Friday, February 27


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Beads' of which I have far too many and here are a tiny percentage of them.
Have tried a bit of altering on a plain purple pencil case I found.
Have gone a bit mad stamping everything and probably need to plan my design for the next one (of course I bought several, couldn't just get one to try!).

Took Supreme Commander Branston to toddlers this morning for the 1st time since he has been really mobile. He managed to disgrace himself by biting his little friend Jacob on the head! Luckily only teeth marks no broken skin but that was bad enough, oh the shame of it! Needless to say he is unrepentant.

Bigger kids to granny and grandad for a sleepover this weekend so housework and crafting planned, with some time curled up on the sofa with SMO (Branston permitting).
Nearly forgot again, Kathy asked me several posts ago about the mini frog stamp - it's from one of those Studio G mini packs.

** Kate **

Thursday, February 26

Opposites of Construction

Yesterday's HS:MS:HS was 'Construct'. Here we have construction on a very big scale.
And the opposite.
Today everything is 'Rosy' on HS:MS:HS and rather than dig out an old photo of a rose I took this pic of my valentine's flowers which are just about still with us. Not quite rosy.
Have played around digitally altering the pics to make some pop art that I'll share at the weekend.

Have managed a couple of pics of my little dancers in costume from last week. Here's the Dinky Diva, note how she automatically stands in 1st position without being prompted.
Here, on the other hand, is Small-N-Grubby stood like a sack of spuds!
Back for a bit more of QVC craft day. Not bought anything yet, tempted but nothing has made me rush for the phone.

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 24


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Mascot'. Here is my Rainbow bear, I had to dig around in the Dinky Diva's bed to find it.
Have started altering one of the slip albums from yesterday's photo. Just need to print some recipes to put in it.Note to self - need printer ink.

Found a couple of interesting new challenge blogs through JustBex yesterday. Have linked them on the side bar and will try and have a play at this week's challenges.

** Kate **

Monday, February 23

Not one, but two!

Yep, 2 trophies.
I have one very happy little girl and one little bit sad Small-N-Grubby boy. Only a little bit sad as they don't give trophies in his category (pre-baby). My ecstatic little miss won the baby ballet category (jointly with her friend Molly) and was 2nd in the baby class across all disciplines. 'Baby class' sounds a bit odd but that's how they do it. Hopefully some photos on Thursday as they are putting on their costumes Wednesday evening at ballet class.

HS:MS:HS today is 'Rubber'. Lot of rubber stamps hanging about here but I went for this pile of tyres I found lying around instead.
Had a small splurge in Paperchase (luckily no-one noticed or I might have been thrown out!) and bought a pile of things for altering.
I now have seriously more craft projects planned than are humanly possible to do .

** Kate **

Sunday, February 22

There's a gnome at the bottom of the garden.........

..... well actually it's a gorilla! My mum always used to have a few ornaments in her garden. The 'odd' woodland creature - owls, rabbits, hedgehogs. But I've noticed recently that the collection is expanding at an alarming rate and now includes the twee as well as the out right alarming.

I had my camera with me to test out a +3 filter (the in-built macro is still not doing what I want it to), and these are the results.

The expression on this ducks face sums it all up! There are, of course, no fairies at the bottom of the garden because they're stuck in the flowerpots. And my fav the gorilla, why? I guess why not! No actual gnomes as yet, but I'll keep you posted.

The Daring Card Makers this week are using frogs and/or fishes. Here's mine.
Paper from BG Marrakech and blue scalloped card from DCWV.

Made a matching tag for Tag You're It, this week's theme is circles and swirls.
Went to see the children in their dance school annual show yesterday which was lovely. Very, unbearably hot in the theatre though. It must have been like dancing in a sauna. Small-N-Grubby danced to Summer Holiday in a Hawaiian style shirt. The Dinky Diva's main dance was as an air hostess to Come Fly With Me. She also joined the troupe for one dance and one song as well as the finale so she was a happy bunny.

