Friday, September 27


Thought I'd give Twitter a try whilst my day is going so well.  Have set up and automatic feed from the blog so the next job is to see if this message gets picked up.

Do you tweet?  Let me know so I can follow you.

~ Kate ~

Happy Face :)

Yes, yesterday went much better and I felt even more like myself again.  I had a second attempt at Tim's September tag and was pleased enough with the results to share them here.
Tuesday's tag had more Grunge Paste on it and the stamp I'd chosen (a blueprint one) overlapped with it and printed with lots of gaps making the image heard to 'read'.
I also stamped in black on Tuesday and found the contrast too harsh.  This time I used Wendy Vecchi Archival Ink in Watering Can and I think this will now be my go to colour, grey is the new black!
I discovered a new jewellery magazine recently, Belle Armoire, and ordered a back issue with information about metal stamping.  I had a go and here's my prototype, SMO is testing it to see how it wears and ages and it's doubling up as a birthday gift for him too.
There's a 'U' stamped on the reverse.  Again I was so pleased with the outcome after my recent disasters.  I can officially declare that yesterday was a good day.

~ Kate ~

Thursday, September 26

Sad Face :(

Both my health and creativity are on a bit of a low at the moment, not helped I'm sure by the stresses and strains of planning a move.  Yesterday I set aside some creative time.  Time to play and feel like me.  What a disaster!  I tried Tim's tag for September and created a monstrosity that I am not going to share here, even if it wasn't already in pieces in the bin.  Then I tried a bit of stamping and I couldn't even get that right!

Undeterred I am about to try the tag again and this time I will share the results as I think I know where it went wrong last time.

YouTube videos and sites like Two Peas and Pinterest are great for inspiration, but I've decided there's nothing like an intensive bit of Sir Tim to really get the creative techniques jump started.
I've signed up for Creative Chemistry 102, ordered a few new products (my shopping ability seems unaffected by my current situation, funny that!) and I can't wait to get started.

~ Kate ~    

P.S. nearly forgot to mention, if your looking for inspiration and a good giggle with a very talented and funny lady check out Donna's inspiration Wednesday videos.

Monday, September 16

The Big Move

Whilst this blog is, and always will be, primarily about crafts something else is taking preference in my life at the moment; the need to move.  The weekend then, saw us embark on the 1st of many in house transformations to ready the property to go on the market.  The house itself is something I bought when I worked full-time in an office, in another life before children and I've lived here over 20 years!  It doesn't bear thinking about the amount of grot you can acquire in 20 years.

The kitchen cupboards took the 1st hit.  Look even space on the top shelf for food when the delivery comes this week.
Out-of-date stuff consigned to the bin and a new 1st aid box on the top shelf out of reach.
Base cupboard sorted and cleaned.  Why are cereal boxes so tall, what are you meant to do with them?
Travel with me and share your ideas/tips for tidying, decluttering and moving and I'll share pictures of my journey along the way.

~ Kate ~ 

Tuesday, September 10

Indian summer - Blue Moon Beads

We're enjoying the last golden rays of summer - there's a chill in the air now, especially in the evenings, but the sun is doing its best to keep things warm.  I've made this necklace which I think would fit equally with Summer sunshine or early Autumn warmth.
All of the components are from Blue Moon Beads.  There's a lovely flower shell pendant as the focal point which makes me think of palm trees, mixed with beads in shades of gold and deep sea blue.
The leaves are from a set of metal connectors.  I've kept the toggle clasp on show and then connected everything up with a bit of gold tone chain around the back.
Some of the glass beads are made up of tiny glass seed beads strung around a bead inside.  They look really intricate, but all the work was already done by Blue Moon Beads, they come ready made by the strand!
Now for an occasion to wear it, Autumn cruise anyone?

~ Kate ~ 

Thursday, September 5

BIG idea festival 2013

Starts today, 10 days of free, inspirational scarpbooking ideas from Big Picture Classes.

Big Picture Classes

~ Kate ~

Wednesday, September 4

WOYWW - organisation

There are a few things happening on and around my desk this Wednesday.  Check out Julia's Stamping Ground if you're new to the WOYWW idea.  All of my photos are a bit early morning bleary and unfocused today, which just about reflects how I feel!
First up some organisation for notepads, diaries, cutting boards and other bits.  I found this purple card display in the back of the wardrobe and thought I would get on and use it as part of my big clear up.
This is the wallet I'm using for Learn Something New Every Day this year.  An old peel-offs case which I've added some black card bases to with the plan of adding 3x4 cards on top.
Finally a bit of non-craft organising.  I've bought this jewellery holder to hang behind a door with mini make-up supplies in, all those bits that disappear into the bottom of a bag or box and then I end up buying more because I can't find them.  Inspiration for this was from this crazy very organised lady.

I've got some fairy stamps to give away here if anyone doesn't already have them an wants to give them a good home.  Details on this post.

~ Kate ~ 

Tuesday, September 3

In The Frame

Another patterned paper adventure with Glitter Girl today, #84.  This time taking a sheet of 12x12 doubled sided paper, cutting a 3rd off and flipping it over.
Glitter Girl used lots of frames in her layout, so I thought I'd have a go at that too.  I've been thrifty over new supplies lately (I'm waiting for some of the CHA summer lines to reach the UK) and I don't have any of the new generation of frame embellishments.  However, in the 'use it or lose it' box I found some 'vintage' frames that came from QVC, perhaps 10 years ago?  They went well with the portrait theme of the page and the result is a lot of old supplies with a splash of new.
The majority of the papers are from Pink Paislee (Sweetness, Spring Jubilee and Nantucket), the only exception is the blue arrow paper from Lily Bee Design's Destination 6x6 pad.
The embellishments include a circle sticker from Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm, puffy stickers from Accessorize and budget gold glitter alphabet stickers from Hobbycraft.

The boys are back to school today and I need to do some housework, after 6 weeks of summer holidays the place is ravaged.  It ties in nicely though with a huge turnout I'm having.  I've been using lots of tidying and storage ideas found online to really optimise our space.  There's a parcel of useful gadgets waiting to be picked up from the sorting office so a trip into town and a coffee might put off that cleaning for just a bit longer!

~ Kate ~