Tuesday, July 31

Ikea Delivers!

YESSSSS, but not in my area yet, but hopefully soon. SMO is clutching his wallet and wiping the sweat from his brow. I lurve Ikea. I know some hate it and that's their choice. I don't agree with the argument that it makes lots of home all look the same - the reason I love it is you can mix and match everything and there's plenty of cheap stuff to buy and alter. My bedroom has a folding table and bedside tables made from stools all painted to match - no-one will have them quite like mine!

Had a play with my computer this afternoon. (This is me by the way!).

I'm going to take a nice pic of the kids to do for the out-laws. I feel this year's Christmas presents taking shape.

Off to do battle with the accounts tonight. Mum's having the little uns tomorrow so I am scheduled to go to my craft class, hope they have something good planned.

** Kate **

Monday, July 30

Baby Cards

Spent yesterday out and about making the most of the nice weather.

This morning I managed to get our new printer installed (with the help of my littlest helper - DD was at a dance workshop). And........wait for it............. this afternoon I did some crafting, wuhay, yipee, hurrah. I didn't actually feel like doing much but as soon as I got going I was in the zone - like riding a bike - it all came back to me.

Made a couple of baby cards for an old school friend and her parents (1st grandchild).

Made with scraps of DCWV paper, die-cuts and Hampton Art stamps.

Busy day again tomorrow with kids activities but determined to continue the trend and get some craft in there somewhere.

** Kate **

Saturday, July 28

Sun, Sun, Sun Here It Comes

Inevitably I planned too much yesterday evening. Didn't get it all done and spent this morning catching up. So no crafting either yesterday or today.

We had sunshine this afternoon - hurrah!! Spent the afternoon at cricket. There were a couple of tiny showers and its raining quite steadily now but it was fine enough when it needed to be.

Here's the family enjoying the action.

The Dinky Diva is hamming it up good and proper.They kept the score board up to date, so very educational too.

Came back on my own after the game finished, little uns at the out-laws and SMO in the pub. House to myself and I'm going to sacrifice the chance for some crafting and have a long soak in the bath instead. I plan for it to be bliss. I would love to have a second cloakroom when we move house, normally as soon as I get in the bath one of the kids wants the loo, even if I make them go before me they still manage to find a reason to disturb me. I'm off before the dog decides she's going in there!!

** Kate **

Friday, July 27

You Rawk

Saw this in a magazine and after asking everyone I knew to ask everyone they knew under 20 what it meant I was none the wiser. After a quick google the only thing we could come up with was it was the written version of 'you rock' said in a Wayne's World kind of accent as in 'you rawk dude'.

I was reminded of this because I received a tag for one of these from another Kate -It originated over on Roberta's blog here and I'm supposed to tag 5 more people. Well most people I know are tagged already but anyway -






I might get a chance for some crafting tonight and tomorrow as cricket plans to reign supreme (its not raining now and so they are catching up from Wednesday and the forecast for Saturday is good!). Coupled with this the kids are sleeping over at the out-laws tomorrow so there is definitely me time potential. To console myself on lack of crafting I have managed craft shopping. A big parcel of sale stuff came from Lakeland today. I'm particularly keen to try out some 24" by 8" DCWV papers I bought for altering and covering things.

Off to see how quickly I can make the tea, bake and organise allergy menus for Small-N-Grubby to take away with him, wash everyone's hair (including mine), pack and get the kids to bed - then my time is all my own for crafting!!!

** Kate **

Wednesday, July 25

Thanks a Bunch

Here's the card the DD took to school for her teacher. I didn't get a chance to take a photo last night before it got dark.

Punched out a load of flowers and layered them up with silicone glue.

I got a dodgy e-mail today but luckily my system identified it and warned me not to open it. Smo and I were only talking the other day about getting some memory sticks and backing some stuff up. Guess I got a reminder! Its so annoying you're just trying to do your thing, why can't other people just be happy doing their own thing too without bothering me?

Well with that little rant over I'm off to have a tidy up and hope the little uns don't get up too early tomorrow - the summer hols are here, yeah!!

