Sunday, September 30

Wedding Update

Thanks for all the lovely comments over the past few days and yes we had a really great day. This was helped, in no small part, by the relaxed and happy mood of the bride and groom. It set the atmosphere for everyone else to kick back and enjoy themselves.

Here is my show off Sunday for HS:MS.
These 2 were the most perfect of children (even if I do say so myself), behaving when they needed to but running around and having a ball the rest of the time.

The weather cleared just at the right time and we were able to have photos outside before and after the ceremony, which for the end of September I think they were blessed! Checked with the bride and groom that I could use some photos, hope it's OK with the rest of the bridal party!

Here are the groomsmen - groom, two ushers, two best men and a pageboy/ring bearer. Yes they entrusted my 4 year old with the wedding rings. He did a great job and even managed to make the stern faced registrar to crack a smile.
Here's the bridesmaids. The dresses were a beautiful french navy and had a much brighter sheen to them than these photos show.
And here's the bride with her attendants. In a full length cream/off-white dress with sequins and crystals on the bodice set off perfectly with a 3/4 length lace jacket.
This one's the bride and groom cutting the cake. There was no natural light in the marriage room or reception hall so I switched to my old 35mm camera for most of the post marriage photos. Luckily I only decided to bring a 2nd camera at the last minute when I discovered that the battery was still working! So it will be a few days until I can scan some of those on.
The reception had been well thought out. The groom is a big quiz fan and whilst we waited for our turn at the buffet his friends had organised a table quiz. Each child had a bag or parcel of presents containing activity books, pencils and toys. There was plenty of room in the venue to move around, kids had space to charge up and down with cars and balloons and a fantastic time really was had by all.
Need to take a few photos today, I always end up with the end of a 35mm reel needing to be finished off! Off to catch up with some of my family this afternoon, then it's tidying up, suits back to hirer's and dry cleaning to sort out.

** Kate **

Saturday, September 29

SPS #6 and DCM

HS:MS it's self portrait Saturday. Just an eye from me today.
Realised last night I hadn't made a card for the wedding today so combined it with this week's DCM challenge to use frames.
Need to get everything packed up and ready now. Hopefully i will do a big update with wedding photos tomorrow morning.

** Kate **

Friday, September 28


Soft furnishing to adorn a chair. Show us cushion in your space.

We had this shaped cushion for feeding/nestling babies in and it still gets used when someone wants to prop themselves up in bed!
** Kate **

White Necklace

Only got this one piece of jewellery made during my crafting time last night.
It's an order I took well in advance of when it was needed and I've finally got around to making it up. There's no clasp, for those who find them too awkward to handle. The glass heart just wouldn't thread. Today I am mad about ........ badly drilled beads!!

Tomorrow is the big wedding we're off too. All the outfits have been sorted, except mine of course, I need to go and empty my wardrobe in a minute. We don't leave until lunch time so I will blog in the morning and then update with some photos on Sunday.

** Kate **

Thursday, September 27

I Lurve 2 Stamp!

To make an impression.
A small token that ensures carriage of mail.
To make a noise with ones foot.
Show us what Stamp is to you, in your space.

These are just some of the stamps that are in my treasured collection, they were all to hand because I had used them lately. There's boxes more where they came from - I do lurve to stamp!
A quick card for a birthday which has gone, so should be safe enough to share on here.
I bought a job lot of Heidi Grace alphas and they have been worth the money. They aren't chipboard so you can layer them up without things getting too thick, but they are thicker than basic card.

The annual trip to Hobbycraft is in jeopardy, due to finances. Is it possible to go there and only spend a small, strict, budget.......I think not!!!

** Kate **

Wednesday, September 26

Paper Piecing

I'm really loving cards (and scrapbook embellishments) made from paper piecing at the moment. But before I show you last nights creations.

A container from which eases the pouring of liquid. Show us your jugs! A-hem.

Hmmm me thinks Anita away and Kirsty in charge!

My gran always had shaped crockery, a flower bowl with a bee on it and those pots in the shape of onions. When I saw this jug at a car boot sale it reminded me of her crockery and I couldn't resist it.
DCM little extra

Cars, Boats, Trains & Planes is the theme for our Little Extra challenge this week.

I have a feeling I have seen a card similar to this in a magazine and that is where it popped into my mind from! I also have to credit the queen of paper piecing Jo, whose ideas are always an inspiration.
SMO's birthday coming up (I'm convinced he doesn't look at my blog so it's OK to share), so another paper pieced project. This time inspired by Leigh.
Really enjoyed making both those cards and think tonight's project might have to be a paper pieced snowman.

** Kate **

P.S. The sponge yesterday is a photo of Fiskars new Stamp press. Clear stamps attach to a plate, you position the press over the area to be stamped (using a grid to line up perfectly), then press down to compress the sponges and print. Perfect for mass production of wedding invites or Christmas cards.

