Saturday, January 31

He Crawls!

It's official, he can crawl forwards on all fours. He's been wriggling and shuffling around, mainly backwards, for some time now but yesterday he officially started to crawl and of course now there's no stopping him.

So today's Portrait Saturday is dedicated to Himself.
Taken with the new camera in poor lighting conditions which the old one would never have managed.

Just a short note as the Small-N-Grubby one is at home too poorly to go to dancing rehearsals (which are in full swing for the half-term show).

** Kate **

Friday, January 30

Three and a bit

Today's HS:MS:HS prompt is 'Three' and there's no way I could resist using a photo of these 3.
Also as luck would have it another set of 3 ATCs.
Plus and extra one made from the sample sheet that came with the Core'dinations card.
Parcel has just arrived with the reward to myself for getting back in to crafting. So off to play. Also ordered a couple of Sizzix dies in the sales that I couldn't resist. Feeling shopaholic guilty (you'd know why if you'd seen the electricity bill that came yesterday).

** Kate **

Thursday, January 29


'Staircase' is today's HS:MS:HS prompt. Here is my uninspiring staircase complete with Stare-Cat.
Note the strange way in which the carpet changes colour for the last 2 steps. This was done by my ex-husband in order to trip up and kill unsuspecting visitors, luckily he didn't get many visitors!
Here's the next page of the Newborn album.
Have downloaded some more pics from the new camera. This tree is in mums garden.
See the little bicycle in the bottom left corner.
Now that's the sort of zoom I needed for wildlife pictures, I just need to find some wildlife to photograph now.

Took this pointed into direct sunlight and kind of like the ethereal look it gives the garden.
** Kate **

Wednesday, January 28


Today's HS:MS:HS prompt is 'Hinge'.

I haven't met the new neighbours yet, they moved in on Christmas Day and seem to keep themselves to themselves. They have cute little hinges on their door though. (Had to use the flash as they have chosen quite a secluded corner).
(Taken from an idea in Craft Stamper magazine)

Crafted again last night. I bought a quick 8x8 album kit before Himself was born and used some free prints to get a black and white set of newborn photos to put in it. Finally got it organised last night and have stuck the first page together.
The kit is SEI, with added rub-ons from K&Co and American Crafts foam.

I've tidied up the blog and challenge links at the side this morning as it looks like some won't be continuing in 2009 or have changed direction. For me, I hope to blog more, not less.

** Kate **

Tuesday, January 27


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Carved'.
Managed to start some ATCs yesterday and finished one little set off this morning.
Stamped with Staz-on and used a white wax crayon to highlight areas before inking.

As a reward for actually doing some crafting I have been sale shopping on the net, but at the moment I seem to have crashed the store, oops!!

** Kate **

Monday, January 26


Today's prompt on HS:MS:HS is 'Discard'.

These things are a menace, they get everywhere. Surely there is a cardboard alternative that would at least rot in its final resting place.
This one has blown into my back garden, but one nice thing about it - I took it with the new camera!

Completely turned out a huge cupboard at the weekend. Managed to get the boxes of Christmas decs packed away and hope they won't be unpacked again until we are in a new home. Found lots of little girls clothes that I had put by which made me a bit sad, gritted my teeth and sent the lot to the charity shop. Still, I did find lots of cute all-in-one summer suits for the boy. One thing about having all summer babies is the clothes can just go around and around again. Even kept some only slightly flowery stuff, he won't know.

Determined to craft have set my sights on some ATCs and a bit of experimenting with inks and textures.

** Kate **

Saturday, January 24

Strictly a one off

Well here it is my Someone's Portrait for Saturday and it's me.
I can now dance the Polka, sort of, and only if my partner is an enthusiastic 6 year old. 45 minutes of dancing and the adults were exhausted (kids still running around), I can see why all the celebs are saying it's great for keep fit.

And why does it look like there are 2 of me in that outfit, the new year health kick starts here, just as soon as I finish this gluten free fake kitkat.

Just had to say really enjoyed the end of the best ever, funniest celeb BB yesterday evening. Surprise winner too, but now its over everyone claims they knew it would be Ulrika even though all the way through they were saying it would be Verne.

** Kate **

Friday, January 23


It's the end of the week and Fridays are a busy day for me so just a quick update.
Branston is a little better but very snotty, euch!
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Water'.
This was taken off the shore at Christchurch on a visit to the 'Shed of Dread' a couple of years ago.

Rainbows tonight and someone has kindly organised a Strictly Come Dancing evening, someone who needs strictly slapping in my opinion! My costume is a sight, a cross between dance teacher who is too fat to dance and the kids from fame. I decided to purposely go over the top rather than look like I was trying to really look the part. You know when you get dressed in something really elegant and then catch sight of yourself in the mirror and think it's a man in drag! I am taking a camera although there will be little I have authority to share on the blog. Leg warmers at the ready, here we go.

** Kate **

Thursday, January 22


I've been really busy around the house the last few days. I think the change of weather from cold to warmer but wet has caused most of the problems. The back door is seized up and won't open so the dog is getting more walks than usual but still finding time to pee in my kitchen!!! Have temporarily fixed it this morning (the door that is) so hopefully there will be no more accidents.

