Saturday, June 27

#Hobbit cake - the sequel

Here is the finished Hobbit inspired cake.

Not exactly a thing of beauty, but the idea was there.  The outer ring is a chocolate chip, orange muffin mix baked in a savarin ring from Lakeland.  Whilst I was in Lakeland, I picked up a small round tin that fitted in the centre and used it to bake a chocolate cake for the Eye of Sauron to sit on.

I was keeping to 'natural' colours, so the ring just has a soft sheen of gold over the white icing.  I need to learn to do a better piped icing for writing.  I use the pens that they sell ready made, in this case milk chocolate, but as with all other I've tried, it was far too runny.

The boys got it and the rest of the family just said "What on earth is that?"  Of course the correct question is "What on middle-earth is that?"  The Dinky Diva suggested that the savarin ring would make a good Simpsons doughnut, challenge accepted.  Watch this space.


Friday, June 26

#hobbit cake

Can you guess what it's going to be???


Tuesday, June 23

Hobbit cake anyone?

It's that time of year again, Branston Pickle's (youngest son's) birthday.  Last year he requested  Hobbit cake and apparently this year is to be the same, however, the cake must be a different design!!!

Here's last year's effort.............

What can I come up with this year?????


Monday, June 22

Coleman Caucasus 2 Review

Camping magazine very kindly sent me a Coleman Caucasus 2 as a prize and I've finally had a chance to use and review it.

There are some definite things about this tent I like. It comes in a roll down bag, similar to a dry bag, so when you're packing up in a field there is plenty of extra room there for less than acurate folding and rolling.  After it had been dried out and aired at home I had no trouble getting it back down to the original size and shape.

It went up easily and single handed, no complaints there.  The pegs are small and light, but a little hard on the hands for pushing in and pulling out.

Plenty of room inside the porch and sleeping area.  There's no floor in the porch though, so be prepared to share that with all manner of creepy crawlies and check inside your boots before you put them on.  The inside stayed completely bug free and using it for one person meant my kit got to stay bug free inside too.  It would sleep 2 if you don't mind being cosy. 

I did get one rainy evening/night and, having pitched up against the hedge for protection from the wind, I only had the use of one of the doors and plenty of water came in with me every time I used it. I found it helped to shake off excess water before opening the zip.  The bonus from having no floor in the porch meant I treated it as a wet area and was able to take off boots, waterproof coat and trousers keeping the inner tent completely dry.  As I would expect from Coleman the whole tent was water tight and the only rain inside was what I brought in with me.
At 3.2kg it would be too heavy for me to carry hiking, but it would be my go to for overnight camping on my own.


Saturday, June 6

Coeliac Snobbery

A glorious holiday in Lyme Regis over half term has left the rest of life feeling a little lack lustre.  Must upload some pics and reminisce.  Came back with a bit of a cough, but that was nothing compared to Branston Pickle having toncilitis and one of my sister's having a highly contagious eye infection!!

Today I've been to a Gluten Free fayre, not a coeliac fayre, a gluten free fayre.  However, some stall holders were incredibly rude if you didn't have a diagnosis or prescriptions - like we would eat gluten free bread for fun!!  Thankfully, there were loads of friendly helpful people interested in letting you try their new products.  Shout out to:

Georgia's Choice
M&S Made Without Wheat
Purbeck Ice Creams
Trudy's Gluten Free

I've tried pies, cakes, pastries, bread and ice cream today and I've brought lots home to stash in the fridge and try later - individual reviews to follow.  Feeling a little more happy and satisfied now!