Wednesday, October 31


Computer is playing me up today. Can't get into e-mail at all and think I will just about manage a quick post.

Have you a favourite drawer - be it messy or tidy? I have lots of the two! So show us xx

As a continuation from yesterday here is the inside of one of the drawers on my jewellery box.
Will try a proper post tomorrow as I have my DCM little extra waiting and some retail therapy to share.

Happy Halloween.
** Kate **

Tuesday, October 30


Do you have a fave spot or piece of furniture in your bedroom? Show us what you got!

The bedroom is where I keep most of my craft stash and makes so plenty of options for pics, but also a huge mess. Decided to photograph my jewellery box instead. It was a present from my Mum and Dad, found in a charity shop. I don't know how old it is. It has a music box which plays 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' so I guess that dates it unless of course it was added later.
Most of my pictures for these challenges have been things inside my home rather than my home itself. I definitely think we have outgrown it now.

Not been feeling too great over the last few days so dropped off the blog radar for a bit. Only 2 more days of the school hols to go. Can't believe it will be 1 Nov when they go back. Christmas will be here in no time, I feel the need for an action plan! A couple of people commented about my efficiency at digging out the Christmas tree. Whilst I could take credit for this, it was purely driven by the need to photograph some Christmas projects. I should be able to share them this weekend. You won't see much of the tree though. I couldn't be bothered to look for the stand and tried to prop it up with some pillows - unsuccessfully!

** Kate **

Saturday, October 27

SPS #10 and DCM

OK, so I survived the hunt for the Christmas tree yesterday. Got all the boxes down, found tree, found a few things we had forgotten we had, packed away boxes. Opened up tree box and found the stand wasn't with it, aaargh!! Luckily the weather has been so grey and dingy today I couldn't have done the photos anyway.

SPS #10 decided not to hide behind the hair today. This Friday's DCM was to create a Christmas card using ribbons. Here's mine.Think that's about it for today. Off to pull all those boxes back down to look for the tree stand!!

** Kate **

Friday, October 26


Often a room used for convenience but have you a pretty little corner in your bathroom or something that you like about it? Show me a sneak of your bathroom.

Definitely not something I want to share a picture of. In fact it's one of the reasons we haven't moved yet, we can't decide what to do about it. It's dated and knackered and the sink is cracked. So do we try to sell like it is or do we do it up?? There is a nice ornament lurking in there which I removed to a better location to take this pic.
I'm having one of those days where everything annoys me. Didn't get around to any crafting yesterday. Today Woolworths is driving me potty. They have delivered something they couldn't let me have until next week but failed to deliver something they sent on 19 October. I feel like I've spent the whole week waiting around for them for nothing. Not going to rush to order from them again. They give you an expected date for delivery but that's only if the item is sent on the day you order, so it is pretty meaningless really!

To cheer myself up I thought I would take a pic of this fabulous prize I received.

For anyone who has been reading my blog for a while, (which probably means I'm just talking to my sister), its the prize which had a large part missing and I had to embarrassingly go back and ask for.
Not sure if I will craft tonight as I have set myself the task of finding the Christmas tree for a photo shoot tomorrow. If I don't blog again you will know I am buried somewhere under a collapsed pile of boxes.

** Kate **

Thursday, October 25


What hidden treasure or favourite spot do you just LOVE about your hallway?

When stencilling was all the rage if it didn't move I stencilled it! This is my favorite of all the ones I've done. When we eventually move (which feels like it will be in several hundred years time) I shall be sad to leave it. But just think of all those new walls to decorate!
Couldn't fit it all in. The pot is standing on a plinth. I will have to photograph it in sections so that I can see clearly how to reproduce it in the future.

Guess what came this morning........
Yes, it's finally here. Was eyeletting before breakfast this morning. Made some bits for a project last night that I can't share yet, but I did reproduce one this morning for JustBex Christmas decoration challenge.
Found it hard to photograph. I might invest on one of those strange things you are supposed to hang bunches of bananas from. Then I will have somewhere to hang sundry items for piccies.

