Wednesday, September 30

4 more years

No, actually 4 more cards, yeah!

A couple of little 'leftovers' cards. I was experimenting with this cuttlebug background for another card but it was too 'busy', so I have used it to cover a little mini card and just added ribbon and a Christmas tree die cut that was free with a magazine.
For the next one I found a stamp I hadn't used yet.
Made 2 folds in a piece of 6x6 Core-dinations card. Added the red panels (which were in the same free pack at as the tree above) and made the rest from scraps.

All these left overs and scraps were as a result of making this week's DCM card. But as I've used Patchwork Pals images to make it I've blogged it here, along with a card I made from some more leftovers.

4 more Christmas cards completed in total, if I can keep up this momentum I'll be done in no time.

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 29

Frosty the snowman.....

Yes, still in festive mood. Although I have deleted the Christmas countdown off the side bar as it took too long to load. I have plans to replace it with one of my own. Here is the other card I completed with my new snowman stamp.
Learnt a few things whilst I was making this one. I wanted to have four panels but when I folded them from an A4 card the snowman was just too fat to stretch thin enough to get a fourth image, so I had to cut one flap off.
Then I coloured with my copics and forgot they would show through on the reverse, which in this case matters, so watercolours or Whisper pens next time.
Still another card made for me to send this year, only about another 50 to go!

** Kate **

Monday, September 28

Monday Musings #4

In which Kate visits a familiar place and catches glimpses of old friends.

With special mystery guest blogger.

Sunday was the most beautiful day to just be enjoyed for what it was.

We were at the out-laws for an evening meal and decided to take a walk in the country for the afternoon to build up our appetites. We headed for the local playing fields and took some ancient tennis rackets to play French Cricket. For the walk home we decided to go back across the water meadows that run opposite the house, somewhere I had always wanted to visit. Granny took the Branston pickle back via the road as there was no way to get a pushchair through and the rest of us headed off.

It was just beautiful nothingness.
We had thought Small-N-Grubby was very clever to be the only one in shorts that day but he soon found the draw back when the thick green grass started to reach up to his knees.
Where there wasn't grass there was thistles, huge high banks of them all gone to seed.
"Eeyore likes thistles."

I found just one that was still a beautiful jewel purple.
"I think perhaps, yes I'm sure, the rest have been eaten."

Some of the grasses were very pretty and I like this shot where the others are picking there way across in the distance.
"I don't suppose you took a little smackerel of something with you, did you?"

The blackberries had all been eaten by the birds, but there were some bright red berries which stood out against the clear blue autumn sky.
"Could those possibly be haycorns? I have a small friend who is rather fond of them."

We fought our way on with the loud chirps of crickets making the only sounds, apart from the odd squeal as someone stepped on a thistle.
"Wait is that Christopher Robin I can see? There, far off, in the distance."

There really could be only one conclusion to a walk in a place like this. We rounded a corner and found a quiet stream with an old wooden bridge running across it.
The ripples in the water could only mean one thing.
Someone had been playing Pooh sticks.
"Which I invented." Did you Pooh? Pooh?

"Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?"

Saturday, September 26

And now for a bit of scrapbooking

Yesterday was just one of those days! As we left the house for school in the morning a 'kind' lady informed us that it was closed due to there being no water. I asked her if both the infants and juniors were shut (they are on the same site) and she said yes, she had rung and checked.

With that we piled back in the house and I started mentally re-planning my day. The dinky Diva asked if she could go onto the school blog and see if any of the other kids had left comments. I thought it was a good plan, someone might have been planning a get together so we fired up the PC. I found the site but there was nothing on there about the school being shut, odd I thought, so I rang a friend who assured me she had sent her kids in no problems.

At this point it was 8.50, so we hot-footed it up the hill and arrived by 9.10 a bit out of breath and found one school open, one shut. DD was not impressed and complained that she didn't like being late and it was all my fault. Small-N-Grubby just grinned, he was getting the day off.

Arrived home exhausted and had to re-plan my day again, all before 9.30am!

So I needed a little me time later in the day and used it to complete a layout I had been working on using Pencil Lines sketch #153.
All of the patterned papers are BoBunny Delilah.
Sticky letters and swirls are BoBunny Calypso
** Kate **

Thursday, September 24

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Yes I have a finished a Christmas card and saved some money too. Thanks to Janice I no longer need an extra large stamping block following her recommendation that I use the plate from my die-cutter. All this means that I have been able to have a go with my new large snowman stamp.
At the same time I had a go at the Copic Creations challenge to combine copics with coloured pencils. I admit my attempt was on a very small scale, with minimal colouring.

