Monday, February 16

Work In Progress

After a late start, due to Branston being awake half the night, and the Dinky Diva having a friend over I didn't get much time for crafting yesterday. As a result I have a work in progress with the front completed and the inside still to go.
Took a trip to the park yesterday and Branston had his 1st go on the swings.
HS:MS:HS today is 'Herbs' or in my case 'Herb' as I only have the one jar which is left over from Christmas. As it was very boring I had a play around with it and ended up with this.
Half-term this week so busy, busy, busy.

** Kate **


Hazel said...

WIP looks interesting. Have a good week. x

hannah said...

Great shot.

Photographing Mom said...

Like what you did with the Sage bottle.

Chris T said...

Love the treatment you've given this !

Casey said...

Love the contrast.

Cardmaking Galore said...

oH i love your ornate style - you manage to give it life and freshness that I could never achieve. I love your elegant work