Party Time!

As it all turned out we heard from everyone we invited to the party in the end, even though they were still ringing up and hour before we were due to leave, good job I made enough food. Small-N-Grubby's school had a TD day when most of the others in the area didn't so we headed to Wilton House Adventure Park. As we'd hoped it wasn't too busy and the weather was glorious. No pics of the adventure park as they all have other peoples kids in them, but lots of the beautiful grounds.

I just took my small camera as with 6 children and a baby there wasn't going to be much chance to slope off for piccies (will definitely go back for some serious photo time). Should mention that SMO and another dad came too, in case you think I am some sort of insane martyr.

As soon as we set up our base under the trees picnic stealing ducks arrived.
Here's one for yesterday's HS:MS:HS 'Balance'.
This is the house itself.
Looking at that pic makes me think it would make a fabulous, if expensive, wedding venue. There's a separate ticket price for grounds only (including the adventure park) which was great as we weren't going inside the building. Lots of interesting water features.
I only managed to look around a small part of it, but my favorite bit so far was a collection of little red bridges joining up a little island.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Breakfast', Slightly disappointing as I'd hoped to incorporate a shot from yesterday's day out! But here's my breakfast today.
Gluten free white toast and marmalade.

Only 4 days until the sponsored midnight walk - I'm trying not to think about it.

** Kate **


Coffeedoff said…
That looks yummy!
Liz said…
Great pictures. Love the water feature and the balancing duck!!!!
All the pics are great!! The bridge is beautiful. :)
Chris T said…
Was so busy looking at the pretty plate I didn't notice the toast lol!Love the bridge!
LisaBabe said…
That looks lovely, Kate. Very pretty water feature.

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