Tuesday, September 25


A natural (often man made!) material to soak up liquids. Show us a sponge in your space.

Oooh, couldn't resist sharing this little bit of loveliness I recently won at an on-line crop!
A few Christmas cards to share. All using background papers from this month's Simply Cards and Papercrafts. The first one is based on this week's sketch at I {heart} 2 Stamp.
Thanks for all your great comments, I'll try and catch up with a few blogs later.

And don't be fooled by the cute doggie pics, she is a hairy horror!! My sister dog sat for me whilst I was on holiday earlier this year and I had a phone call - "Help! She's stolen my underwear off the clothes airer" , I very helpfully suggested she use clothes pegs next time!

** Kate **

Monday, September 24

Woman's Best Friend!

Man's best friend. Have you got a lil pooch in your space?

Couldn't let today's prompt go by without a pic of the hairy horror herself, jumping up at me whilst working on the computer.
Have combined some challenge cards again, and used a challenge to make a card needed for a birthday, so my brain really must have been working last night.

This week's main DCM challenge is to use something bought from a charity shop.
I got this fab stamp set earlier in the year and just had to use it for the challenge. At Scrapwest the theme coming up is shopping. I've combined this with an idea from Scrapping Frenzy where I found a link to this site. You spin the little colour wheel and get 3 colours. It's not actually intended for grafters but we are a resourceful lot. My colours came up black, lime and bright pink. Here's the combined shopping and colours card. The stickers are from Doodlebug, the top and handbag were magazine freebies. Also used some recently bought DCWV rub-on stitches.

Busy week this week as we have a big wedding to go to on Saturday. SMO is reading, the Dinky Diva is a bridesmaid and Small-N-Grubby is ring barer! Me? I'll just be the one having the nervous breakdown.

** Kate **

Sunday, September 23

Sorry It's Late

Had a very low day yesterday and decided I definitely didn't want to take part in self portrait Saturday! Feeling a bit better today and trying to get back into the swing of things.

HS:MS - Show off Sunday #5
Managed to get out last weekend and take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures, something I don't do enough of. Took this one on the allotments.

Need some ideas for funky Christmas makes using teasels, I have a plentiful supply!

I'm very late with some one's birthday present, which I must get into the post on Monday. Here are the bits that are finished so far.
Will have a bit of crafting time today and plan to tackle this week's DCM challenge.

** Kate **

Friday, September 21


A really quick post as I should have been out of the door by now.
To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something. Find ' stare' in your space today.

My first thought was of the dog and Shaun the other day! - here. But took this one instead.
My version of a prompt on I{heart}2 Stamp.
Mellow BasicGrey and a bit of spare Hambly transparency from another project.

Busy Friday, as usual, so as they say 'That's all folks!'

** Kate **

Thursday, September 20

Break and Sketch This Card #27

I definitely need a break, preferably a holiday that I don't have to organise!
In fact it's just the HS:MS word for today.

To separate into pieces. Show us 'break' in your space today.
I have been thinking of having a go at a hand-cut gingerbread man and here is my attempt. Combined it with my adaptation of Sketch This Card #27.
The holly paper is from Avec and the vellum message is from Papermania.

My neighbours house is being converted to flats and they have been jack hammering the garage floor for 3 days, my sanity could soon be in question. At least they are sticking to normal working hours, so once I have the kids back home, arguing and fighting the noise will have stopped !?!?

** Kate **

Wednesday, September 19

Quirky and DCM Little Extra

Something characterised by the peculiar or unexpected. Find something 'quirky' today in your space.

A couple of offerings today. The first is one of my canvases, I'll leave you to make up your own minds about that!
The second is my living room wall, it's not what people expect when you say you have leopard print wallpaper. From a distance it's a nice sandy colour - until you get up close!
DCM Little Extra - just a word for inspiration - Golden.
Combined a card with one of my jewellery charms, not something I do very often.

Not getting enough crafting done, so I will limit today's entry to this.

Oh, and did you vote on Do Crafts yet?

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 18

Hang On

To suspend, be suspended or dangle. Show us 'hang' in your space today.

Sorry another old picture from me today. The light is quite bad this morning (unless I go out in the street in my PJ's, no, not even for Her Space : My Space.)
CPS Sketch #31
Mainly made from lots of bits of scrap, apart from the DCWV chipboard message.

I've been thinking about the CPS design competition but haven't had any real inspiration yet.

One competition that is up and running is Do Crafts. If you have time swing on over there and vote. I won't tell you which are mine as they have asked for individuals not to identify theirs. I've voted (not for my own!), go on make someone's day.

** Kate **

Monday, September 17

Just the 4 of Us

Hs:Ms - today's word is us.

This photo wasn't taken by me and it's not today, but its definitely US.
Didn't get quite as much made at the out-laws yesterday as I had anticipated. The children had got the table tennis bug at the fun day on Saturday and so we took a set with us. Table tennis championships after lunch interfered with my crafting!!