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 24

Last Day of Term

Tomorrow is the last day at infant school for the Dinky Diva. Her mood has got progressively worse all last week. She is so tired and really ready for a break. I just hope she has a few good lie-ins and doesn't spend the whole hols whining (principally about food, anyone would think I didn't feed her!). There is a special school lunch tomorrow - hot dogs. I have relented and am letting her have one. I don't let her have them every day as you have no idea what she is choosing from the menu - she would probably never eat a vegetable again if she got her way.

Made up the last of her teacher's presents today. A little one for the crossing lady too. We walk to school every day in all weathers and appreciate that she does her job under the same conditions, particularly this 'summer'.
There's an extra special one for the class teacher as she is also leaving to have a baby.
Close up of the lid. I was really pleased with how the flower turned out. I punched the layers out of DCWV paper and then doodled the border.
The final part of my big prize came today. Hope the mag is out soon then I can say all about it and post some projects.
** Kate **

Monday, July 23


OK so I finished it at 00.14 this morning (in case anyone at school said something to spoil it for me!) I don't skim read so it was full concentration for 2 days, when not dealing with kids and guests for tea!. I'm now braindead and can't get my head around anything. Back to life and crafting tomorrow.

Saturday, July 21

The Bells, The Bells

It was the Dinky Diva's last hand-bell ringing class this morning before the summer break. In conjunction with the church coffee morning they had a cake sale and performed 2 sets of about half a dozen tunes. Here she is in her purple uniform looking rather pious, I think she was after more cake.
Spent about two hours munching cakes and listening to music which was a lovely relaxing morning. Whilst we were there the cricket was called off again. Its been tipping it down all day.

This meant SMO organised the children for the afternoon and I spent the whole time working solid on competition entries. Feel really tired now, but I've got some e-mailed off and at least I know I've put my heart and soul into them no matter what happens. Here's a little snippet of something.
The big end of season sales are starting in earnest now. Oh no...I really don't need more stash but I can't resist the prices. Placed a huge order with Lakeland today, I did include some household stuff too. Dropped into Next this morning whilst we were in town. Resisted anything for myself as there was no time to try it all on. Bought a big bag of stuff for the DD whose eyes lit up when she saw it. Far more satisfying than clothes shopping for me. I have a wedding to go to in September and I am dreading having to find an outfit.

All this activity has meant I am only on page 76 of HP7. Off to see how long I can stay awake reading!!

** Kate **

Friday, July 20

As One Door Closes

Our last visit to toddlers this morning. Although I have been roped in for Summer Holiday Club so its not exactly our last one! I had some yummy chocs and pinky flowers as a thank you, which was really lovely. Flowers included these.....
And these..........
Small-N-Grubby had a sorry you're leaving card which, combined with his last visit to pre-school, has left him with his bottom lip a bit wobbly. As for me I'm still maintaining the 'never say never' stance which makes it all quite manageable.
Made a card this afternoon as a bit of a wind down, just to clear out my mind for a few minutes. My quick cards for people have been rather ropey recently and I have handed them over less than happy due to lack of time. But this one is back on form, I feel.
Less than 3 hours till Harry Potter 7. I am being very good and waiting until SMO goes to Sainsburys at 7am tomorrow. Which once you take into account all the midnight queuing won't be that long after everyone else anyway. Plus I get some sleep tonight, I won't sleep again until its finished!!!!

** Kate **

Thursday, July 19

Bijoux Beads

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday as I ended up on a late trip to Tesco's with a friend from toddlers, how exciting! Nice to have some different company for a change though.

During the day I went to hear Small-N-Grubby sing at his pre-school end of term coffee morning. Although I'd heard him practicing 'Old Tom Tomato' at home for weeks!

Afterwards I went here ........
Not a website but a real live shop and beautifully dec'd out it was too. Bought a few bits and pieces but no great project to try. Although I did buy a tiara, I've never tried to make one of those before! I will share the results but I doubt I will get any free time before the summer hols.

After the Tesco trip I was looking through Bead issue 5 and had to make this.

