Monday, December 24

Kate's Christmas Message

My last blog for a couple of days whilst we take a break for the Christmas celebrations.

I'm supposed to be creaming butter and sugar right now but my arm is aching so I thought I would have a quick blog for a break.

The kids opened the final box on the Playmobil advent today and here is the completed scene.Today's contained a little music box which plays Christmas tunes. My favorite piece was a little detailed woodpecker.
Excuse the dust just think of it as light covering of snow!

Yesterday was our 1st full day of visitors. Went to church in the morning for the nativity service, where the Dinky Diva was playing in the hand bell group. Then back home with guests for lunch. After lunch I kept sneaking off to try and work on one of the last gifts I have to complete. I have some wedding photos to do up as a gift and rashly decided the best way to display them would be a 12x12 album! So in one evening I have dashed off an album using the simplest of embellishments and almost done style pages. Here is one of my favorites.
Not exactly true scrapping but hopefully a nice thank you gift for the wonderful day we had.

Now for the Christmas message. (Having taken a short break to finish making the biscuits).

2007 was the year I really discovered the Internet. I thought I would just use it for shopping and research but no, this year I have discovered forums and blogs!
So a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2008 to family and friends both real and virtual, to all the forum organisers and members I now regularly chat with and to all those who organise and play along with HerSpace:MySpace.

I know that 2008 is going to bring me many new challenges, the enormity of some already feel insurmountable, but I am looking forward to the release that blogging about them will bring and to the support that comes from a problem/joy shared with goodness knows who!
Hope you all have great Christmas's and I will aim to be back between Christmas and new year with some of the Christmas gift photos I have been saving up.
** Kate **

Saturday, December 22

SPS #?

The HS:MS girls have decided to start their Christmas break today. I haven't joined in with Self Portrait Saturday for week's, so typically I had one prepared for today! I'm going to go ahead and frighten you with the sight of me anyway. Took the picture as I'd given my hair a tidy up ready for the holiday season.
Didn't quite get everything on the present front finished last night but nearly. I also have this niggling feeling that there is a bag full of unwrapped pressies somewhere that I can't find - doesn't that always happen every year??

** Kate **

Friday, December 21


Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

Ok, I know my opinion is biased but here is the cutest thing in the house right now.
Love the Hugh Hefner dressing gown. Not enough light for the photo really, would it be too cruel to send him outside to pose in his dressing gown on a frosty December morning?

(Don't worry I am safe saying he is the cutest in the house as SMO has left for work and the Dinky Diva has to go to school today. There's always the hairy one but she has got her fur in such a mess that its going to need several hours work to sort it out!).

Had another quick go at glow using the camera's fireworks setting.
Think I will try again this evening with no daylight and all 3 kids (big and small) holding little glow lights.

I have finally given in and realised I must scale down the hand-made presents I was planning. Now that the decision has been made I can just finish off the last few tonight and then start to concentrate on the food.

Off to play at Santa today taking Small-N-Grubby with me to hand deliver cards and presents to local family and friends.

** Kate **

Thursday, December 20

7 of 2007

To have an intense colour or slight shine. Find 'glow' in your space today:

Had a bit of trouble with this one, frost and ice I can do today but not a lot glowing. Had to resort to the tree lights. Really wanted to turn the auto focus off but I don't think I can on my little compact camera, so I resorted to the dusk/dawn mode and managed this strange effort.
Kirsty is asking to see your favorite 7 photos of 2007. Here are some of mine, I'm sure I could have found plenty more.
Got some crafting of Christmas presents done yesterday. Off to do some more now and re-charge the camera.

** Kate **

Wednesday, December 19

It could be you!

To be successful or victorious. Show us 'win' in your space.
Just a quick blog today as I have a million things to do!!
** Kate **

Tuesday, December 18

Deck the halls...

Yes the tree is up and here it is, complete with a little train track running around the bottom to carry mini-Santa and his friends.
The chosen colour scheme this year is Purple and Red. The Dinky Diva as well into the idea and rejected some baubles for being the wrong shade of red. Small-N-Grubby, however, was having none of it. He took great delight in sneaking to the box and hiding little silver stars and golden baubles among the other colours.

