Sunday, September 23

Sorry It's Late

Had a very low day yesterday and decided I definitely didn't want to take part in self portrait Saturday! Feeling a bit better today and trying to get back into the swing of things.

HS:MS - Show off Sunday #5
Managed to get out last weekend and take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures, something I don't do enough of. Took this one on the allotments.

Need some ideas for funky Christmas makes using teasels, I have a plentiful supply!

I'm very late with some one's birthday present, which I must get into the post on Monday. Here are the bits that are finished so far.
Will have a bit of crafting time today and plan to tackle this week's DCM challenge.

** Kate **


anita said...

oo.ooooooOOOoo....great depth of field in your teasel photo!!!!

Hazel said...

Love your photo today, Kate - I'm trying to take more for the sake of it - must make sure I've got my camera with me more

Jolanda said...

Beautiful picture. Love the angle. The cards are great too.

Louise said...

when I see teasles they remind me of the silly little hedgehog ornaments my nan used to make out of them...LOL!!!

Lovely pic:)

Montysmum said...

Great Photo! and you cards and diary look great too!

Debbie said...

lovely photo and great cards :)

Terrie Farrell said...

What a great photo, love it...although i have no idea what it is! X

Anonymous said...

Love the photo.

Anonymous said...

Ooh gorgeous shot! Love the cards too xx