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 17

End of Term

Just a quick post from me tonight as the end of term is getting very hectic and I find myself with 2 more things to do for each one completed. Finished all the gifts for the pre-school staff today. My littlest one leaves there this week and they have been wonderful during both children's pre-school years. The end of an era - well never say never!

Lots of jewellery and bag charms as it really is quick once you get going.The Dinky Diva seems to have more parties to go to than you can shake a stick at. She and her friends are all birthdays at the tail end of the school year. Luckily we agreed months ago that there would be only family parties this year for our 2, due to house moving plans.

The new academic year diaries are out so I thought it would be a good idea to personalise them for her to take as gifts. They can take them along to start primary school and feel very grown up.
This is the first one I've done ready for the weekend.

Couldn't sleep last night and woke up screaming and shouting. Discovered this morning there was a craft TSV on QVC, my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something. What a fab TSV it was too. Just sold out when I ordered it on wait list so hopefully a crop-a-dile will soon be mine and I can't wait to start on some home projects. After seeing the demos of what it can punch through I shall be getting one no matter what!!

** Kate **

Monday, July 16


I've been working on several projects that I couldn't share. Well now I can reveal the first one.

Yes I have been a shhh......... secret agent. You scan see the article here on the Fisk-A-Teers website which is part of the Fiskars group. I got to play with lots of lovely Heidi Grace Marina Drive products and tried out Cloud 9 Raindots. Here's my page titled 'Passionate View'.

This lovely lioness was totally ignoring me as she could hear the truck coming to deliver her dinner and the hullabaloo all the other animals were making as they heard it too.

I got the metal frame in a local craft shop, its made by Eco Africa and is from a range of socially responsible scrapbooking products which contribute to the lives of underprivileged women and their families.

The 18th birthday party went well at the weekend, although I did feel quite old. Mind you watching them make fools of themselves I wasn't that keen to be 18 again!

SMO has not long been back from the dentist. He is in a bad way and looks like he has had collagen injections not an anesthetic. He has retired to bed howling about how awful it was and how much pain he is in, bless.

I had an e-mail from the mag about my missing prize. It was supposed to be there and they have contacted the sponsor company to see if they can get me the missing item. This makes my prize extra fantastic, more fantastic than a really fantastic thing! Can't wait to share.

** Kate **

Saturday, July 14

Good News - at last!

SMO saw the dentist on Thursday and as suspected will need a lot of work done. Our dentist went private a while ago and as I think they are all sadists and get freaked out about going I wasn't going to start looking for a new NHS one. Anyway we signed on the dotted line and now pay a monthly sum which doesn't include the cost of treatments. However, it does include accidental injury cover - which we didn't realise! Hoorah!!!!! Checked the old exclusions and cricket is not excluded so SMO is booked in for extensive treatment starting with a one and a half hour session on Monday to tidy up the exposed nerves and roots eeeeek!!!

Friday was the usual busy, busy day. Ended with the Rainbows end of term party which was fun other than by the end of the summer term the leaders are all ready for a break and a bit bad tempered!

Spent this morning getting the borrowed Canon Bubble Jet printer up and running. The kids have printed off pages from cbeebies to colour and I've started on a shop invoice and price list for craft parties.

Found this scrapbook style card that I made for a mag competition last year. Its a favorite of mine that I was really pleased with it but it was unsuccessful.

Its all made from American Traditional Designs card, ribbons, buttons and brads. The words on the tag say 'good thoughts'.

Have to go and wash my hair, there's an 18th birthday party to go to tonight. Feeling a bit old for this but at least its only just round the corner so I can leave SMO to it and come on home.

** Kate **

Thursday, July 12

It Never Rains But It Pours

Lots of news!

Yesterday evening Silly-Mid-On (now just known as SMO) was hit in the mouth with a cricket ball. He was batting and the ball glanced off the top of the bat into his face. Needless to say he wasn't wearing a helmet or mouth guard! The new generation of players are wearing their helmets as it was compulsory in their youth and so they are used to them. SMO complains that it is difficult to adjust to wearing one when you learnt without. Now he'll have to see how difficult it is to adjust to having no front teeth!!! One is definitely gone and another has sheared off with the impact and I'm not sure if it can be saved. He said there were lots of cricketers grovelling around on the pitch picking up his teeth, which he now has in a bag for the dentist, lol.