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 24

Lounge and DCM little extra

Favourites Spots
This next week will see us finding those little spots around our home that we just love. It might be a corner of a cabinet or it might be a little trinket in a certain room. Today I would like you all to find your favourite spot/piece in your lounge.

I don't get much natural light in my north-facing lounge (particularly at this time of the year!). I have got lots of Disney china in there but unless I move it out to another room (which doesn't really suit the challenge) I can't get a shot of it.

Right now this has to be my favorite thing (or things!) in my lounge.
Half-term square eyes didn't even notice I was taking a pic.

Finished the 1st couple of cards for the JustBex birthday club. Don't suppose they will be getting them on time - sorry. Will share them once they have been received.

Also had a quick go at the DCM little extra. No Santa's little helper this week, a sketch instead involving a grid of 9 squares with circles in.
BasicGrey Sublime paper was just right for a quick card as the grid was already on it.

Quite a big Christmas project to get finished this week and photographed - which could be a problem. I'm thinking I will have to get my smaller tree out for a bit of a photo shoot. Might have to pack the children off somewhere to do that or they won't want to put it away again!
Think I'd better go and drag them away from the TV and out into the fresh air, I suppose they can change out of their pjs first.

** Kate **

Tuesday, October 23

In the pink

Not essentially last in the rainbow (like Violet is) but its a shade of Indigo and that would be just too boring. I know you can find us some pink.

There's no doubt about this fella no matter what he is always PINK.
I've a pink card to share as well today. It's having a bit of an identity crisis as I'm not sure if it's a tag or a card.
Not getting much craft stuff done, as I'd anticipated. Literally working on the most urgent stuff whenever I can steal a few minutes. Was hoping to complete some more JustBex challenges before the midnight deadline but that's looking highly unlikely now. I'd have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids!!

** Kate **

Monday, October 22

Indigo and Challenges

Our penultimate colour for the rainbow theme is Indigo. Give me your Indigo

Not really sure if this lil lady is indigo or not.
I found several online crops/challenges on the last couple of days. I decided as I have been doing so well with the October challenges on JustBex I would stick with them. Also their challenges were around getting more stuff done ready for Christmas so a double purpose.

So first off 5 Christmas cards with the man himself on.
Then 3 gift tags.
All the above cards and tags made from American Traditional Designs stickers.
Then there was a Christmas flower.
And finally a Christmas sign.
No ribbon to hang it from as yet as I'm waiting for my Crop-O-Dile to arrive!

The meal went really well last night if a little chaotic. For who ever asked yes it was a buffet (there were 17 of us in total in the end). And yes we were gentle with him but he did look a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights at times. The next family dinner is in a fortnight so the test will be if he comes back again!

Half-terms begun and although I haven't heard the actual words "I'm bored" yet there has been plenty of screaming and bickering already.
Ideas needed - Things for two children to do indoors, which don't take up much room, aren't messy and don't cost anything!!

** Kate **

Sunday, October 21

SOS #9 and DCM

Small-N-Grubby still poorly, barking away like a sea lion.
SOS #9 - don't think I have chosen this one before. Taken in summer 2005.
I like it when they pose you get more of a feel for their little characters.

Completed a card for the DCM anniversary challenge 'circle of friends'
Circles cut from a sheet of DCWV.

Off to meet my sister's new husband this afternoon. There's 13 of us descending on my mum's house to meet him and have dinner, poor chap doesn't know what he is letting himself in for!!

I expect mum will be in melt down as she will have to cater for 16 in total.

Can't stay in the kitchen any longer. There's no heating and I can't feel the ends of my fingers. Will send SMO out tomorrow to get me a little fan heater.

** Kate **

Saturday, October 20

SPS #9

Another family fun day today. This time Panto themed! Small-N-Grubby is poorly with a cold and a cough so I've stayed home to look after him and the other 2 have gone without us.

SPS #9 (I think I've managed the other side of my profile than usual this week lol).
Starting to wonder if the world can have too many portraits of me!!! Will try and think of something a bit different for next week.

