Tuesday, June 30


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Beauty'. Little flower pushing it's way up between the rocks.
Bit short of time today. When am I never not??

** Kate **

Monday, June 29

Anyone For Cricket

Had a lovely day on Sunday at a charity cricket match.
Here's SMO in action.
I have pictures from the Supreme Commanders birthday last week but haven't uploaded them yet, will make that a job for tomorrow.

Got some jewellery making done on Saturday, but only helping the Dinky Diva with her homework, photo of that to follow too.

** Kate **

Wednesday, June 24


DCM challenge this week was a 'Miss You' style card. Now I remember having some 'Miss You' stickers that I don't think I've ever used so I had to have a go at this one. I'd also tried colouring in my Tilda stamp with the grey tone copics and she looked rather sad, but ideal for this theme. And here is the end result.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Eaten'. This is one of my favorite eats at the moment.
Strawberry Mini Magnums, now if only I could find the full size version!

A bit of a family catch-up now. Himself was being very helpful with the eaten prompt.
The smudgy patch on the right is a sticky finger heading for the lens.

He wasn't so happy last night after his bath. I found an old set of his sister's shortie pyjamas. This is what he thought of pink PJs.
This morning the Small-N-Grubby one has lost a front tooth. This had to be recorded (although I still haven't scrapped the pic I took when the Dinky Diva lost hers). Unfortunately, he couldn't manage his eyes and mouth open at the same time, it just had to be one or the other, strange boy.
Having done my craft shopping for the month of July already I still managed to buy some more! Craft Obsessions have some BasicGrey stamps and Lemonade paper winging their way to me. Then David rang to say the pine sprig punches were in that I had been waiting for, just in time to pop it in the box with the other goodies!

** Kate **

Monday, June 22


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Centre'. Took some pictures of flowers in the local park last week and noticed that some of them had the petals from around the edge growing in the centre.
Missed Friday's prompt 'Sunglasses' so here are a few of my favorite sunglasses shots.
This last one was taken by Small-N-Grubby.
I've updated the new grand total on our team JustGiving page. Looky here and I think there is a little bit more to come in yet.

** Kate **

Wednesday, June 17

Time for a cuddle

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Cuddle'. My usual subject would not co-operate so as the Dinky Diva has a teacher training day she posed for me.
This is the closest Sir got.
Made those cards last night as planned. Here's a couple.
** Kate **

Tuesday, June 16

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat?

Yes today's HS:MS:HS is 'Hat'. Slightly more blur on this shot than I had hoped for and bribery by biscuit was needed to get even this.
I'm actually planning to craft this afternoon, yeah! I need to replenish the cards that go to market and have a new gardening design to play with as there seem to be lots of keen gardeners in that neck of the woods.
Oh, and yes did have a small craft splurge yesterday on My Minds Eye papers and might not be able to resist a kit from QVC today as Rosemary Merry had a craft outlet hour on this morning.

** Kate **

Monday, June 15


Exhausting weekend at the Rainbow fun day. Trying to transfer my photos to a CD to go and get them printed ready for the girls to use to make father's day gifts but the disc drive won't let me have my CD back. Typical Monday morning I guess.

I have got an offering for today's HS:MS:HS though, today is 'Filter'.
Might treat myself to a few new craft things today, I'm due a mini spend!!

** Kate **

Saturday, June 13

Portrait Saturday

There's a slight problem with my SPS for HS:MS:HS. A little bit of background detail, 'school boy' error of mine. But pink does look quite fetching with his curls.
Busy weekend, off out with the Rainbows tomorrow.

** Kate **

Thursday, June 11


Today started out quite bright but its raining now, so stuck inside. I had a compulsion to completely turn out all my stuff so the place is in chaos. Hopefully clearing out the cobwebs (literally) will make room for some crafting.

Have managed a quick HS:MS:HS 'Engine'.

Now you see it ................
Now you don't..................
** Kate **

Tuesday, June 9

When You Smile, Smile,Smile......

I think we were probably one of the last few to finish the walk on Sunday morning. Sinking beneath the bubbles of my 5am bath had to be one of the highlights, although when it came to getting the blister plasters off my feet it was hard to tell what was plaster and what was skin!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Old Fashioned'. There's a new, old sweet shop in town but it's too miserable out and I'm saving my feet for the school run this afternoon, so instead here's a pic I took at a fair a couple of years ago.
That's made me want sweeties now!

On to the smiling. The Supreme Commander was a bit of a grump when he was 'new' but other than the rather too frequent paddie he is quite a smiler now. The trouble is he can't smile without moving, so it is photo nightmare. Of course I could set the flash off in his face, but I thought that would be kind of cruel.

So without flash, this is the best I have achieved.
But I know he can smile like this............
What a cutie!!!!

** Kate **

Monday, June 8

The Next Day

My legs are really aching today but apart from that I appear to have survived intact.

I'd used up some nervous energy on the afternoon of the walk decorating my shirt, so this is what I was wearing.
We set off in good cheer, rain was forecast but there had only been a bit of drizzle. My mum offered round a couple of her 'granny' macs and we packed them plus a hideous poncho of my sister's all vowing we wouldn't wear them. Of course later that night we would be fighting over them! There was a big firework display the same night, by coincidence, so that made a good send-off.
We registered and sat around waiting for the off and trying to decide when the optimum moment would be to make that final trip to the loo. Not sure if I'm supposed to share the photos?
There was a rather too energetic warm-up before the start so we gave that a miss and waited inside the leisure centre until we heard the countdown to the midnight start. Almost immediately I lost the other 6 as they moved off and other people pushed their way in between us. I managed to keep them in sight for about a quarter of the way whilst walking with a friend I had met through some previous charity volunteering.

