Planner Crazy

I couldn't resist the current craze for all things planner related. But, when looking at all my lists, notebooks and post its, it kind of made sense to bring everything together in one place and get organised.  I knew I wanted A5 size but wasn't prepared to invest too much in it yet.  I need to see if I can resist cute notebooks and loads of other list making tools first.  I went for this.

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It's a Filofax Clipbook, the full Filofax budget cousin, so far it's ticking all my planner boxes.

One thing I am definitely planning is my diet.  A trip to the changing rooms at M&S today meant I was confronted with a 360 mirror and I didn't like what I saw!  I was trying on this cute T from the sales.
In fact, I think I have broken the planner habit already as I bought a cheap 2015 diary to try and track my food intake before it even occurred to me that I could use my planner.  Oh well! 



lee woo said…
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Silvia Jacinto said…
Life is a battle, if you don't know how to defend yourself then you'll end up being a loser. So, better take any challenges as your stepping stone to become a better person. Have fun, explore and make a lot of memories.

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