Friday, December 11

Only 2 weeks to go!

Can you believe it just 2 weeks until Christmas. Celeste, please don't tell me I have that wrong too, my little brain just wouldn't be able to cope!!

On one of my more recent craft shopping trips some cute Christmas stamps leapt into my basket and forced me to buy them. They are by Craft UK and lots of fun to colour. Having said that I think I have chosen the most gaudy set of colours to use for their 1st appearance.
Father Christmas has a little friend with him, there was a bigger version of him in the set.
Penguins have started to creep into Christmas cards, presumably due to their icy feel. Not quite sure why Santa is with one as he lives at the north pole and I always thought they were at the south pole. I guess one has gone to visit him for Christmas, but if Santa were to have animal helpers didn't they aught to be polar bears? Won't the polar bear unions be up in arms that foreign workers have been flown in?

** Kate **

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Janice said...

These were worth buying, you've made a great job of colouring them, so cute.