Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year

Why is it I think I have taken loads of photos at Christmas, yet when I review them there aren't as many as I would have liked? This is a phenomenon that only seems to happen to me at Christmas (and possibly weddings!)

Here's SMO and Branston on Christmas Eve.
Small-N-Grubby has become a champion sulker and I have very few pics of him to choose from. This was the inn-keeper outfit he would have worn for the nativity had he not been too ill.
And this is the Dinky Diva, for once the least trouble and most obliging for photos the rest of time she is in training to be a teenager, eating a piece of toast and unwrapping a puffle on Christmas morning.
I wanted to blog some pics of jewellery I made for a couple of special birthdays, but had to wait until the gifts had been given.

A necklace for her...
In a posh box....
and a box with cuff links for him.......
A patchwork pals Christmas project is also up on my blog here.

Just remains for me to say a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year to all and may 2010 bring you all you wish for.

** Kate **

Tuesday, December 29

Fly Past

The days are just rushing by. Lots of photos to share of gifts and celebrations - soon I promise.

Occupied with sales shopping at the moment helping the children with their vouchers. Small-N-Grubby is very excited to have received an M&S 'credit' card, was a bit disappointed that the funds on it were limited but is looking forward to handing it over himself at the till.

I have big plans to revolutionise my craft space for 2010!

** Kate **

Thursday, December 24

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you.......

.................a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Finally convinced the butter to soften and allow me to ice the Christmas cake - death by chocolate log!
Mulling wine ready for Christmas Eve entertaining.

Have a very lovely Christmas all.

** Kate **

Tuesday, December 22

Catching up with Christmas

Branston is still a little bit poorly but apart from that we are all fine. SMO has taken the older 2 to his parents for the day whilst Branston and I catch-up with Christmas.

Lots of wrapping, sorting and organising to do.

Managed to finish a little spy kit to pop under the tree for Small-N-Grubby.
Made from Little Yellow Bicycle, Zach's life papers following a pattern I had for a stationery wallet.

The tree is up and hanging from it are a couple of decorations I forgot about.
Made using a Cuttlebug die but instead of embossing with the folder that matched the die, I've used another snowy folder instead and then added a bit of glitter.
Snow is quite light here and seems to be melting fast. Good as I need to get out and do a couple of things, bad as nothing to take pictures of.

** Kate **

Sunday, December 20

Christmas on hold?

Can you put Christmas on hold for me please? We are all sicky poorly with a Norovirus type bug.

Children are sad as they are missing the nativity today, costumes ready, parts learnt. At some point I will have to make a decision about what I will and won't get done this coming week, but I'm not ready to face that at the moment.

I'm extra unhappy at missing my sister's salmon dinner tonight, but best that everyone keeps away.

Unclean, unclean!!

** Kate **

Friday, December 18

Teacher's Pressies

Last day of school today and for a while we thought it might be cancelled. But the snow didn't come over this far west and although it's cold and icy it's business as usual.

Had all the bits ready to make something for Small-N-Grubby's teachers just needed to get them put together. The idea is taken from the July 09 issue of Craft Stamper, it's taken me this long to find the wrist bands to put inside.
Thought that looked very girly so moved to a more boyish theme for the sticker jar.
The Dinky Diva just took some biscuits, probably in the hope that they would get shared out!

My poorly bunny was super cute yesterday and fell asleep on the sofa.
Although tired, he wasn't ill again all day so we took him out for a bit of air to drop SMO and Small-N-Grubby off with the Beavers at a lantern festival.

100s of people have been making lanterns ready for this annual spectacle. There was one set-back thought, it was freezing. As usual these things never start on time and waiting in sub-zero temperatures was all a bit much.

I stayed for the start with the Dinky Diva and Branston (who was very snug in the pushchair) but in the end we left before they moved off.

Here is the scout sign getting ready to lead off our group.
I think this little blurred figure is Small-N-Grubby!
The Art Centre is lit in purple this year and looks fab.
And this is a giant Rudolf.
Very blurred but gives a nice effect, not sure who was shaking most me or the person holding it. I had planned to take the SLR and make a photo shoot of it but in the end a few snaps with the compact and then off home to get Branston in the warm.

** Kate **

Thursday, December 17

What a Cutie!!

The Branston Pickle fell asleep in his highchair yesterday and I think he is such a cutie, when he is sleeping!! (but then my opinion is just a little biased.)
He needs an extra special aahh as he is sicky, sicky, poorly this morning.

Before I go, there's a Sharpie pen giveaway over at the Craft Stamper blog. Hope I win some, they are great and write on anything!
Also there is a fabby bag to be won here!

Still got to make and wrap those teacher's pressies, end of term tomorrow, no pressure.
** Kate **

Wednesday, December 16

It's Snowing !!!!!!!!

Yep most definitely snowing outside at the moment.

Here are the last of my Christmas cards. Really had to move to batch making to get them done and decided the best tool for the job was my trusty heat gun. So embossed a handful of file cards with a favorite stamp from last year.

The Daring Card Makers are using polka dots this week, so I combined a few of them as well. ( I think they were supposed to be non-Christmassy but who has time for that right now? Not me).
Then came some ultra quick makes, nice and flat for posting.
Teacher's presents needed next.