Got no work done yesterday so I am really gonna have to pull my finger out this weekend.
** Kate **

Friday, October 19

Blue 4 U

Blue is next in our Rainbow theme - go find me some blue in your space today.
Couldn't resist zooming in on this photo of Small-N-Grubby.
No crafting yesterday evening as I went to watch the Dinky Diva make her promise at Brownies. No photos though! She has got a bit funny about having photos taken out and about - says it makes everyone look at her. I'm sure I'm not the only snap happy mum who has this problem.

Got to catch up on crafting today and see what the DCM challenge is this week. Having a bit of a crafting panic actually. Have realised in need to get somethings done next week to ensure they are in on time, but it's half-term and they don't go back until 1 Nov, eeek. I don't usually get much done when they are off.

Hazel has nominated me for this award, bless you. Not sure where it originates from but I'm happy to link to 10 of my favorite blogs so you can share them with me. (Would have probably picked some of Hazel's ones too!).

Monkee Maker (still blaming Suzy for that one)
Icanhazcheezburger (couldn't leave that one off)

** Kate **

Thursday, October 18

A Splat of Purest Green

Next to Yellow in the rainbow is Green. Show us Green in your space.

Quite a lot of choices for this one, I quite like green. As I sit at the computer the sun shines through this bottle on the window sill.
DCM little extra - Santa's helper #2. Use trees on a Christmas card. Went for something a bit contemporary.
Yesterday was good and feel better in myself today. Bit light headed and achy - think it might be the tail end of my cold leaving me a bit run-down. An excuse to treat/pamper myself if ever I heard one. Talking of which was quite restrained with the QVC purchases yesterday. Just bought the DCWV Once Upon a Time set. At £30.00 for the album, 12x12 card stack, ribbon, chipboard and die-cuts it would have been rude not to! (Please don't tel me off Etty, I know it's a lot of money but you would be lucky to get a pair of shoes for the kids for that over here). As I will also have to pay for my Crop-O-Dile (which I see has still not been dispatched!!) I think that was spending enough.

Off to look for some chocolate - well I said I needed pampering.

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 17


How can yesterday have ended up so bad when Monday was so wonderful. That's the way of things I guess, but I could do without another evening like yesterday. No, not parents evening that was fine, just personal stuff took over my head later on and sent me crazy.

Onwards and upwards, no other direction I want to go.

A few more happy photos from Monday. More traditional rides this time.
Here's one in all the years of going I have never been on and can safely say I never will.
The kids didn't stay still long enough for me to take their pics but I did manage to get SMO and the Dinky Diva on the bumper cars (far left).
Our Rainbow theme takes us on to Yellow - Bright, cheery, sunny. Show us yellow in your space.

Now what does the word yellow make you think of, of course, unicorns.
Made myself this yesterday afternoon (didn't get anywhere with crafting later on). To keep little snippets of Christmas inspiration in. I might decorate the cover a bit more once I've found the rest of my Christmas stash.
Started off the morning with a good bit of designing in front of the TV (QVC DCWV - so a good bit of spending too.) Fingers crossed QVC should now have my Crop-O-Dile on the way, I need it for some Christmas projects.

** Kate **

Tuesday, October 16

All the fun of the fair!

Yes we went and I'm so glad we did.
Lots to share today.

Following our rainbow theme this week, Orange comes next in the rainbow to Red. Show us Orange in your space.

Yep, Kirsty chose orange, I've no pumpkin and it's raining too hard to go and snap the orange version of yesterday's berries (generally thought to be cotoneaster). So I've had to resort to photographing my prima flowers.

OK back to the fair. We went early evening to avoid the crowds for the kids benefit.
Chris commented on my last post that the waltzers make her sick. I totally agree, so no going on this then. Wasn't going near this either - it calls itself 'Stargate'. Spins round like the old 'Cage' but then flips upside down. This is more like my kind of fairground attraction!Perhaps some more fair piccies tomorrow. Oh, nearly forgot, these fellows followed us home. Won on the hook the Disney character, splat the frog with a hammer and the goose that lays eggs (ping pong balls actually).

