Wednesday, June 25


Still Here! 4 days overdue, but a midwife will visit me on Saturday (won't hold my breath for that one).
Followed my foody plans yesterday. A homemade veggie curry to start (although it didn't do anything to help) with Tesco's gluten free garlic naan. Then the strawberries dipped in choc with a bit of cream. Not very photogenic as the fruit was a bit juicy and made the choc go clumpy and lose its sheen.

Also made myself a cake following the recipe on the bag of Dove's gluten free plain flour. Slight problem here also as didn't have 2 tins the same size. So made 1 round and 1 square with the corners chopped off.
This of course meant left over corners, so a bit of jam, whipped cram and a dusting of icing sugar et voila!

Hs:Ms - 'Educate'
To give intellectual, moral or social instruction. Find 'educate' in your space today.

Just some of he educational detritus lying around the house.
Received this English Paper Company pack in this mornings post (from a mag give away, can't remember which one).
Really lovely everyday papers some busy, some plain and have made a couple of quick cards already.
** Kate **

Tuesday, June 24


Still Here!! 3 days overdue.

Decided I would try to have a more positive day today. So put my thinking cap on with thoughts about what I would do with a totally free day. No cleaning, tidying, organising for kids sports days, Brownies or swimming. But also no friends/family to visit as all busy or working.

Shopping was my #1 choice but have spent a little on the internet recently and it's too tiring to walk to the shops to look for bargains - also local market day which is hell with old biddies attached.

So choice #2 is to cook myself a lovely meal, just for me. Including a fattening and thoroughly unhealthy dessert. I will then sink into the settee in front of Wimbledon, with perhaps a touch of crafting thrown in before an afternoon nap and then a wander in the fresh air to meet the kids from school.

Today's HS:MS - 'Ripe'
Developed to the point of readiness. Show us 'ripe' in your space today.

Personally this definition is how I feel, but I think anymore pictures of my bulk are unnecessary. So instead I have these little fellows who may feature heavily in today's dessert whilst wearing chocolate overcoats.
** Kate **

Monday, June 23


Still Here! 2 days overdue and feeling frustrated and a bit low.

The rest of my parcels did come on time, I just don't see why some companies can get things out 1st class post so quickly whilst for the same price (if not more) others can't do the same.

Goodies included these yummy little baby stamps by Imaginisce for just 99p each.
I can see lots of my new baby projects using these. Here is my 1st play with them across the weekend.
It turned out to be one of those projects that make you want to give up crafting. Everything went wrong (tiredness being the main problem). I cut paper the wrong size, messy stamping and at one point I dropped the ink pad sticky side down right in the middle and had to cut out an extra layer to cover it up. I keep thinking of extra bits I could do to finish it off, but think it best not to touch it again.

Had a nice weekend getting out and pottering in the sun. There was a party in a local park yesterday with music and stalls so had an early wander around that before it got too busy.

Had Sunday dinner at mum's and took this shot of the kids. They refused to both sit still at the same time, so this was about the best I could get.
HS:MS - 'Fringe'
An ornamental edge or a natural border to hair. Find a fringe in your space today.

Not exactly a fringe. Played hairdressers at the weekend. The Dinky Diva wanted to go to bed with plaits so that her hair would be wavy the next day and this was the result.
Whilst I did that Small-N-Grubby went to work on my hair with some curlers. He announced that he was so good he would have to appear on TV.

Lastly this album came in the post this morning. Its by SEI and claims it can be completed in an hour, which is probably all the crafting time I will have in a week once the baby gets here.
QVC currently have them at half-price to clear. I plan to make a new-born scrapbook with all black and white pictures and colours of muted blue and coffee. I really don't like the colours on the specially designed baby albums that are out at the moment. I'll be adding extra bits to the kit of course, like my new stamps.

** Kate **

Sunday, June 22

No News

Still Here! Just not getting any computer time as it is being hogged by little people. Catch up on Monday.

** Kate **

Friday, June 20


Still Here! and the earliest date for medical intervention is 3 July!! Think I will have to start on the old wives remedies.

HS:MS - 'Lamp'
A device for giving light. Show us a lamp in your space today. Stopped in at the post office on the way to see the midwife (all perfectly OK). It's my local Do Crafts store and there was a 25% off sale on certain lines so took advantage and treated myself to even more stuff. SMO picked up my parcel from the sorting office too, so I had plenty of new stash to stroke.