** Kate **

Monday, December 14

Musings on a Monday

Well more a report about the weekend really. Another really busy one with clashes and trying to be in 3 places at once. Although we have a lot on still, I think this was our busiest weekend with 4 parties and 3 rehearsals! I guess that's just what happens when you have 3 kids.

Edited highlights :

Branston busting some shapes in the bubbles at the toddler party. Father Christmas brought him a book which he was rather keen on. Later a neon disco for the older ones. I think it's OK to use this photo as you can't really see any faces.Got carried away taking random pictures of blurred lights and colours.

Here's a one of the Dinky Diva in her neon gear with fake snow on her head.Small-N-Grubby was there too but alas no photo. He just moves too fast. Shame, as he looked very fetching in a Fame style head band and neon gloves.

Finished the Christmas cards, as planned, and got writing them during Sunday's rehearsals. Even felt compelled to make a shaker card with the left over frame from a scalloped circle, haven't made one of those in ages!A few more still to write and post.

** Kate **

Friday, December 11

Only 2 weeks to go!

Can you believe it just 2 weeks until Christmas. Celeste, please don't tell me I have that wrong too, my little brain just wouldn't be able to cope!!

On one of my more recent craft shopping trips some cute Christmas stamps leapt into my basket and forced me to buy them. They are by Craft UK and lots of fun to colour. Having said that I think I have chosen the most gaudy set of colours to use for their 1st appearance.
Father Christmas has a little friend with him, there was a bigger version of him in the set.
Penguins have started to creep into Christmas cards, presumably due to their icy feel. Not quite sure why Santa is with one as he lives at the north pole and I always thought they were at the south pole. I guess one has gone to visit him for Christmas, but if Santa were to have animal helpers didn't they aught to be polar bears? Won't the polar bear unions be up in arms that foreign workers have been flown in?

** Kate **

Thursday, December 10

Say it in "Sepia"

That's the challenge at present over on the Daring Card Makers (new challenge tomorrow) with some beautiful design team cards on display. I've worked out I need to make about 20 more cards by the end of the week and was seeking inspiration in some craft magazines for batch makes. I found a couple of articles about using photos, something I had tried a few years back and still had plenty of pics left over. Here are the results with a sepia theme for the 1st one.
Not many more to go now, I'm finally getting somewhere, don't know where, just somewhere.

** Kate **

Wednesday, December 9

Wild Rose Studio stamps

I mentioned the other week that I had won a set of stamps from Wild Rose Studio, well I finally got around to having a play with them, (when I should have been doing something else of course!). I made this hanging decoration/card in combination with a couple of challenges.

Copic Creations challenge 17 is 'Colouring Snow' so I gott the cool greys set out C1 to C7,
and the Crafty Calendar challenge for December (some how I missed November's) is 'Winter Sparkle'
Now I really must get the Christmas cards and presents made.

** Kate **

Tuesday, December 8

Girly Christmas

That's this week's card challenge at Penny Black. To me girly means pink. So here is my little hedge-pig all pink and girly. The patterned papers used are by Anna Griffin.

** Kate **

Monday, December 7

Dinky Diva Musings

Some picture of the lovely Dinky Diva today which I know friends and family will want to see.

Firstly, playing the hand bells at Waitrose yesterday.
She informs us that she is not unhappy, just concentrating! I have to say some of the faces pulled by the adults when they are ringing is entertainment in itself.

Then today is evacuee day at school.
She says she will be coming home later and that she isn't really being sent anywhere.

Going to be braving the elements myself later. It's Harry Potter DVD day today.

** Kate **

Sunday, December 6

Packed weekends

The weekends are just packed now right up until Christmas. The kids are tired and irritable, but they will insist on being involved in all these things. Determined that nothing will stop me from some serious crafting next week.

** Kate **

Thursday, December 3

Back on!

Yep the electric is restored and the sun is out. Spent an exhausting day yesterday Christmas Shopping in torrential rain. We only visited 2 shops but we (me, my sister and Branston) got drenched every time we got in and out of the car.

Not a whiff of an advent calendar to be seen, we just won't mention that.

Had planned to go out for lunch but that went by the wayside when we became trapped in Tesco's car park due to flooding. We had to queue for 25 minutes to get out as the exit/entrance had become just one lane.

Leaves me with only a handful of things to buy (other than Christmas food). Might crack on and get that over with today!

** Kate **

Tuesday, December 1

White Christmas

Celeste has popped up to let me know that there are not 31 days in November and so it is December today, aaargh!!!! The weather has also turned and we have had our 1st really frosty morning. And before you ask, no the heating is still not working and no I haven't found the advent calender. I might just hide under the duvet and wait for spring!

The Daring Card Makers have a wintry theme this week with the challenge to make cards all in white with a hint of one colour.

I've mixed my white with silver.I mentioned yesterday that I love the film White Christmas. SMO and I watched this on the 1st Christmas we spent together and he bought me the DVD a few year's back. He's sick of the sight of it now and refuses to watch! But I'm still going to enter it for the movie theme at By The Cute And Girly.

Had a couple of bits leftover so another little scrapling was born.Now where did I put that advent calender?

** Kate **

PS not sure if I will get to blog tomorrow as we have had a notice that the electricity is to be turned off for the day to allow for essential maintenance (due back on late afternoon). But the silver lining is that our lack of heating will have prepared us well!!