Here's what I did make.
A bracelet for me to wear to a wedding (my dress has orange flowers on it), a couple more bits of men's jewellery (the cross is a bit David Gest!) and a pendant to replace one I have sold from the shop.

Came home quite shattered and had to go to my mum's to pick up a bed guard as Small-N-Grubby has taken to falling off the bottom bunk in the night. By the time I had fitted that I was just too tired to craft, so I am starting Monday morning already on catch-up!

** Kate **

Sunday, September 16

SOS #4 and DCM

HS:MS - Show Off Sunday #4

I've chosen this picture today because of SMO. He has this face he pulls whenever you take photos of him, a really wide eyed, blank stare. (Like someone just exposed themselves to him!).

We don't have a single decent photo of the 2 of us together :( So I really like this photo of my boys as neither of them are playing silly.
This weeks DCM challenge.

This week I dare you to use a Word as the main focal point to your card. It can be a name, a greeting or just a word that inspires you. You can use other text but only one word as a main embellishment. So dig out your dictionaries, die cutters, alphabet stamps, rubons or download a funky font and show us what you can do!

I've gone for a Heidi Swapp stamp that I have used on layouts before but never a card.
Off to the out-laws today, going to do my usual trick of taking my jewellery tote with me, so I'll have some jewellery to share tomorrow.

** Kate **

Saturday, September 15

Happy Birthday Kathy

A late one from me today as I've been at a church family fun day all morning. As well as managing to nip out and do some craft shopping, I have spent most of my time in the church garden under the pretence that I was watching the children. Actually I have been sat in the sun reading a craft magazine, the red arrows even flew over at one point, hows that for an idyllic morning!

SPS #4 over on HS:MS today, as I have been a bit on the busy side and my camera battery is dead (hence no pics of red arrows :( I have cheated a bit and have had a digi play with one from a couple of weeks ago.Kathy (see Kathy's Waffle on the right) set a birthday card challenge - 3 flowers, 3 ribbons, 3 patterned papers. Here's mine with 3 hearts as an added extraHappy Birthday Kathy (you realise I didn't get Friday's DCM card done because of this, will have to blog it tomorrow!).

Also late this morning as I have been distracted by Play Blogger you can just watch all the photos being uploaded to blogs, fascinating. Also are everyone's blog instructions in German today? (or is it Dutch)??

** Kate **

Friday, September 14


An instrument for picking up small objects. Find tweezers in your space today.
Made one of these bracelets for the shop and just felt I had to have one to wear, so I made myself this.
That's about all for today I am really concentrating on competition entries at the moment and then it will be full swing into Christmas!

** Kate **

Thursday, September 13

Curiouser and curiouser

Eager to know or learn. Find 'curious' in your space today.

This picture is from a good few years ago but couldn't resist using it today.
Here is the sheep himself as he is today, sadly the dog is no longer with us and as the sheep does not smell like food the current dog is utterly uninterested in it.
Quiet evening for crafting last night after the day rushing around. Found a couple of stamped and embossed panels I hadn't used and made up a couple of quick Christmas cards.
The silver pearl embossing isn't really picked up on the photo so here it is in more detail.
Another busy afternoon/evening today. There's no-one to sit for Small-N-Grubby this afternoon so I will be taking him with me to collect his sister from school, this could mean getting the pushchair out!! Then after tea the Dinky Diva is off to her first Brownie meeting (provided she isn't too divaish from her school trip today).

Sat at my computer I can see a robin twittering at the top of a buddleia bush. I think I could quite happily sit here all day.
** Kate **

Wednesday, September 12


AKA: Pucker up, swap spit, snog, tonsil tickling (tee hee).A show of affection by means of mouth to mouth contact. Go on, give us a kiss!
Have finally got my brain in gear and managed to combine 2 challenges in one card, so here is my Sketch This Card #26. (used a sheet of my new BasicGrey Periphery).Also matched the DCM Little Extra which is pairs of big and small. In my case big and small rectangles, circles, flowers and brads.

Had a bit of a dancing disaster last night. The new term details came in the post with a different day and time. We just assumed that the Dinky Diva had moved up a class or 2, so did everyone else in her group. So we all turn up for the new class DD in leotard and sporting one of the best ballet buns I have ever managed - it was the wrong night. The letters had been sent out wrong so we have to get ready and go to tonight's lesson. As we had already made other plans for after school today I need to go and get myself organised.

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 11


To produce in large quantities by mechanical process. Find 'print' in your space today.
Going to spend some time today loading my first batch of Christmas cards into the shop. Here's another one I've made, but in a different style to the others I've blogged.
I always send handmade Christmas cards, because I make them (Anna Griffin ones this year!), but if I was buying one I think it would be just for the special people in my life. This leads me to think that I need to make some personalised ones, heh ho more work!

** Kate **