Then I tried a mug, still no joy. Was about to take a snap of the fake steam on the front of my Carte Noir jar when this happened.

Small-N-Grubby trotted off happily to school the last couple of days, although my stomach turned over when they rang me yesterday. It turns out SMO had got the lunches muddled and the poor little un had an allergy riddled lunch box that he couldn't eat. The class assistant said he was distraught and we took some extra food up for him to eat on the way home. Meanwhile over at Junior school the Dinky Diva was forced to eat his honey sandwiches and wasn't allowed to leave the lunch room until they were all gone. She had that look on here face when she came out of school, you know the one, luckily I had a jam tart about my person and all was forgiven.

Lastly I just have to say congratulations to my niece who had a little baby boy on Sunday night (will ask her if I am allowed to post a piccie). This means I am now a great-aunt which is not quite as bad as my sister being a GRANDMA!!!!
SMO has asked if he can be great-uncle Bulgaria and there's just no more you can say after that!

** Kate **

Friday, January 4


Thought HS:MS started on Monday, but I am wrong! Tis already underway. Yesterday's post was 'White', so here is a lovely box I had for Christmas full of crafting goodies.
Today's prompt is 'Perfume'. I'm not really a perfume lover as such but did get these gorgeous smellies from SMO, just the sort I like.
There were more in the bag but I have already started using them.

What made you laugh during the Christmas break, I mean really laugh out loud laugh. For me it was watching SMO trying to drink a can of lager whilst watching the Extras Christmas special. Every time he took a mouthful there would be a funny line and he would be desperately trying to swallow and dribbling down his chin.

** Kate **

Wednesday, January 2

24th Dec to 2008

Wow, it feels like it has gone from being Christmas Eve to 2008 in the blink of an eye. How did that happen?

We've had a fab Christmas. Here are the Dinky Diva and Small-N-Grubby with their fav presents.
I cooked my 1st big Christmas dinner in 2000 and since then I have steadily parred it down to the bare minimum so that it is still special but I get to maximise my time with the children. Usually in our PJ's until lunchtime but we had a few guests nipping in this year so I had to grudgingly get dressed!!

Took the dog for a walk after the Queen's speech and then home to prepare ourselves to do it all again on Boxing day (presents and all) at my family's big get together.

Here are some of the pressies I had been busy making.
Spent New Year's day with SMO's family. Saw these little cuties hiding whilst we were on our post-lunch walk.Crap pic, need that new camera. The fund has started I will try and find a count-down clock for the blog.

For me New Year is a complete contrast to the celebrations of Christmas. I try not to acknowledge its existence and would be asleep by 10.30 if it wasn't for all those blessed fireworks that went on until 1.30am! I have always found it a sad time for reflection in more recent years and last year was particularly bad leaving its mark on all New Years to come.

Fear not, 2008 is already looking much better! I was offered a magazine commission at the end of the year which I of course leapt at. It has, however, meant working in all the spare moments I could find over the holidays (hmm, might have drawn the short straw there!). Finally finished it this morning and now I'm off to enjoy the last few days of the holidays before the kids are back to school on Monday.

** Kate **