He sees the lucky dentist at 3.15 today (he did go to casualty last night but it was standing room only so he decided not to stay, wouldn't have expected them to be that busy mid-week, must have been a full moon).

Edited because I opened my big mouth when I shouldn't have!!

My sister in theory should be married out in Tunisia by now, congratulations! This is assuming that the paperwork was OK (apparently fond of paperwork in Tunisia, all i's dotted and t's crossed, although as it was probably in Arabic there won't have been any).

Whilst waiting for SMO to reappear from casualty I made a shaker card for a Rainbow friends 18th.

I'd had the frames to fit these tall cards in a box for ages so I thought I would put one to good use.

Today - is not going too bad, hectic but OK. Small-N-Grubby went off to pre-school looking tired but otherwise OK. It was a wet sports day for the Dinky Diva. Here she is on the start line for the egg and spoon race.

She was chatting to her lovely friend Jennifer, who I've edited out as I hadn't asked to use the pic. I think they would have still been chatting when the race started had the teacher not moved them apart! DD enjoyed herself which is the whole point of it. There was a parents race which SMO insisted on entering, I told him if he slipped and bashed his face he was on his own! He says he might have won but DD says he didn't, she thought the whole thing was hysterical. Our neighbour was at the finishing line with a camera so we called for a photo finish. But he had been distracted chatting with some mums and hadn't been watching.

Off to school to pick up again this afternoon and then back to see how the dentist went.

Prize update : Thanks for all of the lovely comments yesterday. Sent off a, hopefully, tactful e-mail just to enquire. Had a nice reply to say they would look into it for me and it was no problem. So I will have to wait and see.

** Kate **

Wednesday, July 11


A bit of a conundrum today, but first ...

Small-N-Grubby was poorly in the night with a high temperature, symptoms very similar to his sister a couple of weeks ago. He seems much better this morning and is upset to be missing one of his new school visits - a class picnic. He keeps asking if I will ring and get them to move it to another day, bless.

Before all this happened yesterday I needed to get some quick birthday cards made up. I used the Hobbycraft toppers that I was given, the ones I wasn't too sure about. They don't look quite so bright once you separate them out individually.
I've added a few more mats to layer them up a bit. The next one is my favorite so far.

I think this next one will probably go to SMO's dad.

So, on to the conundrum. Amtrack delivered a huge box to me this morning, way exciting. I have won a major magazine prize, won't say for now until the mag is out. The box is full of lovely goodies for which I am most grateful. BUT (big but) there is one of the main prizes missing. So what is the etiquette here, do you contact them and make a discreet enquiry or does that just sound greedy and ungrateful. Help, what do I do?????

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 10

Water Lilies

Spent another morning on comp LOs and completed one, another 2 should be done by the end of tomorrow. Still got a lot of cards to make, I wish all these end of year competitions wouldn't launch in the summer but with deadlines I guess that's how it has to be.

Here's the Water Lilies page that didn't go according to plan.

There was a hand-cut frame around the photos but it felt like too much. I really like this simpler page, but it doesn't really demonstrate my scrapping talent (photography maybe?) lol ;)

Have to break off from competitions and make some birthday cards tonight. Off to settle down in front of Enders and Holby.

** Kate **

Monday, July 9

Craft Day Monday

Spent the whole day on crafting as planned - wonderful. Completed one competition lo and started a second. That's when the inspiration left me. It didn't come together as planned and I am left with a lovely lo which I don't think is comp material. After that I couldn't get back into it again, so I switched to jewellery. Hopefully when I go back to the page I will know what to do with it. The bracelets weren't my usual ones either. I've incorporated some pieces of chain into these ones. The first is in gold tone.The second silvery one looks nice in the photo but once you have it on there's too much bare chain, so I think I might add some beads to it like the one above. I'm concerned that Squit-The-Dog may be going to explode. She is led on the kitchen floor next to me and her stomach is rumbling so loudly it is distracting me from typing. I think a quick eviction to the garden is needed!

