Tuesday, April 29

Dairy, Sizzix and Quacks

HS:MS - Dairy
Milk or milk products. Find some in your space today.

Yoghurt seems to be one of the things I'm surviving on at the moment, these non-lumpy smoothie ones are very nice.
Kirsty has been having a turn out and so I took the opportunity to stock up on some dies, as I still only had the ones that came with the machine.

They arrived this morning in a scrummy looking package.
And now I have all of these to play with.
Been to the quacks again this morning. He spent half my appointment chatting excitedly about Parvovirus and then looked up and said "you haven't come to talk about this have you?" Bless him, I suppose it was something a bit different to brighten his day. All is well, although my latest tests show that I am still breaking down body fat for energy. I don't see how this can be helped until I can start eating properly again!!

I expressed my concern that I was in no fit state for giving birth and he said there was weeks to go before we needed to be worried about that. I feel that even if I clear this cough in the next few days it's going to take time to get my energy and exercise levels back up to normal pregnancy standards. 'Weeks' doesn't seem very long and I still have loads of baby prep jobs, shopping, moving furniture to do.

An early morning appointment did mean he saw me at my worst and having said that there was nothing he could give me he relented and offered to 'consider' possible medication if I could provide a rather disgusting sample for him (I won't go into details). I said I would have a go but it would probably make me sick, he advised it must be a sick free sample, so I don't think I have much hope there.

I'll let you know how I get on!!!

** Kate **

Saturday, April 26

Self Portraits???

It's portrait Saturday over at HS:MS and so here we all are courtesy of the Dinky Diva. I'm not exactly sure who is who but I have a nasty feeling I'm the one on the bottom left with the hair! The one on the bottom right is definitely Peter Andre
I'm not sure how SMO feels about being the spitting image of Petey!

Here's the couple of cards I made yesterday, it was lovely to get back into making things, and I even got the peel-offs out!I think I must push myself to make more, it's just that initial effort to get all the stuff out now that I have to be tidy to make room for baby.

Had another restless night but I think overall the total number of hours/minutes spent asleep is growing each night.

First cricket match today so SMO has disappeared into the sunset - apparently he will be making the teas - actually I think he is a dab hand at it by now.

** Kate **

Friday, April 25


This was one of the HS:MS words for the week and sums up how I am feeling.

I just can't stop coughing and it dominates my whole day. I must have water to hand, speak as little as possible and definitely not sleep!! I've pulled some muscles in my back again last night (all those pregnancy loose ligaments) so overall feeling delicate and sorry for myself. (I see my GP Tuesday before relatives try and come to drag me off for medical attention.)

As delicate but not looking as pretty as these flowers in Mum's garden.
Other HS:MS photos from this week.

Bathe - The Dinky one bathing her feet on holiday a couple of years ago, one of my fav photos of her.
Had her home from school yesterday due to the teacher's strike. We had a lovely day together and she was a delight.

Twisted - The kids straws which I am mean and don't let them have often as they are a devil to clean out.
Brace yourselves, I might do some crafting later, I've been asked for a sample of a First Communion card and thought it might take my mind off things.

** Kate **

Monday, April 21

HS:MS -Yellow
A golden colour - vibrant, sunny and warm. Have you got some delightful yellow in your space?

Thanks for checking up on me Rach.

** Kate **

Friday, April 18

Ill Again!

Yep, can you believe it I have been ill again! I picked up the bug Small-N-Grubby had and have been in bed for days with a hideous cough and sore throat. Unable to lie-down I have hardly slept or eaten for nearly a week.

I managed to drag myself to the hospital yesterday and the scan so far shows the baby is clear of Parvovirus. My next appointment is in a fortnight's time. My consultant was really nice (1st sighting of my actual consultant since started attending over 8 years ago.) She gave me some advice about my cough/throat and I am feeling on the mend today after a night of reasonable sleep.

Asked what sex the baby was but it was led in the wrong position so we are none the wiser.

SMO left his keys in the taxi on the way to the hospital so we couldn't get in the house when we got home. I was done in and literally dragged myself to my mum's where I slept on the spare bed until he sorted things out. The keys had been taken to the Police Station so he and the Dinky Diva walked all the way to the other side of town to get them back.

Children are back to school on Monday so I am aiming to be back blogging, crafting and taking photos then.

** Kate **

P.s. Small-N-Grubby would now like to be known as Magical-N-Sneaky, or perhaps he should be the artiste previously known as S-N-G.

Thursday, April 10

Secure (or not)

HS:MS - Secure

Something that is fixed or fastened so as not to give way. Find something secure in your space today.
Looks like the keys have been doing some damage to my paintwork, another DIY job to add to the list.
And here is a rather blurred pic to illustrate the Dinky Diva's idea of her securing bits on her latest project - a model room for her mini teddies.
Not feeling particularly secure today. Have had the results back for my Slap Cheek/Fifth Disease/Parvovirus B19 test (has to be a contender for the disease with the most names). They are positive in the most recent sample and negative in the 12 week sample, which basically means I have contracted the disease whilst pregnant. They can't be too bothered about it as they rang this morning with a hospital appointment for a week today, not exactly rushing me in. I hope their lack of concern is based on the fact I was over 20 weeks when I must have got it. My check up last week was absolutely fine so I am reassured by that but as you can imagine a week to wait is a long time to sit and stew on the ifs, buts and maybes.

Looks like I will have my 10000th blog visitor today. I think I will defer my blog candy celebration until I can combine it with new baby celebrations.

** Kate **

Wednesday, April 9

Posting about post

Yes today I am posting about post.

A long sturdy piece of wood or metal, or the delivery of letters and parcels. Find post in your space today.