Already started another card with the snowman. He is so versatile because the acrylic has been cut away on his body so that you can change the overall shape. A set of extra tall snowmen for my next card.

** Kate **

Monday, September 21

Monday Musings #3

A very old saying which I have always liked. At times in my life I have found even stepping outside the front door very difficult and I am particularly loathing of crowds. So whether your plans today will take you to the moon or to the corner shop........
(Photo taken at Stapehill Abbey)
** Kate **

Sunday, September 20

Shabby Chic

The latest DCM challenge calls for interpretations of 'Shabby Chic'. Easy, gather lots of bits and bobs. Hard, try and arrange them artistically on a card.

For me Prima epitomises this particular brief, so with that in mind here is my version.
Lots of flowers, swirls, jewels and raggedy bits.
Not entirely happy with the greeting, but I just couldn't find anything. I am increasingly in need of more little sentiment stamps. I will add them to my 'essentials' wish list. As opposed to the when I win the lottery wish list.

Essentials :
  • Large acrylic block at least 6x4 but 5x7 would be better (I bought a new Christmas stamp and now have nothing to put it on).
  • Large number stamps.
  • Small pointy scissors (mine have fallen apart due to over use!).
  • Papermania butterfly punch - the one that punches out the wings but leaves the body attached.
  • Small greetings stamps - birthday and Christmas.
  • Yet more 12x12 storage.
  • Kraft colour 12x12 card.

Fingers crossed that I don't have to rely on Father Christmas for that little lot.

** Kate **

Friday, September 18

CPS #133

Another challenge card today, this time following a CPS sketch, which I have turned on its side to create this.
I have used BoBunny stamps, stickers and papers.
I highlighted some leaves with Stickles glue and then added a few freehand leaves falling down.

Wanted a new instant piece of jewellery to wear out this morning so I just threaded a glass pendant onto 2 colours of cord and was done.
I bought the 2 cords at the same time and knew I wanted to use the chocolate and blue together on something.

In the back of my mind I have this idea that I should be working on a project for something but can't think what it is! Oh well, I'm sure I will remember it sooner or later.

** Kate **

Thursday, September 17

Photo Inspiration

The latest BasicGrey challenge is to take inspiration from an interior design photo on their blog here.

The photo made me think of an ink pad I have VersaMagic Oasis Green. With that as my stating point I stamped flourishes and a greeting onto white (with a little extra BG bird) and then chose BG Lemonade papers as a match for the ink and the inspiration photo.The flower is made of punched individual petals with a mini punched flower on top.

Other materials :
Autumn Leaves Flourish, Whiff of Joy sentiment, Anna Griffin ribbon.

** Kate **

Wednesday, September 16

Down By The Sea

The sea is this week's theme for the Daring Card Makers so I thought I'd have a go with an old lighthouse stamp and a make a bit of a collage.
I've used techniques from the May 2009 issue of Craft Stamper to give the idea of a sketchbook effect.

Out of town Tesco visit today to try and fill some gaps in the little peoples school wardrobes and see what other goodies I can pick up. Whilst I'm there I need to see if there are any sunglasses left around after a disastrous day yesterday. My eyes are quite sensitive to the sun and so I always carry my sunnies with me. On the way in to town yesterday I managed to snap the arm off my trusty pair. I did find a pair in M&S but they weren't quite dark enough. I took them back inside all of 2 minutes after I bought them and the woman at the till. who assured me I could return them, refused to cancel the transaction without me going upstairs (with pushchair) to the information desk. Grrrrr. As a result I still have the glasses and will use them until I find something better.

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 15

I've caught....

crochet fever! I've learnt so much in the last 24 hours I think my brain is busted.

Like the stitches in the UK and the US have the same names but are worked differently. So one of the reasons that Punky Chicken (see yesterday) was a bit odd was I watched a YouTube guide to clarify the Double stitch but my pattern was UK which means the stitch I learnt was a Treble. Are you with me so far!?!?

Crochet to me always meant granny squares, the only stitch my mum knows, which she used to make us multi-coloured blankets with. But crochet is so much more. Punky chicken is in fact Amigurumi, no that's not the breed of chicken, it's Japanese for crocheted and stuffed. Check out this guy, he's mad!

