Friday, December 21


Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

Ok, I know my opinion is biased but here is the cutest thing in the house right now.
Love the Hugh Hefner dressing gown. Not enough light for the photo really, would it be too cruel to send him outside to pose in his dressing gown on a frosty December morning?

(Don't worry I am safe saying he is the cutest in the house as SMO has left for work and the Dinky Diva has to go to school today. There's always the hairy one but she has got her fur in such a mess that its going to need several hours work to sort it out!).

Had another quick go at glow using the camera's fireworks setting.
Think I will try again this evening with no daylight and all 3 kids (big and small) holding little glow lights.

I have finally given in and realised I must scale down the hand-made presents I was planning. Now that the decision has been made I can just finish off the last few tonight and then start to concentrate on the food.

Off to play at Santa today taking Small-N-Grubby with me to hand deliver cards and presents to local family and friends.

** Kate **


Bambi said...

i think all kids are cute (^_^)

Shannon said...

He is a bit of a cutie pie! Good shot!

pokettiger said...

What a cutie! Love that smile.

Jen said...

aw bless, doesn't he look cute in his dressing gown! lovely tree backdrop too

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot - cute kid - you're right!

Hazel said...

Yes, he is certainly cute! And I love the glow.