End of Term

Just a quick post from me tonight as the end of term is getting very hectic and I find myself with 2 more things to do for each one completed. Finished all the gifts for the pre-school staff today. My littlest one leaves there this week and they have been wonderful during both children's pre-school years. The end of an era - well never say never!

Lots of jewellery and bag charms as it really is quick once you get going.The Dinky Diva seems to have more parties to go to than you can shake a stick at. She and her friends are all birthdays at the tail end of the school year. Luckily we agreed months ago that there would be only family parties this year for our 2, due to house moving plans.

The new academic year diaries are out so I thought it would be a good idea to personalise them for her to take as gifts. They can take them along to start primary school and feel very grown up.
This is the first one I've done ready for the weekend.

Couldn't sleep last night and woke up screaming and shouting. Discovered this morning there was a craft TSV on QVC, my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something. What a fab TSV it was too. Just sold out when I ordered it on wait list so hopefully a crop-a-dile will soon be mine and I can't wait to start on some home projects. After seeing the demos of what it can punch through I shall be getting one no matter what!!

** Kate **


Andrea said…
Love the jewellery and bag charms, esp the green one at the front. They are lovely idea for teachers pressies , I am always trying to find something different.
Jules said…
I thought the crop-a-dile was a fab bargain too. I had heard people raving about it, but was still amazed when I saw it in action.
Great price too!
mum on the run said…
Great gifts, lucky teachers!!

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