HS:MS today fits in well.
Hard, brittle and transparent. Find 'glass' in your space today.
And just to prove they didn't have too much eggnog these guys made it to the tree as well.
Small-N-Grubby is back to school today so I must madly make and wrap presents until picking up time. Did get all the cards finished and written last night ready to post today (although that does include the international ones as well....ooops).

** Kate **

Monday, December 17

Weekend Update

Another busy few days, with no time for blogging. Dinky Diva passed her dancing medal on Saturday (no photos of that yet) and then it was off to the church Christmas parties. It always feels like Christmas is here once we get to them. There's always a traditional disco playing action songs and shooting bubbles and foam over the children. They love it. The Dinky Diva knows all the dances, the Macarena is her fav. Here's Small-N_grubby tryying to catch foam snow.

Round it off with a visit from the man in red Himself and you have very tired but happy little ones.

Managed to get the tree up yesterday so I will try for a picture of that to blog tomorrow.

Small-N-Grubby is home with a cough and cold today. I'm hoping he will get back to school before term finishes or I really won't be ready for Christmas - the pair of us cuddled in bed until 10am this morning! This means no time to catch up on HS:MS, I will just try to start from again from tomorrow's prompt.

** Kate **

Wednesday, December 12


Just a quick update from me today.

Two pieces of string to assist in the fastening of shoes and clothing. Have you got some laces in your space?

A rather uninspiring pic of my walking boots.
The kids don't do laces yet so no cute boots like Kirsty's daughter's over on the HS:MS site (link on the right).

Didn't get any work done yesterday by the time I had finished fiddling around on the PC and looked at SMO's aunt's official wedding photos. I'll have to be more disciplined today. Have already started on some experimental shrink plastic charms, so I must keep going.

** Kate **

Tuesday, December 11

It's a marvelous night for a moondance

Well its not actually, its a sunny day and I don't think there would be much of a moon tonight anyway, which makes today's Hs:Ms even harder than yesterdays.

It gets dark so early at the moment, you can even see the moon during the daytime! Capture 'moonlight' in your space today.

Here's a pic I took one afternoon in late August this year.
Not exactly a great shot but about the best I could do.
Did consider some bare bottomed toys mooning off the top of the bunkbeds - all done in the best possible taste of course. Oh what the hell ...............
It was Small-N-Grubby's nativity play today (hence the later than usual blogging) and he was a star. I mean he was great but he was playing a star, you know what I mean.
Another poor photo but I wasn't going to put the flash on and blind the poor little mites! (unlike some parents, grrrr).

Off to get some work done this afternoon. Have had to text SMO at least 4 times about stuff I can't find, why can't men put things back where they find them and why when they need batteries do they take them from the nearest appliance that comes to hand. Couldn't get the PC speakers to work, now I know why!!

** Kate **

I see accusations have been made about my snowmen, they are demanding prime positions on the tree now in compensation, so I think it might have to be a toy themed tree this year.

Monday, December 10

Frosty the snowman!

When a frost forms on surfaces. Show us 'frosty' in your space today.

A brighter day today, and at least it's not raining, but definitely no frost. So here are some rather dilapidated Christmas ornaments.
At least it shows we have got as far as dragging them out of the cupboard, but the tree is still in its box.

Thanks for all the pressie suggestions for the Dinky Diva. Thankfully she has not discovered High School Musical and she has even got bored with the X factor, yes! I'd forgotten about the Klutz books, I will definitely get her one of those. The handbag is a great idea too, but my sister is already on to that.

Another busy weekend (as are the next two right up until Christmas). The Dinky Diva played the hand bells at a Christmas tree festival on Saturday. Managed to get the nativity set up but the tree will have to wait until next weekend now. Yesterday we went to SMO's aunt's house to celebrate her brother's 65th birthday. Got the kids into bed early it's Small-N-Grubby's first full day at school. I shall really miss him, but I certainly have plenty to do.

** Kate **

Friday, December 7


That's the HS:MS word of the day and here's my take on it.

