HS:MS:HS today is 'Technology'. This thing claims to be reasonably technological.
I have to say we have a bit of a love hate relationship. I am quite logical in my approach to technology but this thing defies all reason. So if you have written a text and want to send it to someone in your contacts list you have to select send, then contacts, then select the contact, then hit send and it asks if you want to send it now. By this point I am hammering the buttons and screaming at it to just send the blimin message.
Now that I have that off my chest, something that does make me happy at the moment is Celeb BB. I cried laughing at Ulrika and Verne's duet and when they didn't notice Michael Barrymore hanging over the wall on a cherry picker it was so funny. I hope the producers don't take the angle of no luxuries = arguments as the funny stuff has been so entertaining, I don't want to watch them having deep discussions and fighting.

New Year's resolutions (never usually make these) :
  1. Improve fitness - by getting out and walking more, meeting SMO for lunchtime swims (help this will require a swim suit that I can squeeze my unshapely body into), watching all the extra snacks I eat (I am sure I can resolve to watch myself eat them!!).

  2. Step back into the crafting world - send off some magazine submissions, update the shop, start an ATC club.

  3. Get the house ready to move when the time is right - this is a biggie, there is a lot of DIY to be done.

Of course I will be able to chart my progress here, but the very 1st thing that absolutely must be done is to complete my self-assessment tax return .......yuk.

** Kate **


Rach said…
Great techy shot Kate. Good luck with the resolutions especially the DIY one - UUgghhh! x
Anonymous said…
Love your shot!! :) It looks and sounds as though you've got the same blinkin phone as me!!! LOL

Mandy said…
Lol at you sending a text! I was once described as 'an analogue girl in a digital world!' I'm getting there though.

Great shot! xox
Anita said…
Ooo...cute pink phone...i'm loving Celeb BB too!
Chris T said…
Great shot - love the angle!
Igotmebabe said…
Great shot, sending texts drives me nuts too. Good luck with the tax self assesment.
Sarah said…
Great shot, very pretty phone :) I'm pretty good at watching myself eating snacks too ;)

Don't envy you the tax return - hope it's not too painful.
sam said…
great shot my phone is like my 3rd hand couldn't live without it,
Rach said…
Thanks for the help Kate. I will have a look next time I am in Tesco and then if I am still lost I will come running to you again! Lol
Zoe said…
Fab shot, it's a lovely pink.

Hope the tax returns not too bad, had details for ordering the year end payroll forms at work today - only just recovered from last years!! :)
Love the Colour!!!!!!!!

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