Wednesday, June 4

?? D-Day ??

HS:MS - Laze
To spend time in a relaxed and lazy manner.

I think this just about sums it up!
Here's one of the advance cards I made, this one is for a little lady who will be 3 very soon.
Adapted from kit pieces with some Papermania additions.

Feel I need to put my house in order today as there is potential for tomorrow to be D-Day. It's my 38 week check at the hospital. It kind of feels convenient if they were to crack on in the next few days but of course we have to go with what is safest.

Glorious sun-shine today instead of the torrential rain we had yesterday, so what ever tidying and organising I decide to do, I must get out for a walk later.
** Kate **


Rach said...

Great laze shop and I hope everything goes well later. x

Jackie said...

Sweet card.
I can't believe your baby is almost due, it doesn't seem five minutes since you announced it!

JanMary said...

Great "laze" and love the card.

Shannon said...

Great laze. I made it to 38 weeks once and that was with my oldest. Never made it past 36 weeks with the other two. Good Luck!

jeanie oliver said...

Wow, best wishes
your laze shot is very nice and I enjoyed your slide show on the side

Kathy said...

Lovely photo and card too Kate.

I wonder what happened yesterday.....
I guess we just sit and wait!