The Supreme Commander has a cold and a new nickname. He was always a pickle but it really is getting worse. SMO was out the other the evening and young Branston would not let me put him down to deal with the other kids at bedtime, he just kept screaming. In the end I had to carry him around with me and he is getting quite a weight. Due to his cold he got away with sleeping in my arms early in the evening and then propped up in his chair later on. So 'Branston' it is.

Managed to get a bit more time with my camera yesterday. As Himself wouldn't allow me to get anything done in the house I took him round to mum's and, whilst he played with Grandma, I took a few shots of the garden. Now I just need to find some time to work out how to download them. Perhaps after Celeb BB finishes I will manage to drag myself off the sofa in the evenings.

Here's today's HS:MS:HS taken on the old camera (I did try the new one but I couldn't figure out how to turn of the flash in macro mode, the instruction manual is going to have to be my new bedtime reading).

This lovely stash of pens was kindly sent to me by Quick and Crafty Magazine courtesy of Uni-ball, thank you very much.

Oh, and yesterday's word was 'Aroma', if you catch a whiff of something around here it's likely to be one of these!
(or the dog!!!)

** Kate **

Monday, January 19


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Instruct'.
Yes, I have picked up the new camera and here is a not so great piccie of it. I need a new camera so that I can take a picture of my new camera!!!
Seeing as I have had it all weekend I have taken surprisingly few pictures with it, there is rather a lot to get to grips with. I'm not sitting here any longer I'm off to play.
** Kate **

Friday, January 16

It's Done!!!

Yes the tax return has been submitted and now I have time to catch up on the past few days HS:MS:HS photos incorporating my news as I go.

Taken on my compact digital camera at the furthest possible zoom. At least you can just about make out the ball and I think it's SMO but it's kind of difficult to tell woth batting helmet on! Blurry distant shots like this will hopefully be a thing of the past as I pick up my new digital SLR tomorrow. I know times are hard a present but I have spent all last year saving for it and you can't put your life on hold just in case things take a down turn.

How I feel now that the dreaded return has been submitted. It wasn't that bad really and as I was only filling in peanut amounts it was hardly worth sweating over.

This is the Supreme Commander right now sleeping in his pushchair under his checked buggy snuggle. Why, why, why, why can't he sleep soundly like that at night????

** Kate **

Tuesday, January 13


HS:MS:HS today 'Handle'. A cute little hands on the handle of a cool wind-up toy (no batteries needed) that himself got for Christmas.
Currently feeding him mushed up potato, cauliflower and broccoli whilst I eat a salad. Note to self - important not to get the spoons muddled here!

I was watching Saturday kitchen, on Saturday funnily enough, and they were slicing smoked salmon. Small-N-Grubby announces that he had that at granny's.
"What, smoked salmon?" I ask, "No it wasn't smoked it was called Phillip" was the reply.

Off to get a 'handle' on this tax thingy, not!

** Kate **

Monday, January 12


HS:MS:HS today is 'Technology'. This thing claims to be reasonably technological.
I have to say we have a bit of a love hate relationship. I am quite logical in my approach to technology but this thing defies all reason. So if you have written a text and want to send it to someone in your contacts list you have to select send, then contacts, then select the contact, then hit send and it asks if you want to send it now. By this point I am hammering the buttons and screaming at it to just send the blimin message.
Now that I have that off my chest, something that does make me happy at the moment is Celeb BB. I cried laughing at Ulrika and Verne's duet and when they didn't notice Michael Barrymore hanging over the wall on a cherry picker it was so funny. I hope the producers don't take the angle of no luxuries = arguments as the funny stuff has been so entertaining, I don't want to watch them having deep discussions and fighting.

New Year's resolutions (never usually make these) :
  1. Improve fitness - by getting out and walking more, meeting SMO for lunchtime swims (help this will require a swim suit that I can squeeze my unshapely body into), watching all the extra snacks I eat (I am sure I can resolve to watch myself eat them!!).

  2. Step back into the crafting world - send off some magazine submissions, update the shop, start an ATC club.

  3. Get the house ready to move when the time is right - this is a biggie, there is a lot of DIY to be done.

Of course I will be able to chart my progress here, but the very 1st thing that absolutely must be done is to complete my self-assessment tax return .......yuk.

** Kate **

Thursday, January 8


Couldn't resist getting back in to HS:MS:HS with this one. 1st here's lots of homemade goodies just before Christmas waiting to be wrapped and given out.
Then there is my new gluten free stuffing (adapted from a friends recipe) the details of which (along with the toffees from before Christmas) will appear on my other blog one day, I just know it will.

Took the Supreme Commander to clinic today, still a little low on weight gain but he is so active and into everything I am assured that he is fine.
** Kate **

Friday, January 2

Happy Holidays

The 12 days of Christmas photos haven't exactly gone according to plan. So rather than share my pitiful efforts I have decided to keep Christmas alive throughout the year and collect them up ready for this Christmas.
It looks like I've managed to miss new year too, a belated Happy New Year to all.

We've had a lovely peaceful Christmas and new year.

Just can't seem to get back into gear yet.

** Kate **