Made a really quick 6x6 page with some of the products. The lollipop flowers were in a party bag she brought home and shared with me.
I think I may add some journaling to explain that this is the Dinky Diva's favorite dress and is now so small she has to wear it as a t-shirt.

Postie has arrived today with nothing but junk mail. If the rest of my order isn't here by tomorrow morning I doubt if I will use that supplier again especially when there are others that get the stuff out far more promptly - Craft Obsessions great service as always.

** Kate **

Thursday, June 19


Still Here! Seeing the mid-wife this afternoon, not that I expect her to offer a crumb of hope that anything is happening.

HS:MS - 'Grid'
A framework of spaced bars crossing each other. Find a grid in your space today.
Mum's biscuits, although I do have some gluten-free baking on the go at the moment.

It turned out that my craft parcel was on the delivery van, which I missed by 30mins. SMO is picking it up from the sorting office today, so definitely should have new toys to play with this evening.

New stuff arriving prompted me to finish off a mini-book last night. Started it with all enthusiasm quite a while ago but the challenge was 4 paper pages and 2 acetate pages to fill but only 2 photos, I don't make things easy for myself.

In the end I decided to theme it around the names and sayings of the Small-N-Grubby one.
Left plenty of room to add any new musings and record them so we never forget.
Mainly all papers, chip board and letters are Zach's Life, with a few extra bits thrown in.

Off to finish the baking.

** Kate **

Wednesday, June 18


Still Here! and yawn it is. Hopefully I should get my 1st parcel of cheer-up goodies today. I hope baby isn't too much longer I think I am getting more anxious each day.

HS:MS - 'Yawn'
Open one's mouth wide to inhale deeply due to tiredness or boredom. Show us a yawn in your space today.

Now I'm sure I could get the dog to yawn but it would probably take me a life time to get a shot of it and when compared to Anita's 'Anatomy of a Yawn' today it would have been a waste of time (her photography is fab and little doggy very obliging). So I have reverted back to SuzyB's Disney theme and dragged Bambi out of the cabinet (looks like I woke him up too, awww, sorry).
Made this little quickie sewing project last night. Finding sewing easier than papercraft at the moment as there is a lot less mess.
Titter ye not, this is based on a gadget seen in one of the expensive baby accessory catalogues I have been sent. You attach bits to it for the baby to play with on your lap and they can't fall to the floor. SMO thinks my version is better than the shop one as theirs has noises and music built in whereas with mine you can choose whether to have noisy or quiet toys attached, who am I to argue with him. Its made from the leftovers after I shortened the sleeves of a t-shirt.
The postie has just been and no craft stuff, just bills, the foul fiend.

I wonder if what I ordered was big enough to need delivering in the parcel van??

** Kate **

Tuesday, June 17


Still Here! I could get very bored of this.

Retail therapy went well yesterday, spent most of my time trawling through the summer sales sections of my fav crafty outlets. Hopefully some bargains will start arriving soon. 3 things I just couldn't find :
  1. A congratulations stamp, preferably in a cheap little acrylic set.
  2. A scalloped circle die.
  3. A Fiskars threading water border punch (but lack of those was to be expected!

Any ideas?

Hs:Ms - 'Hydrate'

To fill or absorb with water.

This is the outside tap with the hose wrapped around an old car wheel as my ex was to cheap to buy a nice hose real. I suppose it's lasted, which is more than he did!!

Had a go at some bright cards last night using a kit free with a mag.

Still not convinced if the acid brights are for me.

** Kate **

Monday, June 16


Still Here! So retail therapy is on the cards today.

Thought my waters had broken this morning and then immediately realised I'd been sitting in a wet garden chair - it's gonna be one of those days!

Today's picture prompt is 'Bell'.
A hollow object with the shape of a deep inverted cup.

Racked my brains over this one. Used my only bell shaped flower (aka bind weed) last week, nothing in the Disney collection (can't believe I don't have a bell). One of my sisters is often known as Bell but trying to keep in family good books at the moment so I can ask for lots of baby help, so best not.

Then I remembered the Dinky Diva was presented with a badge and certificate at church on Sunday for her hand-bell ringing.
Off to shop.

