Wednesday, May 28


Hs:Ms today - 'Flora'
Not the Margarine but one of the Fairy Godmothers to Sleeping Beauty who fell asleep for 100 years, show us Flora in your space.

Its a miserable wet day here so just right for looking at pictures of hot, summery flowers.
Enrolled the Dinky Diva for a ballet course during the mornings this week. It was the first day yesterday and she is not enjoying it. Lots of hard work rather than the playing she expected from the summer dance workshop she went to last year.
I think this could well be her last morning there!!

Off to amuse the Small-N-Grubby one.

** Kate **

Tuesday, May 27

Quick Photo Ketchup

Just time today for a quick catch-up on HS:MS photos from the last few days.

Probably the world's smallest Goofy.
My mini sewing kit that is kept in with my craft bag in case I have the urge to hand stitch a project.
The mouse himself. One of my paintings (eeeek) based on some original Disney artwork I saw.
And today its Duck.
This delightful creature came home from a farm trip with the out-laws at the weekend. Not only does it pinch bottoms but it quacks too!!! (I'm talking about the duck not Small-N-Grubby but I guess it equally applies).
Half-term this week, mid-wife on Friday (when it will be just 3 weeks to go!!!), so I will blog when I can. If there's a gap for a few days you never know it could be time (eeek again!).

** Kate **

Friday, May 23

Beauty and the Beast

Has to be my favorite Disney film!
And here are my very own Beauty and Beast (although I can't stress enough how frequently the roles are reversed!).
What a day yesterday. Already tired from a pretty tough day on Wednesday we knew Thursday's schedule would be tight - hospital in the morning and then SMO had to get to a funeral at 1.30pm. Had our earliest hospital appointment yet but at 9.30am they were already 40minutes behind! All is well on the baby front. There were a couple of issues - blood pressure up (all that waiting around - the midwife did apologise and said she couldn't understand how they had got so behind) and one aspect of baby's growth has slowed slightly (they are not bothered about it at this stage). But what it does mean is another scan in 2 week's time. Left the hospital later than ever before and rushed home to get a shirt ironed and hunt for a black tie.

SMO rushed up stairs and was stopped in his tracks by a very load buzzing. Slightly cautious after last week's Dr Who he peered around the bend in the stairs and became very cautious as there were 20 - 30 wasps on the upstairs landing! A swarm had gone by (it happens every year we are on the flight path!) and some had broken off and entered the house via an air-brick in our loft. Too stupid to leave the way they came, they had squeezed through a gap around the loft hatch and were now trapped in the house.

We opened the window and got rid of the immediate problem but had no time for anything more. SMO got ready and I packed to leave the house until he could get back and have a thorough sort out. Filled my old ladies trolley (I can't carry heavy bags at this stage) with food, clothes for after school clubs etc and headed to mum's.
A bit naff I know but very useful and doing my green bit to save the planet.
By the time I got to mum's she already had homemade soup on the go for my lunch and was preparing veg for a family roast in the evening. (Note to self must have wasps more often!).

SMO returned late afternoon and the wasps had dispersed from the loft back through the air-brick. He then had the task of shaking out all the bedding as when this happened on a previous year, (we've never had more than half a dozen wasps before), he put a pair of trousers on off the floor and was stung on the thigh by a sleepy occupant.

We moved back in at about 7.30pm, but by then I was exhausted. So home today with tidying up from yesterday when I have the energy. My only problem now is I seem to twitch nervously when ever I hear buzzing!

** Kate **

Wednesday, May 21


Actually I am a bit. We had fish and chips for tea as a treat and the indigestion has kept me awake half the night.

Have chosen a photo SMO took for my HS:MS today. It's a genuine unposed shot and the poor light has made it a bit of a blur, but that kind of adds to the charm.

Can't wait to see what characters we will be moving on to tomorrow.

1st of my 5 parcels due for delivery came yesterday, can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on them. Did some cutting out for a project but nothing to really share yet.

And look at the date today, it's a month to go!!

** Kate **

Tuesday, May 20

Grumpy to Happy

Today's word/dwarf for HS:MS is 'Happy'. I thought I would share this layout that I haven't blogged yet. It was part of a competition entry I never heard back from. Needless to say I have a few layouts like that I might share!
From Grumpy to Happy in 3 frames.

