Wednesday, September 17

I'm Still Here

Not sure how many times I may have typed that blog title?  But, I am still here.  Reading blogs daily, dipping into my Twitter feed and generally mooching about.  I've finally got my new work schedule and it's a little more full on than last term, hitting some of the times I might have normally thought about crafting and blogging.  So, I need a new plan to maximise my free time to include:
- Relaxing
- Creating - what ever form that may take
- Family time
- Household chores
- Voluntary work  
I'll have to give it some thought.

The early mornings are getting chillier here, but we've been blessed with some very sunny days and more are forecast as on the way.  With my schedule feeling a bit overwhelming the summer holidays seem like a long time ago.
My thoughts are often here, rather than where they should be!


Wednesday, September 3


There's been a little link on my side bar to Society6 for some time now.  It's where I upload my photos to be made into products for sale.  Admittedly, it's been a bit neglected lately, but I notice they have some fab new products available since I last looked, including tote bags.

I think I might have to upload some more pictures and get shopping!  If you are in the UK keep an eye open for their special postage deals and then with the exchange rate there are some good buys to be had.  I'll try and remember to shout next time I see one available.


Tuesday, September 2

One Little Word

I've been keeping the summer vibes going with some bright little bracelets featuring word beads.
Blue Moon Beads metallic words come in silver and gold and feature words such as 'faith, 'wish', 'wisdom' and 'love'.   They're very tactile and have a pleasing irregular shape.  I think they could be made into great gifts for a celebration or to offer support to a loved one.
The bracelets I've made use glass, acrylic or ceramic beads strung simply on wire and crimped at the end to hold them in place and provide a loop to attach the clasps to.  Match them up with your favourite colours and you have a piece of jewellery with a little bit of personal meaning to take you into the new season.
All of the beads and findings used are from Blue Moon Beads.