It's the final matinee performance this afternoon and then back to school tomorrow. After the performance today it's the annual awards. DD has never received one, it's usually the same people every year, but she is always hopeful.

** Kate **

Friday, February 20


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Drain'. Stumped again today. I could show you the drain on our finances (the kids), I could show you the drain on my energy (the kids), do you see a theme developing? Instead I have the most interesting angle I could find to take a picture of a drain pipe, enjoy!
Finished the pen pot.
Used the BG aviary stamps for the birds and an Autumn Leaves swirl stamp for the trees.

** Kate **

Thursday, February 19


......of washing, dirty crockery, toys and the list is endless. I just can't see the point in a real tidy-up until after they have gone back to school otherwise you clear a space and it's just filled back up again. So anyway, plenty of choice for today's HS:MS:HS 'Pile'. As I'm sure you don't want to see the squalor I'm living in here's a pile of inks instead.
Managed to find some paint and ink that will take on my wooden pen tub and will be putting the final stamps on later once the last layer of ink has dried.
** Kate **

Wednesday, February 18

An apple a day

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Daily'.
That's about it for today. I'm attempting to decorate a wooden pencil tub at the moment but nothing seems to want to stick to it, I think the surface may have been coated with something, so it's back to the drawing board.

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 17


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Ornate'.

This is my box of ornate stamps. You see I do have some semblance of organisation. I have had to move loads of other loose stamps though to get to this box. I long for a craft room, or even a craft corner of a room!
Here's the inside of the card from yesterday.
I have been using dark colours for the bird cages but I notice that on the back of the stamp packet there is a border using pastel colours that I think I might have a try at.

The new BG stamps have certainly re-awakened my love of stamping and I've been looking through some of my other stamps to see which ones I can breath new life back into. I have to admit that some of them have never been used!!

** Kate **

Monday, February 16

Work In Progress

After a late start, due to Branston being awake half the night, and the Dinky Diva having a friend over I didn't get much time for crafting yesterday. As a result I have a work in progress with the front completed and the inside still to go.
Took a trip to the park yesterday and Branston had his 1st go on the swings.
HS:MS:HS today is 'Herbs' or in my case 'Herb' as I only have the one jar which is left over from Christmas. As it was very boring I had a play around with it and ended up with this.
Half-term this week so busy, busy, busy.

** Kate **

Sunday, February 15

Challenge Sunday

3 pieces of work for challenges today.

First a red and white card for a JustBex Feb challenge. Given to SMO of course. Cut into my 1st piece of paper from the Marrakech pad for this one.

Then used some of the leftovers to make the tag for SMO's non-existent present. I won't say what I got, but if you saw Jonathan Ross on Friday I'm just glad we don't have an Asda! Cut into the Porcelain paper for this one to get the lace background. The tag was for a challenge on the Tag, You're It blog.

Lastly I have my DCM for the week on the theme of 'Green'. K&Co paper and another little bit of Marrakech, really getting the most out of one page!

HS:MS:HS today. Wanted to record this as it's been dominating the local skyline for a while.
** Kate **

Friday, February 13

Porcelain Passion

Yes, it is here. However, frustratingly it didn't arrive until late after lunch which meant I only had time to unpack it and stroke it a little before starting the dinner prep and heading up to school.

SMO had to go to the Hampshire County Cricket ground in Southampton for pre-season whatever. So for me it was cooking, eating, homework, Brownies and trying to persuade 3 little individuals to go to bed. At gone 9pm I finally settled down to some crafting. A little tired I decided to go for several smaller projects rather than any of my big plans which has meant that I still haven't cut into any of the new BG papers!

I have tried the stamps though, and they are superb, very detailed.

Some quick ATCs to get the creativity flowing (a good idea I find if you have too many projects and don't know where to start).

Then a card with a bit of an old pad of K&Co.
Then finally a layout I had planned with some of the sale items I had bought. I do try to plan before buying otherwise I am beguiled by bargains that I never use!
Papers and die cuts are Crate Paper Lemongrass, a bit of left over BG paper and a rub-on.