That's about it for today as I have vowed not to spend all morning on the PC, impulse buying. Off to to tidying and be creative.

** Kate **

Monday, May 19


Having photographed all of the 7 dwarfs together yesterday I have given myself no choice but to think laterally for the rest of the prompts. So here today is 'Sneezy'.
Didn't even realise I had this stuffed in the back of the cupboard, it must be years old. Do pepper corns go off?

Have made the decision that I will not walk into town just to go shopping until after the baby is born. I know I have just over a month to go still, but by the time I waddle down there I am ready to sit down, not elbow my way around the shops. Doctor's appointments are OK as I can dawdle into a nearby shop and then have a sit down once I get to the waiting room. For coffee and chat my local church coffee morning or art centre are not as far and for shopping the internet is my new best friend. So now there is a whole section of town I won't set foot in for a couple of months (which feels a bit weird), unless I get a lift of course!

Talking of internet shopping I have had a major shop this morning - cleaning stuff, father's day bits and the odd craft bargain from Lakeland. Did I say they are drastically reducing their craft stocks, I think I did, disappointing but still bargains to be had. Then I ordered a selection of books to keep me going and some crib sheets direct from the manufacturer. Somebody stop me quick!!

When I 1st gave up work I was really thrifty, getting all my books at the library and totally resisting buying new things. That habit must be stored at the back of the loft somewhere, I really need to dig it out again.

** Kate **

Sunday, May 18


Today's word on Hs:Ms is Dopey. Lacking time and inspiration today so I've gone for the genuine Disney article. Here he is leading an intrepid band of explorers.
And here's a better look at the rest of them to cover Grumpy, Bashful and anyone else I have missed this week.
These little characters are quite special to me, they are from our Christmas crackers one year. I had some left over and took them around to my mum and dads on new year's eve where we annually babysat for any of the family's children whilst the adults went out. At the time we had my three nieces to look after and dad spent the whole evening trying to convince then that one of the dwarfs was called smelly. Happy little memories.

Thought I would pamper myself this afternoon whilst the kids are in the garden with SMO. Washed my hair but have managed to break my hot air brush part way through styling/drying my hair. I now look like an Old English Sheep Dog that has been caught in a rainstorm and left to drip dry! Glad there is no call for self portraits this weekend.

** Kate **

Thursday, May 15

What's up Doc?

Kirsty and Anita are taking a break from HS:MS for a couple of weeks and SuzyB has stepped into the breach once more. The theme is Disney, to either take a straight forward snap of the character or think of something more lateral.

Today's word is Doc. Those that know me well know that I am a Disney fanatic, although time and money do not permit me to indulge my inner child as much as I used to. I will reveal some of my vast Disney collection as the weeks progress, but for now I couldn't resist this!
If you have been pregnant you will know that you don't attend any doctor/midwife/hospital appointments without one of these in tow (a full one, of course). If you turn up without one (despite never being asked to bring one in, I might add) the witchy nurses will scold you.

Incidentally, I was at the midwife's yesterday and all is very well.

Decided to get all my card making needs for the next couple of months out of the way. As time is scarce I pulled out a kit where the cards are packaged in little bundles with all the papers and embellishments included. Couldn't bear to make them up without a few personal touches (although I made up a handful for emergencies). Concentrated on birthdays and will share some when the dates have passed, meanwhile here are a couple of extras I made up.
Weddings and anniversaries to do next.

Having a quiet day today as I'm worn out. SMO has been out ever night this week and I'm looking forward to the extra pair of hands to help with the kids tonight. After all, look at the Ticker counter, 37 days! A friend with a van has promised to call round tonight or tomorrow to clear some of the debris from the garden (our old bed is still sat out there), so fingers crossed that gets done now that the scorching weather has turned dull and rainy!! SMO is nursing an injury from cricket last night where a ball hit his knee. He's walking with a limp and acting like nothing is wrong.

** Kate **

Tuesday, May 13

Rubber Fetish

I just love the smell of rubber when I'm pregnant. School plimsolls, handle grips and now those stamps that come free with Craft Stamper magazine (especially if you have them shut in a tin for a long time). Mmmm.
When I was first pregnant I thought it was going to be what the rubber masks smell like when you have gas but was very disappointed to find it wasn't :(

HS:MS - Device
A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose especially something mechanical or electrical. Show us a device in your space today.