** Kate **

Saturday, June 14

Men at Work

Still Here! - but have spent the morning feeling quite sick and grotty, which could be a good sign. Went out for a short walk to get some air and feel fine now so that's blown that theory.

It's Portrait Saturday and here are my 'Men at Work'. Might make a good scrapbook page with lots of tools and manly embellishments on.
idn't buy anything from yesterday's 3 hours of American crafts on QVC, but thinking of treating myself to a few craft bits if I'm still here on Monday.

Finished the Fathers Day gift I have been working on (based on a project I saw in a gardening mag in the doctors waiting room).
Small-N-Grubby thought it was an apron so I decided a label was needed!
Used the good old crop-a-dile to rivet the corners and the string dispenser, it's turning into one of those tools you wonder how you managed without.

Off for a peaceful lie down whilst the kids are at cricket.

** Kate **

Friday, June 13

Reach for the stars............

.............climb every mountain high and reach for the stars.
Still Here! and finally losing it!?!?!

HS:MS - 'Reach'
To stretch out in order to feel or touch something.

Proving that she most definitely can reach, little devil.
Fathers Day on Sunday, which I have still not done anything about. So a quick layout for SMO.
Lifted from one seen on Nancy Hill's QVC show last night (although I missed what had happened to Nancy? Perhaps her replacement had won a competition 'You could be Nancy!'. ). All DCWV stuff apart from the ribbon and letters.

Off to mum's to wash my hair as our shower is broken and the only way to wash hair is leaning over the bath and my bump won't let me.

** Kate **

Thursday, June 12

Drip, drip, drop, little April showers

Still Here! and likely to be for some time I think, absolutely nothing happening.

All was very well with the midwife yesterday. But both shops that I'd been looking forward to visiting didn't have what I wanted - very disappointing. I feel internet orders coming on.

Today's blog entry was inspired by the word of the day at HS:MS and the title of the medal dance the Dinky Diva is performing at ballet this term. Of course I do know it's June not April! I don't know if the dance is to the Disney music or not but it is called April Showers. Small-N-Grubby is trying out for his 1st ballet medal to the tune of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Apparently they are dressing him up as a little elf with a cockleshell hat. Please don't let me forget my camera that day!!!

Back to HS:MS - 'Drip'
To let small drops of liquid fall. Show us 'drip' in your space today.

All dripping taps currently fixed, about to have a downpour but nothing yet, so I have had to improvise and create my own pet drip, he is called Harold. Having an easy day today, catching up with a few bits around the house and hopefully getting on with a couple of sewing projects. Might have a visitor popping in later, which will be nice, adult company/conversation. No whining at me all the time about wanting food and being bored - at least I don't think she will whine at me!

** Kate **

Forgot to add that there's 3 hours of American crafts on QVC tomorrow, but Anna Griffin and Nancy Hill both have shows tonight as well. Hide the credit card, I'm going to be watching.

Wednesday, June 11


Still Here!

HS:MS - 'Burst'
To break apart suddenly emptying contents. Show us 'burst' in your space.

My 1st thought was this.
Of course I shall have to eat them now, which made me think of this.
Off to see the midwife today, hoping to pop into a couple of nearby shops when I get to town, but will have to see how the walk goes. It's not far but as soon as I start walking my stomach muscles seem to rebel. It's clouding over too ready for a downpour just as I need to leave. Come on sun.

** Kate **

Tuesday, June 10

Home Alone

Still Here!

But today I get to stay home all alone. Apart from the smelly hound that is. She is loving it at the moment, mummy at home all day. She follows me around like a little scruffy shadow and attempts to wag her stump when ever I look at her.
So how to capitalise on my free day.
  • Lounge in the garden with a long cool drink
  • Raid the house for chocolate and put my feet up in front of an old movie
  • Surf the web for frivolous internet shopping
  • Glue the phone to my ear and ring all the friends I haven't been able to get out to see

The options are endless, the choice overwhelming, ahh poor me.

Whilst I decide how to get the most of my last bit of leisure time here is today's HS:MS - 'Trapped'

To be captured or held with no way out. Find something 'trapped' in your space today.

This is the family wasp trapper, as used during the recent wasp invasion, here demonstrated by Rupert Bear.

## please note, no bears were hurt during the creation of this photograph ##

** Kate **

Monday, June 9

Lazy Weekend

Still Here!

Had a lovely lazy weekend, it's about all I can manage now.