On to some crafting - yes I managed lots despite gallivanting around.

JustBex had a challenge to make 5 cards not using Christmas papers. Here's the fave of my 5. Editied ** because I just realised I can't share the other 4 on JustBex unless I host them here first, doh! **
Noticed when I was looking through the Making Memories Cosmo pack to make them that there was paisley and there's a challenge for that too.6 cards made and worked on deadline stuff too. Def feeling smug!

** Kate **

Monday, October 15


When Anita's away Kirsty will play!

So we will start with colours of the rainbow and today is Red. Show us something in Red in your space.
I don't know what these are, but they have completely overgrown the shed roof, which is no doubt collapsing under the strain.
There is a separate plant there that gives the orange berries - so I will be sorted for that colour too! Oooh Kirsty, don't pick orange until I've had time to buy and carve the pumpkin.
Not much to report on the craft front. Did quite a lot of tidying - mainly of magazines. A lot of effort and not a lot to show for it.

We have 2 parents evenings to go to this week and I have some craft deadlines to meet so there will be no excuses, all spare time to be spent creating.
The annual fun fair is in town. My dad used to take me when I was little and I used to go every night when I was in my teens. Haven't been for years, have managed to avoid taking the Dinky Diva so far but I think she is going to be far more aware of what's going on now she's in primary school. Of course it would be a fab photo opportunity, but with parents evening it will have to be tonight or not at all. I think I will go recharge the camera battery just in case.

** Kate **

Sunday, October 14

SOS #8 and Frogs

HS:MS - Show Off Sunday #8
Loved the bright colour of this lily when I spotted it at a garden open day.
Keeping with the watery theme. One of the challenges on JustBex for October is to make a card from a photo.
Frog photo taken in mum's garden, decorated with rub-ons on an acetate overlay.

Major tidying on the agenda today. I know where stuff is but craft magazines and papers all topple over onto me when I try to get anything.

** Kate **

Saturday, October 13

SPS #8 and DCM

OK, so I'm feeling a bit better, but, the swollen red nose does not need recording for future generations. Instead I have handed over to my apprentices for SPS #8.
She has SMO's dark Hazel eyes and he has my blue ones.

This week's DCM challenge was to use an animal on your card.
A BasicGrey Mellow giraffe with Autumn Leaves swirls, Prima flowers and a bit of bling. Was going to add a happy brithday but ut felt busy enough already!
Off to have a nosey at a local Christmas Fair.

** Kate **

Friday, October 12

Tongue, lol!

A fleshy muscular organ in the mouth. Show us 'tongue' in your space today!

If, at the end of my life, I look back on all those times that I have wasted and wish that I could have them again, spending half a morning trying to take a picture of a dog's tongue is going to be high on the list.

This is a creature who spends a good percentage of her day with her tongue stuck up her nose, eeuck. But point a camera at her and she wags her tail and bounces about. Now if tomorrows prompt is nose (I won't plead) then I am sorted.
But tongue, no. This is the best I could get whilst wafting a tempting treat in front of her nose. (Risking the loss of my fingers, I might add).
Eventually I had to stoop to allowing the fingers to be consumed!
Spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening in bed nursing my cold, thank you obliging friend and neighbour for helping with the little ones.

Managed from my sick bed (queue strained tones of a violin) to do the other JustBex challenge that I threatened to. This one was to make a card using old ancient papers you have had in the back of the cupboard for eons and then make another with lovely new strokable papers.

This one's using very old K&Co stuff which I have tons of and never use. Quite like it again now, might have to use some more.
Here's the new one. A little mini card made from a piece cut off the end of a wardrobe card. All using scraps from a pack of English Paper Company so that I didn't have to start any new sheets. (and the odd scrap of bazzill).
Front -
Inside -
Off to see what this Friday's DCM dare is.

** Kate **