Will share my scrapbook page with you tomorrow if I decide not to use it. Will hopefully have some time to take another look at it in the morning.

** Kate **

Sunday, July 8

Dancing Dinky Diva

Spent the morning at the dance studio where the Dinky Diva performed her introduction to ballet exam and a ballet medal (baby bronze). You hear about the exam later in the post but the medals are awarded straight away which the kids love. Here she is in the garden afterwards, medal in one hand and dog in a tutu in the other!

I know I'm a push-over but I made the tutu after she went to sleep and then popped it on the dog so she found it in the morning. We've printed one of these photos to go in the dog's diary, not sure if he will go back to school with the tutu as she will probably find a teddy it will fit on!

Have spent the afternoon trying to tidy up. We are just bursting out of this house. Like on the Nissan Note advert where they put in the last suitcase and the car just explodes. Something has to give and at the moment its my sanity. It looks like we could be here a bit longer than first planned as there are a lot more little DIY jobs to do than I thought.

Still planning to craft all day tomorrow, so definitely something to look forward to there.

Hope you had good weekends, we have even managed a bit of an attack on the garden. The weeds certainly have been loving the rain. Pulled a load of bind weed done only to reveal an ugly wall and a towering pile of empty bread crates next door (don't ask). A trip to the garden centre needed now to buy some fast growing shrubs that can fight off weeds and like to cling to bread crates!!

** Kate **

Saturday, July 7

No7 Buses

Took the Rainbows swimming last night, excellent fun but very exhausting. Had some unexpected spare time today as, on the best day we have had in weeks, the cricket was called off!?!? Something fishy going on there me thinks. Anyway we all went shopping together and picked up some gifts we needed and new sandals for the Dinky Diva. She had been going on about Crocs but once we got to the shop she didn't want them, typical, and ended up with flowery sandals instead. I didn't just make up the DD name because I thought it sounded good!

Have you noticed parcels are like number 7 buses, nothing for ages and then 3 at once. All this came today, yum, yum.

Needed a couple of things for projects but was tempted by free post offers and if it costs £2 for postage up to £20.00 you have to spend that much to get your monies worth, don't you? I must be a marketing persons dream (mug) customer!!

I had seen the Penny Black Licorice alphas on other peoples projects and just had to get them. Ordered the Blush paper pack but happily ended up with Infuse as a substitution. The fairy stamp and flowers are the actual project bits I wanted and the rest just caught my eye. On the right just going out of shot is a pack of bag handle fixings, no idea what I'm going to use them for but they look like posh Dior riding stirrup ones and I couldn't resist. I keep collecting bits for bags, I might just get around to making them, one day.

DD has dancing exams tomorrow and apparently I am to spend this evening making a tutu for a dog hand puppet she has brought home from school. Its a reward thing, if you're good you get to take 'Rusty' home and write in his diary.

Monday is looking very promising. SMO has the day off and I am planning a mamouth all day crafting session, he doesn't know this yet of course!

** Kate **

Thursday, July 5

Pretty Pendants

After another busy day yesterday (including Small-N-Grubby falling over at Dink Diva's ballet class and biting the inside of his cheek - ouch!!) I had a relaxing evening making up the pendants I had bought.

Fell upon them as soon as I saw them! Great for a bit of bright summer wardrobe updating. I picked up black and red ones too but I need to get out and get some funky red cord to go with them.

Whilst adding these to the shop I re-organised everything into categories so it should be easier to search through. Still haven't get as many cards on there as I would have liked - the problem - copyright. Its the hot topic of discussion at the moment on a few sites that I have looked at. Whilst lots of companies have 'Angel Agreements' allowing production of items for sale at craft fairs they consider the internet to be worldwide distribution and so the angel thingy doesn't apply. I need to e-mail a few that I use and got their permission. I think my next priority for the shop has got to be getting my designs made up into stamps so that I can really start getting things made for sale.