Here's my SOS pic for yesterday. Still nothing blooming in my space (apart from me according to Rach, and I'm not convinced about that). Taken in mum's neighbours garden while they were away (as you do!).
Gorgeous weather means fresh air can be obtained by just sitting out in a shady spot of the garden for an hour. Not as peaceful as you might think though as I am rarely alone.

Here Small-N-Grubby is requesting 2 of something (photos I think?).
SMO found this highly amusing until they attacked him.
A picture of the Dinky Diva to prove she still exists, about the only one I got all weekend and looking very tired.
HS:MS today - 'Track'
A road beaten through the wilderness. Find a track in your space today.

Not the same sort of track as above but a plentiful supply of it in our space.
The DD has teacher training today so off to mum's later to give us something to do and get out of the house.

** Kate **

Saturday, June 7

Still Here

Still here - I think I will have to start every blog post with that from now on, don't say it, I know these next 2 weeks are going to be the longest.

My Portrait Saturday entry is the Small-N-Grubby one (I do try to take DD photos but she is far less obliging).
He's led on my legs on top of the duvet and my camera just happened to be in my bag on the floor, so I was just about able to reach down and get this cheeky snap.

Wedding fever has struck (it is June after all) and I had been asked to make several cards. Was in a very modern mood. This first took inspiration from some wedding invites designed by Katina (can't remember the details - sorry).
This 2nd one is based on a topper designed by the fabulous Jo Kill.
The rest are a sort of mish-mash of my own ideas and little techniques I have spied.
Needed a more traditional one in the selection.
Can't believe I don't have a nice little stamp that says 'congratulations', being such a long word all my alphabet stamps came up too big. Looks like an excuse for shopping if ever I heard one! And I ended uo using all the congrats rub-ons I cold find, so need to replace them too.
Finally a very traditional 80th birthday card was needed for my mum to give to a relie, made using some Country Diary freebies that came with Cardmaking and Papercraft mag.
Off for a lazy weekend, someone pass me an ice cream please.

** Kate **

Friday, June 6

Aaarrgh and Grrrrrr

These are the noises I am currently making, particularly when asked how yesterday's appointment at the hospital went.

Have calmed down slightly since yesterday and it is probably a good job I didn't blog my feelings straight away. As usual we were seen by someone totally new, but we're used to that, that's why you carry your notes around. He had a badge that announced he was a "Specialist Registrar" unnervingly it didn't say what he specialised in, I suspect it was pissing off patients. The first thing the guy said was "I haven't read your notes, you'll have to tell me what's been going on".

It's like taking your car into the garage and trying to impersonate the funny noises it makes when all you need to do is switch the engine on and have a listen!

He then wrote up my careplan for the rest of my pregnancy, birth and post-birth.
Whilst I argued with him and attempted to get him to look at some of the comments other professionals had written. As far as looking at my previous pregnancy notes (which are relevant in my case) that was an absolute NO.

All I ask is to be diagnosed and treated in accordance with my own personal medical history. I am not a checklist! Is that too much to ask?

Calmed down now as I realise I will never see this guy again (and if I do I will be sure to demand a second opinion!). In the same way that he has over-ridden what all the previous quacks have written, the next person will do the same. I have decided it is a matter of timing and that only the medic there at the time of the treatment is going to make the decisions and if I kick off and ask to see my consultant - at the time - then that should be the final say.

Yesterdays HS:MS was 'Creep', unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me yesterday to take a pic of old specialist registrar. Today's word is 'Bloom' and I have combined with yesterday to take this.
It's creeping all over the back wall and strangling everything in its path as well as being about the only thing in bloom in the whole garden.

Got some crafting to do now, cards to make.

** Kate **

Wednesday, June 4

?? D-Day ??

HS:MS - Laze
To spend time in a relaxed and lazy manner.

I think this just about sums it up!
Here's one of the advance cards I made, this one is for a little lady who will be 3 very soon.
Adapted from kit pieces with some Papermania additions.

Feel I need to put my house in order today as there is potential for tomorrow to be D-Day. It's my 38 week check at the hospital. It kind of feels convenient if they were to crack on in the next few days but of course we have to go with what is safest.

Glorious sun-shine today instead of the torrential rain we had yesterday, so what ever tidying and organising I decide to do, I must get out for a walk later.
** Kate **