Monday, March 16

Planner Crazy

I couldn't resist the current craze for all things planner related. But, when looking at all my lists, notebooks and post its, it kind of made sense to bring everything together in one place and get organised.  I knew I wanted A5 size but wasn't prepared to invest too much in it yet.  I need to see if I can resist cute notebooks and loads of other list making tools first.  I went for this.

Buy Filofax Clipbook Online at
It's a Filofax Clipbook, the full Filofax budget cousin, so far it's ticking all my planner boxes.

One thing I am definitely planning is my diet.  A trip to the changing rooms at M&S today meant I was confronted with a 360 mirror and I didn't like what I saw!  I was trying on this cute T from the sales.
In fact, I think I have broken the planner habit already as I bought a cheap 2015 diary to try and track my food intake before it even occurred to me that I could use my planner.  Oh well! 


Sunday, March 15

Mother's Day and Old Ladies Thermals

Happy Mother's Day all.  Hope you had a good one.  I had some hand made goodies from the children and 2 boxes of chocs.  One smaller one I can't eat, but that's OK cos everytime a little hand reaches for my Thorntons I can shove a Lindt one in their direction instead!

My 1st camping trip of the year will be in May this year and I've been busy buying thermals in the M&S sales in preparation.

I thought this
 Heatgen™ Long Sleeve Top Clothing
might look good underneath this

and (hopefully) I won't freeze!

I've won a new tent courtesy of Camping Magazine and Coleman

that I want to test out.

I normally take a larger version for comfort, but I'm wondering if I will be significantly warmer in this smaller one with no windows. 

As far as crafting goes, still turning out and re-organising and investigating how to get photos on here with the wonky old laptop.


Monday, March 9

Kitchen reorganisation

I should be studying, but instead I've had the urge to reorganise my kitchen on a complete whim!  I blame Alejandra.  I keep watching her videos and wishing for a neat and tidy existence.

I've found so much out of date food it's practically criminal and packets which have been ruined by inadequate storage.  A Glebe cake mix that was only just out of date has gone in the oven for an afternoon reward.

Once I had purged the old packets I worked out what new storage was needed and popped into town for an hour.  Luckily TK Maxx had some Lock & Locks for £1.99 so I scooped them up.  They are my favourite storage containers as the kids and even SMO can't fail to put the lids on properly.

I also treated myself to these from Lakeland.
 Caddy Stack Storage Caddy
They are now full of food packets, baking supplies and the lids off of spare food containers.  

Now, what shall I clear out next?