#Hobbit cake - the sequel

Here is the finished Hobbit inspired cake.

Not exactly a thing of beauty, but the idea was there.  The outer ring is a chocolate chip, orange muffin mix baked in a savarin ring from Lakeland.  Whilst I was in Lakeland, I picked up a small round tin that fitted in the centre and used it to bake a chocolate cake for the Eye of Sauron to sit on.

I was keeping to 'natural' colours, so the ring just has a soft sheen of gold over the white icing.  I need to learn to do a better piped icing for writing.  I use the pens that they sell ready made, in this case milk chocolate, but as with all other I've tried, it was far too runny.

The boys got it and the rest of the family just said "What on earth is that?"  Of course the correct question is "What on middle-earth is that?"  The Dinky Diva suggested that the savarin ring would make a good Simpsons doughnut, challenge accepted.  Watch this space.



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