Then there is free form crochet and crochet jewellery. All I need to learn now is how to find enough time to fit crochet into my already very hectic Craft Life.

** Kate **

Monday, September 14

Monday Musing #2

A little simpler than last week

Seek Joy

No matter how long you have been crafting or how often you craft, you can always learn something new. With this in mind I thought I would have a go at crochet. I have tried knitting but I find controlling 2 needles and a ball of wool quite difficult, so using just 1 needle sounded a lot easier. And here is the result Punky Chicken!

I was "following" a pattern in this month's Crafts Beautiful, but I found counting the stitches quite hard so I just used it as a guide. I really enjoyed it and might have a go at something else, maybe a hat next. I like the fact that you don't have to hold loads of stitches on a needle at one time, so I only managed to drop the occasional stitch. Anyone got any good patterns?

** Kate **

Saturday, September 12

A New Blog

I've started a new blog to use as a gallery for my Patchwork Pals projects like this one.
I Y Patchwork Pals so that's what I've called it!

There's a new button for it on the side bar or click Y here Y to have a look.

** Kate **

Thursday, September 10

A splash of Autumn

Realised I haven't blogged since Monday. Not a lot going on here. Branston has a cold, at least I hope that's all it is with his track record lately. He didn't sleep last night and ended up kicking SMO out of his side of the bed and onto the sofa, so sleepless nights all round.

Finished this card yesterday for Copic Creations challenge #11 favorite Copic colour combinations.
The idea for the pumpkin made from ovals is from Scrap Bitz blog, except instead of using it as a background I have sat my Sport Billy on top and dressed him in jeans and a hat. He looks like this from the back.
The colours I'm using a lot at the moment are Putty (YG91) with Pale olive (YG95) and also Light Crockery Blue (B93) with Smokey Blue (B45).

I can hear sounds like someone has woken up a bit perkier from his nap (Branston that is not SMO!!) so I had best get on.

** Kate **

Monday, September 7

From the Spiritual to the Material

See the post below for the Monday Musing.

I've started following some new blogs recently and this one - Scraps 4 Fun - has some lovely inspiring craft projects as well as a bit of a give away on at the moment.

** Kate **

Monday Musings #1

The Holy Spirit ...... well I guess I can jump straight in the deep end with both feet! Actually I haven't studied theology so I will defer to a greater source of knowledge - Small-N-Grubby. The children attended a church holiday club for 3 days in the summer. Having fun, playing games plus arts and crafts. On the final day they did some work on the Holy Spirit and this was S-N-G's interpretation in dough, which I rather like and feel captures the essence of je ne sais quoi.
Please help yourself to an uplifted start to the week.

** Kate **

Thursday, September 3

No more HS:MS:HS!

Learnt today of the demise of Her Space : My Space : His Space. I shall miss my daily photo challenges, although my family may not miss the mad requests they often received in the name of art!!

I've had a quick look for an alternative but nothing feels right, in fact most look downright odd. So until I find a new photo challenge I have decided to set one for myself - The Monday Muse. Each Monday morning (cos that's the day I think I can be most relied upon to blog!!) I will blog a new photograph with my musings. I don't want this to turn into one of those nauseous thought for the week things so you have my permission to leave me rude comments if I ever type some sort of 'There is no I in Team' nonsense.

Right that gives me a few days to sort something out.

Currently very busy with DT makes, which is why there is no crafty stuff on here. I've got some new stamps to play with once it's done next week and I need to start on C*******S!!!

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 1

Loose Ends

First of all an update on Himself. He is doing well almost fully recovered. A bit wobbly on his feet and finishes his meds today so really expect to see the old Branston by the end of the week. Now we just have to get him out of all the bad habits he has got into, like sleeping anywhere but in his own bed and eating ice cream twice a day!

I have lots of photos ready for the end of my alphabet challenge and felt it would be a waste of my time not to blog them so here goes. ( I haven't fretted over filling the gaps.)

U is for .........

red Underwing moth
V is for ........

W is for .........

Water lily
X is for .........

ileX (Holly)
Y is for .........

Yellow poppies
Z is for .........

Just a strange anecdote to finish on. I can always remember how to spell 'loose' because when I was little we had a circular Disney puzzle and inside the bottom of the box was written 'Loose Tooth'. Memories are weird things, I can remember that clearly, could describe the puzzle, but most days I couldn't tell you what I had for breakfast or what day it is for that matter!!
** Kate **