I have quite a few things due at the moment in the post. I've done some shopping on-line for the clobber the kids need for their return to school for the summer term. Also impulse purchased a handbag in a clearance sale - you can never have too many handbags!

But all that came today was this.............
and it's not even for me. (by the way absolutely nothing wrong with her and no good reason why she is under a blanket on the settee in her nightie!!)

Going to get the kids dressed and out of the house today. Small-N-Grubby's nose is streaming so we aren't going to stay out, just walk to Grandma's and play in for a little bit when we get there.

** Kate **

Tuesday, April 8

Sure sign

That the children are getting better...........................yep they're fighting!!
Temperatures are back to normal and so is the bickering. Left them with a tray of Play-Doh whilst I blog. They are both too old for it really but for some reason it seems to keep them amused.

The sun is out again today but it's still bitterly cold, so we've decided to keep indoors for one more day and hope to venture out tomorrow.

HS:MS - Lever
A bar resting on a pivot used to help move a heavy load. Find a lever in your space today.

Here is Small-N-Grubby attempting to lever the Doh from the pot.
I have promised the Dinky Diva that she will assist with tomorrow's photo, so let's hope it's something do-able.

I've put a message up on my shop forum this morning to say that I just haven't had the time I would like to get new stock made up. Things will just have to tick along for the rest of the year with me doing what I can when I can. It's hard to sit back and accept but I guess it's what I have to do.

** Kate **

Monday, April 7

Cold Snap

The cold weather has really set in, here are my snowy pics from Sunday.
Not a great deal to shout about but considering it was shorts weather on Friday it's really come as a shock.

Had a terrible night with the Dinky Diva last night. Her temperature soared and she was a bit delirious at times. I wonder if she got chilled in the park on Saturday on top of everything else. She is much better this morning and Small-N-Grubby is doing fine, just need to get them both back on normal food, they are still both asking to nibble at treats!! SMO and I on the other hand look like zombies, good practice for the sleepless nights to come I hear you say. DD slept across our bed last night so even when she did nod off we didn't have room to lie down.

Keeping indoors today as it's so bitterly cold. More painting I think, we'll share some of our masterpieces tomorrow.

HS:MS - Moss
A low growing, spore producing plant with no roots that grows in damp conditions. Find some moss in your space today.

Taken in Mum's garden during the lovely sunny day we had on Friday.

** Kate **

Sunday, April 6

School hols

A great start to the school hols.
  • The kids have had a relapse and come out in fresh rashes with high temperatures.
  • I've run over my own bare foot with a wheely suitcase and split down my big toe nail.
  • SMO arrived home from Lincoln about 7pm last night having set off at 9am, rather inconveniently London Waterloo was closed!
  • Woke up to a covering of snow this morning, kids too ill to go out in it.

It's going to be a fun fortnight.

** Kate **

P.S. I'm planning something to celebrate my 1st year of blogging and my blog counter's ticking over to 10000, but it will have to wait for the moment.

Friday, April 4


Rapidity of movement or action. We see speed everyday...right?!

Having a very non-speedy day today as I wore myself out yesterday. Was ready for bed by 9pm but still had the dog to feed and play with, washing up to do and the Dinky Diva crying her eyes out. They had been working on a badge at Brownies and finished it last week when she was off with he spots. When they handed them out last night she didn't get one, bless. I think she cried herself to sleep in the end. They have promised to finish it with her after the hols but that was no consolation.

So here is a pic of her looking a lot happier speeding on her old scooter last summer.
** Kate **

Thursday, April 3


Hs:Ms - Pen
An instrument, filled with ink for writing or drawing. Show us a pen in your space today.

A very quick shot of the kitchen pen pot - made by my niece.
This is one of the kits I ordered recently.
It's a Brenda Walton design - Brookfield. I've been working with it to make the frame for this print which is about 10x8.
I ended up getting really annoyed with myself as I ruined several sheets of my lovely new paper by cutting the frames wrong. My crafting is definitely out of practice. Also arrived are some new 'My Minds Eye' papers and some stamps which I'm thinking of combining to make a similar, but smaller, frame for a competition. I'll take some pictures of them tomorrow.

No purchases made from QVC as yet, although the a really cheap 'Baby's 1st year' album is calling to me.
After 3 trains and a tube ride SMO has safely arrived in Lincoln for his stint as best man at a wedding tomorrow afternoon. He's out with the groom tonight, I guess that means they'll have tomorrow morning to sleep it off!

** Kate **

Wednesday, April 2


HS:MS - Flag
A piece of cloth attached by one edge to a pole or rope. Find a flag in your space today.

I've used my favorite flag pic before so I thought today I would use some different shots of the same view. It was such a sunny day, much brighter and cheerier than today!
I can't believe it was 2005 these were taken, it feels like so long ago and the Small-N-Grubby one looked so adorably cute. Check out the curls and the chubby legs.
Nothing crafty to share today, but I did want to get a pic of my magnolia before the blooms finished. It was too windy and wet when they were at their best, but managed to get this shot yesterday in between the breezes.
** Kate **

Tuesday, April 1


A tool, object, implement or device. We all have 'tools' in our space. Show us some!

There seems to be a bit of a musical instrument theme at HS:MS this morning so I thought I would play along.
'I like to play my bongo in the morning', well I don't actually it spends most of its time on a high shelf where the kids can't reach it. It is a souvenir from my sister's travels which had had several homes but somehow ended up in mine.

'New stash arriving daily', I like the sound of that, although I will probably moan when the credit card bill comes in. Here's what I got yesterday.
Hopefully another parcel due today.

Both kids are back at school, hooray! But with SMO away at the end of this week and then the school hols my peace is not going to last long. At least it looks like I will have some company from QVC whilst SMO is away, crafts on Thursday and handbags on Friday, ahh revenge is sweet.

** Kate **