Monday, April 27

4 Day School Week!

Yep they seem to be experimenting round here. Not content with 2 bank holidays in May they have today off for teacher training. Half-term is going to be here before I know it.

The Branston Pickle has been doing Steve McQueen impersonations. Well he hasn't got the motorbike yet but he is trying to go over the top of the cot using toys and any near-by furniture for a leg up. I had advertised locally for a play-pen but I don't think it will be any good now as I've caught him shinning up the cot bars like they were a coconut tree!. I've seen a very expensive mesh sided play-pen which claims to contain them up to 3 years old. I will investigate further.

In addition to all this he firmly believes that the world revolves around him and kicks off when I am spending time with the other children, cooking etc. As the cricket season started this weekend I had the Saturday from hell. Sunday was better as I planned the whole day in advance like a military operation ( and my mum cooked the dinner!). I think weekends are not going to be my favorite time for a while!

** Kate **

Tuesday, April 21

Got a bug

Its now official the old PC has got a bug! I have only one thing to say on the matter "SCUM!" . Well actually I have a lot more to say on the matter but most of it isn't printable here. So I am on the lovely clean new hard drive with security settings to the max. It just makes me grrr, the old PC has so many pop-ups popping up you can't do anything.

Make sure your security is up and running on your PC and don't ignore something that isn't quite right - its the slippery slope from there. For me it was my security system sending a message in the wrong language, a sign that it wasn't working properly. Don't ignore silly things like that take action now!

Thinking of putting some photo software on the new pooter then there's nothing stopping me from posting as normal.

** Kate **

Saturday, April 11

I think there's a recession?

I can tell because my Easter eggs have been hard hit! Usually by Easter weekend we have a mountain of eggs from work gifts, raffles, Easter fayres etc. But this year I have one, for which I am of course very grateful, if it wasn't for the fact that I sat on it!!!! Honestly, I know, doh! We have choccie coloured cushions on the sofa and it was a Rolo egg in a choccie coloured box, I don't think I need to explain any further.

Have discovered that the new computer cannot cope with Excel spreadsheets, so another reason to try and rescue the old one. (Sorry Beth that means I can't see your whizzy new order form, I will try and call you about a telephone order).

** Kate **

Thursday, April 9

I'm Still Here

Yep, I'm still here, just not able to post any photos at the moment. Keeping myself busy as it's the Easter holidays and despite not being tied to the computer I haven't found much time for crafting. I have found time to do a bit of tidying (with the childrens help!) though so I can have that 'at least I've achieved something' feeling.

The older 2 are off to SMO's parents on Friday so I hope to at least craft a little then.

I have some big news about a personal venture when the blog it back to full strength (family don't panic you know what I'm talking about!).

** Kate **

Saturday, April 4

Poorly Pooter

My computer is poorly again! I have some borrowed access at the moment and hope to be back up and running very soon. Leave a comment on here is you want to get in touch with me.

** Kate **

Wednesday, April 1

Home, home on the range

Yep, today's HS:MS:HS is 'Home'. I was at my childhood home earlier today and I meant to take a photo so that I could reminisce about it, but totally forgot, doh. So here instead is the 'holiday home' as the children call it. We haven't been for a couple of years now and I can't believe how small and young the kids look. One of their favorite features of these lovely log cabins is a 3 door wardrobe big enough to walk in onedoor and back out the other (strictly under adult supervision of course!).
Completed a layout today for a sketch challenge. Made it using the Ultimate Cutting Toolkit from We R Memory Keepers. The magnetic board and ruler really make a difference. You can pin all the little bits down with magnets while your deciding where to put everything and move it around without losing stuff all over the floor.
Rationing myself to a little bit of craft shopping per month and placed orders at the weekend. Both parcels were delivered today - and I missed them both. So that's tomorrow organised - off to the sorting office. I guess it adds to the excitement of getting new stuff?

** Kate **