Apparently if you want to be a super spy these are the devices you will need.
A camera that takes pictures to the side of where you're looking, a mirror that clips to glasses so you can see behind you, and a "thing that looks round corners" (periscope being impossible to say when you are under 5). Not forgetting a coded message sender that shoots little mini frisbies at people and prompts all good mothers to say "careful, you'll have someones eye out with that".

Small-N-Grubby has been on at me about needing a clipboard for his important work stuff (you know with the crew in the airship!). So I made him this mini version using the brilliant adhesive papers I got the other day.
By the by, for those who aren't sure SMO is my partner in crime. It stands for Silly-Mid-On, a cricket fielding position very close to the batsman, which can result in the fielder being hit in the face with the ball (something my SMO is an expert at!).

** Kate **

Monday, May 12

It's a BOY

Yep, after waiting an age for SMO to finally tell his mother I can officially announce that the new baby will (with 99.9% certainty) be a boy. To be more precise a boy with no name, we had a girl's one all picked out and sorted. A blog name will also be needed so I shall have to get my thinking cap on.

HS:MS - Lines
A mark or stroked shape - long in proportion to it's breadth. Find your lines.
This is stair/stare cat, he lives on our stairs and stares.............. a lot.
Fab weather at the moment. Getting up to date with all the washing, boring I know but it's nice to not have it all hanging around the house.

Saturday was a bit of a strain with SMO out most of the day at cricket. Will need to be more prepared next weekend and make sure I have nothing to do but run around after the kids as I had little energy left for anything else.

Sunday, SMO took them Swimming in the morning and they went to the out-laws for the afternoon. Got a the last bit of shopping done in town - Thorntons had sold out of ice cream, someone needs to be for the high-jump there! Did have a look at new cameras though, definitely a Nikon but which one?
Lazed the afternoon away whilst SMO did some long needed tidying of the garden.

Lovely again today but I have promised to make my main priority clearing away the heaps of clean washing - oh what a thrilling life I lead!

** Kate **

Friday, May 9

This Week

Haven't done much blogging during the second-half of this week.

Finally got a prescription on Wednesday for my cough/cold. I have one of the flu type bugs which has a known anti-biotic to deal with it which also happens to be safe in pregnancy, so finally looks like something is going my way. A final expedition to Tesco means I have all the little bits I need now ( I get so stressed about these things, I think it is because I can control them - unlike the birth!!).

Yesterday was craft day on QVC. Watched some of the special guest shows in between pottering around the house. Made a list of great things I want to get but have resisted for now. Although I do have some adhesive papers already on order.

Not feeling very inspired on the photography front at the moment and haven't had any ideas for subjects for the last 3 day's prompts on HS:MS.

Having a quiet morning today looking at some paperwork then off to the local independent nursery shop to order the last of the big things we need. I'm not a fan of the Mothercare type establishment. The staff never seem to have a clue about what they are selling, service is bad and quality often second rate. I will be doing my bit to support the independent retailer who has served us well over the last 8-9 years, recognises us on sight when we go in and provides a top-class service.

** Kate **

Tuesday, May 6


Not on a downward spiral, in fact feeling quite good today. Instead it's today's word on HS:MS (completely got in a muddle and forgot there would be one yesterday!).
Winding in a continuous and gradual curve. Find a spiral in your space today.
Got a lot more sorting out done yesterday and the changing unit I had for Small-N-Grubby is now installed in the corner of our bedroom as well as the crib. Put everything we didn't know what to do with in the living room so you can imagine what that looks like. Never mind, tackle one room at a time. All the newborn baby clothes and bedding from the loft has been washed through and all I have to do is decide where we are going to keep it all.

Must crack on, loads to do.

** Kate **

Sunday, May 4


Yes I did do a bit, mainly clearing stuff away as we still don't have enough space in our bedroom for the crib! Amazing how the spaces fill straight back up with things you just need somewhere to temporarily put.

SMO has decided to play cricket today (there was no scheduled match yesterday), so we will tackle some more furniture moving tomorrow. He's gone to collect the Dinky Diva now and Small-N-Grubby is sat in his nightie perfecting some sort of 3 cup magic trick.

