Monday, September 7

Monday Musings #1

The Holy Spirit ...... well I guess I can jump straight in the deep end with both feet! Actually I haven't studied theology so I will defer to a greater source of knowledge - Small-N-Grubby. The children attended a church holiday club for 3 days in the summer. Having fun, playing games plus arts and crafts. On the final day they did some work on the Holy Spirit and this was S-N-G's interpretation in dough, which I rather like and feel captures the essence of je ne sais quoi.
Please help yourself to an uplifted start to the week.

** Kate **


Scrappelise said...

I like it! Great work - you have true artists in your house. I guess it is exactly the right colours too, from a girls point of wiew

Janice said...

Wow, SNG made a great 'Holy Spirit' there, reminds me of marshmallows - are those the sticks to toast them on lol!

Photographing Mom said...

Awesome!!! She interpreted the HS well!!