Monday, January 28


Its one of those Monday's where you look out of the window and think "I may as well just go back to bed".
Spent the weekend sorting and tidying. It's like one of those puzzles where you get the little shapes to fit inside a cube, but there's only one way that works. Well I just can't get the four of us to fit inside this house!!! Had set a target of finishing this weekend but it hasn't happened. There are still bags of kids Christmas presents on the living room floor, we have just run out of room. More ruthless throwing out required.
Have distracted myself from all that with today's pictures. (Yes for those who guessed correctly the birds in Friday's pic were clothes pegs - made to give a kind of Snow White look to your wash day, but now comandeared by the kids to make dens with.
Today's word is 'Snooze'. I have cheated slightly and scanned in an old photo. There is little light indoors for pics today and short of dragging the dog outside whilst asleep in her bed there is not much around here snoozing.

This is Small-N-Grubby grabing a few zzzzzz's.
Yes he is wearing a pink vest (Salmon SMO would say), but I wasn't about to chuck all of the Diva's baby stuff out just cos #2 turned out to be of the boy variety. I mean no-one is going to see his vest are they? oops.Borrowed from Suzy's blog!
I've mentioned before that we've had a lot more garden birds lurking around than usual and my frustrations in trying to photograph them. Well I have a couple of attempts from today (taken through the kitchen window as the back door has swelled so much with all the rain the noise of opening it would frighten off the neighbours let alone a the wildlife).
Gave up on trying to get the button to work on my home page and added a kind of table of links instead (not as visually pleasing). Can't always see my new title and the slideshow won't work. View my disaster here and let me know if any on it works!
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Suzie said...

Cute snooze! :)

pokettiger said...

What a cute little snoozer!

Di said...

Gorgeous baby photo...gotta love them when they're like that...! x

Sarah said...

Lovely baby photo :-) Are you saving that one for the pinboard at his 18th birthday party?!

Louise said...

OMG that cartoon is hilarious...LOL!!! I need to borrow that:)
Love the boy in the pink vest shot... soooo funny, but very cute

Marina said...

Oh all these pic of sleeping babies its so lovely, there is nothing wrong with a pink vet, :~)

Rachael said...

Gorgeous little snoozer, so cute. x