Monday, January 19

Slip sliding away?

Are you struggling to walk to school on wet or icy pavements whilst holding up 2 children, one on each arm?  If this sounds like you, I have a recommendation for you.  Antarctica boots.

Last winter, fed up with slipping around on slick wet/icy pavements I decided to try some snow boots from a local independent shop and I haven't looked back.  I've unpacked them again this winter and they're still going strong.  A good grip on wet or icy paths and the bon us that they work for snow days too.

I was wondering if they will last for a 3rd winter and started looking around for a new pair.  To my horror I couldn't find them and the girl in the original shop I had bought them in just looked at me blankly (that vacant Saturday shop girl expression!)  Then by chance I found a pair in John Lewis and discovered they have become a John Lewis own brand!  This pair are now mine.
 Buy John Lewis Artic Rainboot, Black Online at
These are similar to the style of the pair I originally bought (great for fitting any calf size.)
 Buy John Lewis Antartica 2 Snow Boots, Black Online at
They aren't listed as Antarctica but you can see the label in the pictures.  I shall be keeping an eye open for the sales and maybe adding a 3rd pair to my collection.  Maybe in a different colour to black.
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Hopefully they will be popular at John Lewis and they will continue to stock them.  Then I will never have to worry about finding winter boots again!


Thursday, January 1

What will 2015 bring?

It's the start of another year and my thoughts turn to the future.  My personal hopes for 2015 are:

  • To complete my level 3 Diploma in Chrildren and Young Peoples Workforce (early years pathway if that's of interest to anyone!) It's been far more work than I ever anticipated in terms of the number of hours involved.  Perhaps it's best I hadn't known or maybe I wouldn't have taken the plunge and started it.
  • As I start to pack away the Christmas decorations this week I think about whether we will be putting them up here at the end of the year or in a new house.  Each year I have thought it will be a new house and each year it's not.  This year I plan to set myself smaller goals on the way to moving and then at least I should be able to see us moving forward.
  • To be creative.  In my spare time I would like to see myself being creative.  Time restraints have meant that I have had to let go of my position on the Blue Moon Beads design team.  The guilt that I wasn't making anything from one month to the next was just too much.  I am still completely downsizing my craft supplies and I will explain that in full in a later post (I know it caused a few comments when I anounced the cull on a previous post!)  For now my goal is to be creative for me, making things I want to make, when I want to make them.
  • To organise my photography.  The loss of the main computer has meant that I can't easily access my pictures.  Nothing is lost, I have discs and memory cards, but I have no where to easily access them right now.  I think an external harddrive is definitely on my 2015 plan.  I would like to plan photography time into each week.  I'm not sure yet what form that will take as one of my major projects took a hard knock at the end of the summer and I haven't fully recovered my enthusiasm yet.
Well that's it the four main aims of my 'spare' me time.  The rest of my time is of course filled to the brim with family life!

Wishing everyone a very happy start to the New Year.