After that and several interruptions from waking baby and SMO returning home complaining about what a wasted trip that was (they get fined if they don't go, captive audience), it was too late and I needed some sleep.

This morning the health visitor has give Branston Pickle a clean bill of health and soon I will have to start on his lunch but I'm sure I can fit a bit of crafting in somewhere.
Nearly forgot today's HS:MS:HS is 'Wicker', not much of that left around the house, too much dusting. Instead a wicker window, which I absolutely love.
** Kate **

Thursday, February 12

Go Patti Go

The multi talented Kirsty Wiseman announces the launch of her first card making CD. I don't think there will be prizes for guessing who the main character is based on! Click on the link on the top right to visit Patti's new blog.

I can't imagine how nervous and excited Kirsty must be, I'm just excited thinking about the launch for her. I hope one day I will be launching some noseycritters products of my own. Until then I have plenty of little critters around the house to deal with.

Supreme Commander Branston is having his 8 month check up tomorrow (not that he is 8 months for a couple of weeks yet, I think its early because of half-term).
He has one of his top front teeth just poking through, can pull himself up to standing in his cot and crawled up the step into my mum's kitchen for the 1st time yesterday. Luckily we still have the stair gate in place to keep the dog out of the bedrooms so now there is just an eternal chorus of "SHUT THE GATE" shouted in this house.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Crush'. I couldn't let this one go by without recording for posterity the mighty mini masher.
Its a portable, palm sized crushing device that you can take anywhere and mash up a portion of your own dinner to feed to hungry little monsters. Its been used daily since I bought it and is especially useful as Small-N-Grubby insists on only eating his potatoes mashed!

{{BasicGrey alert}}
Craft Obsessions has Bitter Sweet, Marrakech and Porcelain in stock. I have gone for a selection from the Porcelain collection which will be one of my main purchases for the new season. I've ordered a little bit of Marrakech too to try out and all of it should be arriving this afternoon!!! Check it out for yourself here.

** Kate **

Wednesday, February 11


A really quick post as I'm having to type one handed with a bored baby on my lap.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Screen'.
Was nice to do the school run yesterday in the fresh air and even sunshine. Himself did scream all the way home like a little piggy though.

++ Well I wanted my tea!! ++

Off for a busy Wednesday as usual, can't believe its half-term next week already.

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 10


Today's prompt at HS:MS:HS is a secret plot to get fridges and freezers cleaned! It's 'Magnetic'.

Was going to photograph the Mr Potato head set but when I bent down to look at the freezer I couldn't believe how yukky it was!

Due to time restraints (the weather is nice so that means I am back trundling the pushchair up and down to school) I have just cleaned one magnet and a small patch of the fridge!
Attempted more craft de-cluttering last night but ended up gathering together a pile of unwanted goodies to make some quick cards with. By the time I'd done this there was no time to make anything, particularly as I couldn't possibly miss the 2nd instalment of Whitechapel.

** Kate **

Monday, February 9

Wet Monday

After a dull Sunday, we have a wet Monday. Could be more snow tonight, so might have to go and get some air later if there is a break between rain.

E-mail is sort of fixed, the problem is with the service provider and I have managed to get around it for now, although I'm sure I've not received all the e-mail I have been sent.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Filling'. This is some sort of art effect filling. You smear it in stencils and dollop it on for a snowy effect. I haven't got to grips with it yet.
That's about it, not been very creative this weekend, think I will get back to my clear out. I've seen an interesting take on some of the papers I was going to chuck out so I might have a go at that.

** Kate **

Sunday, February 8

Cold and Dull Sunday

That about sums it up. Having e-mail problems too which are slightly worrying.

HS:MS:HS - Show Off Sunday - a couple of favorite snowy pictures from the last week.
** Kate **

Saturday, February 7

A Taste of the Orient

Here's my not black and red card for the oriental themed challenge over at the Daring Card Makers.
I made this one first and then realised I hadn't used a particularly oriental selection despite most of it being from the DCWV Far East pack.
Also a pink and green challenge at JustBex.
Made with a free sample of the new Papermania embellishment packs.

