Tuesday, October 30


Do you have a fave spot or piece of furniture in your bedroom? Show us what you got!

The bedroom is where I keep most of my craft stash and makes so plenty of options for pics, but also a huge mess. Decided to photograph my jewellery box instead. It was a present from my Mum and Dad, found in a charity shop. I don't know how old it is. It has a music box which plays 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' so I guess that dates it unless of course it was added later.
Most of my pictures for these challenges have been things inside my home rather than my home itself. I definitely think we have outgrown it now.

Not been feeling too great over the last few days so dropped off the blog radar for a bit. Only 2 more days of the school hols to go. Can't believe it will be 1 Nov when they go back. Christmas will be here in no time, I feel the need for an action plan! A couple of people commented about my efficiency at digging out the Christmas tree. Whilst I could take credit for this, it was purely driven by the need to photograph some Christmas projects. I should be able to share them this weekend. You won't see much of the tree though. I couldn't be bothered to look for the stand and tried to prop it up with some pillows - unsuccessfully!

** Kate **


Diana said...

Beautiful box and sorry you have been feeling poorly. get better soon we miss you!

Rhi said...

Ahhaa! Now getting the tree out for pics of crafty stuff I can totally understand!

Bobs said...

Lovely box in your bedroom! I like the Piglet on the top too. :)

Hope you feel better very soon. xxx

Bambi said...

i like the oriental print on that box (^_^)

SuzyB said...

Gorgeous box! I know what you mean, November has come around far too quickly and what makes it seem even closer to christmas is that its only 2 more pay days til we get there! Argggh!

Hope you feel better soon x

Hazel said...

Love the photo of the box. Hope you feel better soon.

Louise said...

hope you feel better soon.
Gorgeous finish on the jewellery box

Jenga said...

Beautiful box :)