Went late night shopping yesterday whilst the Dinky Diva was at Brownies. Got quite a few things, queues weren't too bad and SMO carried all the bags. There were a couple of shops not open despite having signs up for late night shopping grrrr, so I will have to venture out during daylight (please don't let it have to be a Saturday!). Only one casualty, a small box of chocs got squashed in the bag on the way home, guess we'll have to eat those ourselves!

My quandary over the children's presents has switched around this year. Usually she wants all manner of things and he isn't bothered. This year there seems to be plenty around for him (although medium sized boxes of Lego City seem to be as rare as rocking horse poo!), but I can't find things for her. She is growing out of dolls - has enough for when she is in the mood for them, I refuse to have things like 'moon sand' I don't believe them when they say there is no mess!

Her Christmas list consists of a colouring book and a new teddy - I have to say I was very proud of that, when I was her age I wanted something from every page of the Argos catalogue. So ideas needed for a 7-8 year old girl, not too messy, trashy, tarty or too practical! (and she isn't in to music or video games).

** Kate **

Thursday, December 6

For the good of my 'elf

Just a quick note to add that over at JustBex forum there are daily challenges and prizes throughout December expertly being overseen by Elvin the elf. Here he is and he is gorgeous (in his own words!!).

** Kate **

Christmas Cards

Haven't had any haven't sent any! Card is the subject today for HS:MS so I looked through the children's book bags and found my favorite of the one's they've received.
On the back it says Kitsch Christmas and I think its so great. Reminds me of being allowed Babychams or Snowballs at Christmas. Dad always stocked the drinks cabinet with weird and wonderful things that no-one drank at any other time of the year, we had that bitter cherry stuff, Kirsch too. I seem to remember it all tasted repulsive!
Back to blogging daily now, but forgetting to put up any messages anywhere to say so!!

** Kate **

Wednesday, December 5

"It's starting to look a lot like Christmas" - NOT

The word of the day on HS:MS is Christmas. Several of the blogs I visit have those helpful little countdowns on them which I see today are merrily informing me that it is 19 days until Christmas - aaargh! Don't get me wrong I'm not a Bah Humbug its just I always think there is plenty of time and then someone steals it. So Christmas in my house currently looks like this.If you want to see how a tree should properly look check out SuzyB's beautifully even spaced matching decs!

Had a go at last Friday's DCM challenge when I found some birdie paper in my little 6x6 stack of Periphery, mixed it with a bit of DCWV. On the subject of birds I have decided that, among other things, 2008 will be the year I save up and buy a new camera. I haven't had garden birds hanging around my house for quite some time, since a sparrowhawk made a rather spectacular kill on the patio! Now they are back with a vengeance, but can I get a good picture, no I blooming well can't. As wildlife photography has always been my 1st love my old 35mm outfit has a compact but intrusive 300mm lens and I miss it. I have duel aspect windows in my kitchen (believe me it sounds far posher than it is, I have them in the living room too but one just looks out onto a brick wall!!) and the little window next to me hasn't been cleaned in yonks. As I sit at the computer little birds hover over it hoovering up the insect life that clings to it. So in summary I need a new digi SLR with a nice selection of lenses!

Will post a picture of the advent calendar when its complete on Christmas Eve. Yes it is Playmobil, they bring out a different one every year with everything you need but you do have to build and fill it yourself which means I already know what's in the boxes! Still the joy on the little peeps faces makes up for that.

** Kate **

Tuesday, December 4

Cosy and Chilly?

Catching up with HS:MS today. Yesterday's word was cosy, so here's the hairy hearth rug under a rug.
Today's word is chilly. Its a kind of mild, damp day today - never a frost when you want one. So here is the Dinky Diva's advent calendar (rather more commercial than Small-N-Grubby's).
You open a box each day and inside is a little piece of the scene. The pair of them talk about it all the time, what will be in the next box and who will open it.
He's opening the even numbers on hers and she's opening the even numbers on his - all very civilised no fisty cuffs so far!

Been getting on with the Christmas makes - finally! Will have plenty of pics to share after Christmas, might put some on one of the craft forums before then.

** Kate **