** Kate **

Friday, February 6

Comfort Eating

It's definitely the weather for comfort food. Sticky cake and mugs of hot chocolate, mmmmmmm. Just about managed to bake a gluten free choccie tray bake yesterday when I was cooking for the kids. It was one of those long-term projects where I had to keep leaving it to sort out one child or another. I would get back to the kitchen after sorting out crying, squabbling and boredom and see a bowl of cake mix and think....ah yes that's what I was doing.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Row' and if I'd known I could have taken a pic of the kids fighting yesterday. They have gone back to school today but there has been light snowfall since we woke this morning and I am wondering what the chances are of them closing early.

So instead of fighting or a little boat with oars (I'm not going out to look for one in this weather) here is a row of choccie chips on my tray bake.
I haven't joined in with any crafting challenges yet this year but I have been inspired today by Kathy from the Daring Card Makers to join in with their oriental theme this week. You can see her lovely card here.

I'm off to make my card and do some stamping for an image swap that I should have had in the post by now.

** Kate **

Thursday, February 5

Open and Closed

My 2 little ones schools were open yesterday. About the only 2 in the area! Had a lie-in and the day disappeared before I knew it. Went out late afternoon to the kids dance classes and had to take Himself in the pushchair. That was an experience I don't want to repeat in a hurry. I couldn't get any grip under the wheels and practically skied all the way there.

Today the weather is no worse but the schools are closed again, including ours. Not really sure why.

Had a mini turn out of craft supplies (which I found really difficult, there's a recession shouldn't I be hoarding stuff?) and then we spent the whole day making fun bits. Old fashioned scrapbook pages, cards and a dozen ATCs. The Dinky Diva will give hers to her friends and Small-N-Grubby made envelopes for his and posted them all over the house. His were mainly stickers on plain card but she really got it. She made a series of cards about nature with titles like flowers, plants and fruits. My favo one has plants on it and then around the sides it says vines and family. I will photograph them tomorrow if permitted.

I managed some quick baking as having them at home has been a strain on the food supplies. Supreme Commander Branston has been a little under the weather though. He has a sticky eye that's bothering him. We have bathed it tonight in cooled, boiled water and will see how he is in the morning. I am also convinced he isn't putting on weight, but I don't want to weigh him in case I'm right. I know paranoid mum.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Belt'. This is a sparkly job belonging to the Dinky Diva. Don't ask what was going through my head when I stuck it out in the snow. I think I had some great composition in mind, but really it was all in my mind!
Who knows what tomorrow will bring, more snow forecast so maybe no school again.

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 3

It's Snow Joke!

No school again today. Despite snow flurries throughout the day there was a point this afternoon where things were looking pretty clear. It's now snowing hard and there's a thick layer forming. At this rate I can't see the school being open tomorrow either.

The kids don't look particularly eager to go to school anyway!
If school is open tomorrow SMO is going to walk them in and pick them up, I'm not taking the baby out in the pushchair tromping up and down hills in this weather.

Here's SMO preparing to head out earlier on to take some shopping and bits round to my mum.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Trinket'. We had this little box for Christmas, Small-Grubby has been filling it with mini locks and keys, a current obsession of his.
I've been analysing lots of internet reports from CHA (that's the big American Craft and Hobby Association show held in Anaheim,where lots of companies launch there product lines for the year, for those who were wondering). I want to make some considered purchases of key items to update my crafting wardrobe this year, rather than impulse buying lots of things I really don't need. On the look out for who's going to get the stuff into the UK 1st and in preparation I'm turning out my craft stash. I have some really great stuff that I can use so some of the older dated papers can go and I know that I can find a good home for them with the Rainbows or one of the Mencap groups. All I need is for the kids to go back to school so I can really get on with it. The local news was talking about them being out for the week so maybe I will just have to organise a big crafting session with them instead.

** Kate **