I noticed this flag iris out in the garden yesterday next to the fountain when I was taking SPS shots and so I thought I would share for SOS.
The colour is such a deep purple and I love the furry bits inside the petals.
I must just clarify when I say fountain I mean a non-working plastic effort left over from 1st husband, as opposed to something worthy of the Palace of Versailles. The weeds have gone wild and pulled the pump under and their tentacles are starting to creep out over the edges at ankle height.

Off to mum's for a big family tea later, might head over there early if the kids are wearing me down (i.e. fighting, bickering, screaming). S-N-G has been missing the DD terribly and it will be pot luck if she comes back and wants to play with him or is just tired and ratty.

** Kate **

Saturday, May 3

Where do the hours go

Never got around to posting the ukulele pic yesterday. The hours in the day seem to rush by so quickly yet at night they drag and drag. I can always relax and get to sleep in the day too, but not at night. Anyhoo here is the instrument, complete with grubby little peoples finger marks on it's shiny purple surface.
Self Portrait Saturday today so I attempted to record my bulk for posterity (and a bit of scrapping). This is me catching a few early morning rays whilst doing a very good impersonation of a beached whale.
I'm so lucky to have my mum living nearby, she's been such a help with the children whilst I've been ill and during the last week of the school hols she had them for at least some of the time every day. Whilst there they worked on some fab projects using very big boxes (the luxury of space!). The Dinky Diva made a spaceship. Here she is making an undignified entrance.
And here she's inside, you can see some fingers poking out on the top right.
Small-N-Grubby made a fire engine complete with a digger/snow plough attachment at the front.
And a close-up of him inside.
They couldn't wait to get over to mum's each day and work on their projects, amazing how little minds have been captivated by piles of rubbish and imaginations have created these fab machines.

Today the DD has gone to a birthday party with sleepover so we won't see her again until tomorrow. One of the setbacks of feeling better is I plan to do housework for the rest of the day while my boys have boy time and go out to play!

** Kate **

Friday, May 2

No Strings Attached

HS:MS - Strings.
A slender cord or thick thread used for binding, tying or playing. Have you got strings?

I know where we have a lovely little puppet with strings but I can't reach it in my present condition. I'm highly strung if that helps!

Not long ago I transferred a Ukulele to mum's for storage so I will get a pic of that for this afternoon.

In the meantime I promised to scan in my latest baby photo so here it is.
It's a great cute pic and I was chuffed when she printed it off for me, I hope I expressed my gratitude but I was feeling so blurgh at the time!

Can't really afford (or need) to be buying craft stuff at the moment but that hasn't stopped me. Lakeland have announced that from July they will discontinue their separate craft catalogue and just carry 'essentials' as part of one of their other publications. The website states on some items that they won't be continuing. Well information like that leaves you no option but to stock up, doesn't it? I've bought some card blanks, bags and cutting blades as well as some bits for my Xyron Personal Cutter.

Also it's craft day coming up on QVC on Wednesday and the TSV is from DCWV one of my favorite suppliers so that's not going to take much arm twisting.

Off to lounge at mum's and tell her all my news from yesterday.

** Kate **

Thursday, May 1

Busy Days

Managed to get the dreaded sample off yesterday, then later went shopping with my sister. Very pleased to get some of the bits I needed out of the way. We covered all the birthday presents needed over the next couple of months as well as a load of sports kit for the Dinky Diva who had grown out of everything.

Back to the hospital today. All is well on the scan but I foolishly gave my consent for a Doctor, who was learning to scan, to have a bash at me (literally!). She left me on my back too long digging and grinding away with the scanner until one of the trainers stopped her just in time to prevent me from passing out. I've never had such a painful scan and the quack seemed surprised when I told her it was hurting. The experts then got down to the real scan, found all the measurements the Dr had struggled with and didn't hurt one bit.

We now know the sex of the baby, but I'm not going to blog it yet, I want to get used to the idea before I share, I've never known the sex of my unborn child before.

I think the nurses felt sorry for me being battered about and gave me a gorgeous photo of little babes face, which I'll scan on tomorrow.

Not being seen again at the hospital now for 3 weeks.

HS:MS today - Spectacles
Here's an oldy of the Small-N-Grubby one.

** Kate **