** Kate **

Wednesday, July 4

Cards For Men

Went to my craft group today, for the first time in about a month. Both the organiser and the shop owner were away so we sat round chatting for nearly 2 hours! Bought another paint can to decorate (and dropped off the original one). Picked up some lovely new pendants which I will make up tonight for my shop. Another punch from the bargain bin - Christmas toppers coming soon! Oh and a magazine, some stickers and who knows what else!

A couple of men's cards to look at today. I'm sure SMO has been given the cricketer on more than one occasion.

The Panda is made from Asian See D stamps. When Dawn Bibby demos them on QVC you will see an almost identical card as I made a couple of the samples!!!!

Here are the photos of the Sound Of Music beach suits. (I mentioned them in a previous post when Jane Dean was making herself a far more modern version). The first little one is me,(sorry about the bad scanning, shame on me as I'm supposed to be a bit of an expert!).
This second one is my sister. She's the one getting married in Tunisia this month so she can't get me for blogging it. They were both taken on holiday in Dawlish in 1970. There was one of big sis in matching attire but she lives far too close for me to get away with printing it!
Jewellery making and more work on comp cards and LOs tonight I think.

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 3


Did more planning than actual creating in the end yesterday. Lots of cards and LOs for competitions, as we charge towards the end of the year it's that time again.

Made a card for mum to give her friends.
Mainly used a kit and some peel-offs - 2 things I rarely use anymore. I always think of myself as a bit stuck without a particular style to call my own. However, when you look back at the cards and LOs I first made my style has changed a lot, so I guess I'm getting there!

Really busy for the rest of the day. Dropped off at schools this morning, Small-N-Grubby is visiting a fire station (apparently they had more parent helpers offering to go than they needed, lots of dads wanting to play and mums wanting to see hunky firemen!!!!).

I've got to pick him up for lunch at home and then he's off to 'big' school for another settling in session. Luckily SMO can collect him and the Dinky Diva (as they're not finishing at the same times!!). Then it's back up to Primary school tonight for a new parents evening. I've calculated if I had to do all those trips myself it would have been a 4 to 5 mile walk, not impossible but hard work as half of it (the half I AM doing) involves pushing a chunky toddler in his buggy!

I'm off for a lie down, I feel tired just thinking about it.

Mustn't forget, thanks all for the lovely comments about my cards and LOs.

** Kate **

Monday, July 2


Had a lovely afternoon yesterday. Although the cricket fete was cancelled due to the boggy ground, some brave souls in the village still had their gardens open. My mum, my sister and I wandered around 3, which were beautiful. Not too much to photograph as most of the spring flowers had finished and the summer ones weren't really in full bloom yet. Did take some nice shots of various water lilies though which I think will be part of one of the competition LOs I'm starting to work on.

Made a couple of quick cards in the evening which are probably destined for the shop.

Used some of my precious BasicGrey Phoebe papers (ordered a Blush pack this morning to make up for it!!!).

As well as ordering a few other things this morning I got a project sent off, although I might have to photograph it again in a couple of days as the weather/light is still awful.

A dress that I ordered during my internet shopping spree has come but its too big. Nice when you turn out to be smaller than you thought, but I'd still prefer it to have been just what I was looking for!

Still more time for crafting today as SMO should have been clearing up the fete but instead he is free to do school runs in the rain. Would have stayed in my nightie all day (how decadent) but mum dropped by and I got a touch of the guilts!

** Kate **

Sunday, July 1

Purple Passion

The cricket charity match has had to be cancelled due to the weather, so I've a bit of time on my hands this morning for an early post.

Completed a scrapbook entry for JustBex. The only specifications were that the photograph had to be split into 3.

I've seen lots of lovely pages with a big photo of a single bloom on so I wanted to find something slightly different to do - and the 3 way split was it! Used some sticky letters and a couple of my Heidi Grace ones. A bit of doodling, some rub-ons and lovely iridescent butterflies finished the job.

Still popping out to see the out-laws this afternoon and if the weather holds will be looking round a few open gardens - camera at the ready!

Have a good Sunday.

** Kate **