It started to rain a bit heavier but if I had stopped to put my mac on I would have lost sight of the others so I decided to take a chance and my fleece was keeping me warm and dry. Looking back it seems strange how little decisions like this shaped the event and ultimately led to us being able to reach the finish line. We chatted away and the time passed quite quickly, the crowds thinned out and I lost sight of everyone else. Until, as I approached a bus shelter I found the rest of the gang waiting in there for me to catch up. I put my camera away at this point and was glad that it made it home with me still working. My friend sped on (I think I had been holding her up) and I walked the last mile or so to the half-way point at the hospice with my niece (N), with the others a little way ahead. Apart from one niece (M) who had sped off, she probably didn't want to be seen with us!! As the rain got even harder my coat started to soak up water and my shoes leaked.
We kept our spirits up by deciding how we would share out the granny macs, and change into the dry layers of clothes in our bags, when we got to the half way check point. The crowds started to build up again as the check point was causing a bottle neck and we had to queue outdoors as the rain became torrential with flashes of lightening and almost immediate huge claps of thunder.

Not only were we wet but standing around started to make us cold too. There was just 4 of us now and as the rain poured off our coats it soaked through literally to the skin. As volunteers passed along the line handing out water and snacks we learnt from them that there was no shelter at all. We were expected to stick our head in a porch, register, visit the port-a-loos and turn straight round to go back.

This had to be the lowest point of the night, all our plans to get dry were impossible and to demoralise us more we had to queue next to a bus which was waiting to take people back who had decided to only walk half-way. It was rapidly filling up with people stripping off their wet coats and getting dry.

This wasn't how I wanted my walk to end and I felt determined to at least start back even if we then had to ring for someone to come and rescue us. Hopping on the bus just seemed too easy. There was a small open fronted smoking shelter near-by so N and I took turns leaving the queue to go and change in front of everyone! Obviously I couldn't strip off as many wet layers as I'd planned, but changed my wet fleece for a waistcoat, mac and woolly hat. Eventually, after a half-hour wait we signed in, visited the port-a-loos, shared out the granny macs (N wore 2 and I had the voluminous poncho) and we started back.

The rain was at its heaviest and torrents of water were running down slopes, roads and pavements. We set ourselves little goals and as we warmed up and our feet numbed with the wet, for the first time in an hour the return trip felt possible.

We literally trudged putting one foot in front of the other and at one point I even led and set the pace! Various calls and messages let us know where the other 3 were ahead of us and eventually that they had finished. M was the 1st of our group to finish and headed home to get warm, we even managed to disturb her hot shower ringing to see if she had walked home OK at 3am.

It finally stopped raining, Kendal Mint Cake, Lucozade tablets and a banana kept us going and as it started to get light we walked to the finish around 4.35am. Taking out the time at the half-way checkpoint we were very pleased to have walked the 13.4 miles in 4 hours. I think we were lucky to have finished at all.

Here's my sister and I at the finish waiting for a lift home for a well earned soak in the bath and then sleep!!!
Just had to get that lot off my chest, now for today's HS:MS:HS which is 'Capitalism'.
** Kate **

Sunday, June 7

We did it!!!!

Despite appalling weather conditions all 7 of us managed to complete the 13.4 mile course. Pictures and details to follow when I have semi recovered.

Low point : queuing for 30 minutes outdoors in a thunderstorm next to a bus full of people who had decided to call it a day and were waiting to be driven back to the start.

High point : realising that despite the challenges we had faced we were actually going to make it to the finish.

I'm off back to bed.

** Kate **

Saturday, June 6

It's Tonight!

The day has finally dawned and it's potentially looking like a wet one! Yes at midnight tonight AJ's Lot will be setting off on our 13 point something mile walk for Salisbury Hospice. Sponsors are starting to come in, thank you, and I got a few more on paper yesterday so now I really HAVE to do it. Feeling scared and excited, will be glad when the walk actually gets under way. Off to charge camera batteries and phone battery so I can text SMO with the lows and highs on the night.

Wish me luck!!!!!

** Kate **

Thursday, June 4

2 Days!

Only 2 days to go until the walk. I've had the details through for the night. I feel sick!?!?

Tuesday, June 2

Party Time!

As it all turned out we heard from everyone we invited to the party in the end, even though they were still ringing up and hour before we were due to leave, good job I made enough food. Small-N-Grubby's school had a TD day when most of the others in the area didn't so we headed to Wilton House Adventure Park. As we'd hoped it wasn't too busy and the weather was glorious. No pics of the adventure park as they all have other peoples kids in them, but lots of the beautiful grounds.

I just took my small camera as with 6 children and a baby there wasn't going to be much chance to slope off for piccies (will definitely go back for some serious photo time). Should mention that SMO and another dad came too, in case you think I am some sort of insane martyr.

As soon as we set up our base under the trees picnic stealing ducks arrived.
Here's one for yesterday's HS:MS:HS 'Balance'.
This is the house itself.
Looking at that pic makes me think it would make a fabulous, if expensive, wedding venue. There's a separate ticket price for grounds only (including the adventure park) which was great as we weren't going inside the building. Lots of interesting water features.
I only managed to look around a small part of it, but my favorite bit so far was a collection of little red bridges joining up a little island.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Breakfast', Slightly disappointing as I'd hoped to incorporate a shot from yesterday's day out! But here's my breakfast today.
Gluten free white toast and marmalade.

Only 4 days until the sponsored midnight walk - I'm trying not to think about it.

** Kate **