Thursday, April 3


Hs:Ms - Pen
An instrument, filled with ink for writing or drawing. Show us a pen in your space today.

A very quick shot of the kitchen pen pot - made by my niece.
This is one of the kits I ordered recently.
It's a Brenda Walton design - Brookfield. I've been working with it to make the frame for this print which is about 10x8.
I ended up getting really annoyed with myself as I ruined several sheets of my lovely new paper by cutting the frames wrong. My crafting is definitely out of practice. Also arrived are some new 'My Minds Eye' papers and some stamps which I'm thinking of combining to make a similar, but smaller, frame for a competition. I'll take some pictures of them tomorrow.

No purchases made from QVC as yet, although the a really cheap 'Baby's 1st year' album is calling to me.
After 3 trains and a tube ride SMO has safely arrived in Lincoln for his stint as best man at a wedding tomorrow afternoon. He's out with the groom tonight, I guess that means they'll have tomorrow morning to sleep it off!

** Kate **


Kathy said...

The frame is lovely - as is the photo you've put in it.

Loads of lovely new stash around at the moment eh? all that temptation.....

Jess said...

great pens! i always love getting goodies in the mail. sorry about the paper thing, this is why im digital, there is an undo button!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot.

Sassy Crafts said...

Gorgeous work and what a fabby kit