Friday, May 23

Beauty and the Beast

Has to be my favorite Disney film!
And here are my very own Beauty and Beast (although I can't stress enough how frequently the roles are reversed!).
What a day yesterday. Already tired from a pretty tough day on Wednesday we knew Thursday's schedule would be tight - hospital in the morning and then SMO had to get to a funeral at 1.30pm. Had our earliest hospital appointment yet but at 9.30am they were already 40minutes behind! All is well on the baby front. There were a couple of issues - blood pressure up (all that waiting around - the midwife did apologise and said she couldn't understand how they had got so behind) and one aspect of baby's growth has slowed slightly (they are not bothered about it at this stage). But what it does mean is another scan in 2 week's time. Left the hospital later than ever before and rushed home to get a shirt ironed and hunt for a black tie.

SMO rushed up stairs and was stopped in his tracks by a very load buzzing. Slightly cautious after last week's Dr Who he peered around the bend in the stairs and became very cautious as there were 20 - 30 wasps on the upstairs landing! A swarm had gone by (it happens every year we are on the flight path!) and some had broken off and entered the house via an air-brick in our loft. Too stupid to leave the way they came, they had squeezed through a gap around the loft hatch and were now trapped in the house.

We opened the window and got rid of the immediate problem but had no time for anything more. SMO got ready and I packed to leave the house until he could get back and have a thorough sort out. Filled my old ladies trolley (I can't carry heavy bags at this stage) with food, clothes for after school clubs etc and headed to mum's.
A bit naff I know but very useful and doing my green bit to save the planet.
By the time I got to mum's she already had homemade soup on the go for my lunch and was preparing veg for a family roast in the evening. (Note to self must have wasps more often!).

SMO returned late afternoon and the wasps had dispersed from the loft back through the air-brick. He then had the task of shaking out all the bedding as when this happened on a previous year, (we've never had more than half a dozen wasps before), he put a pair of trousers on off the floor and was stung on the thigh by a sleepy occupant.

We moved back in at about 7.30pm, but by then I was exhausted. So home today with tidying up from yesterday when I have the energy. My only problem now is I seem to twitch nervously when ever I hear buzzing!

** Kate **


Bambi said...

great beauty and beast! gosh, glad we're not in a wasp's flight path.

Stefi said...

hi lovely photo's. i hate wasps!!! hope they weren't Doctor Who Alien sized Wasps, i'm not quite sure how many can of wasp killer you'd need on them!!!

love the Disney script on the photos as well very in keeping!!! :)

amandamagpie said...

We had something similar happen last year with dozens of wasps streaming in to the bathroom - not pleasant. I absolutely love your old ladies trolley and don't think it's naff at all with that groovy floral pattern. x

maz said...

OMG what a day you've had- sounds like a nightmare. Still, that trolley is lovely! Didn't know you could get such funky ones!