Wednesday, March 30

Decluttering Panic!!!

My bedroom floor is completely covered in bags, boxes and piles of junk, but I keep coming back to the fact that this is mainly things I want to keep. So, I decided my next move should be to turn out the wardrobe and other storage areas to see what space I could free up. As the piles of stuff started to hit the bed, that's when the panic set in.

I don't know how I will fit it all back in, or how it all ever fitted in the first place.  My only solution is to keep getting rid of more stuff, but the more I seem to lose the more the piles seem to grow.  I have this massive urge to just ram it all back in the wardrobe and forget I ever started it.

Please tell me this is just part of the process you have to go through or I am in danger of losing my nerve.


Tuesday, March 29

Easter Holiday Decluttering

It's the school holidays again and that means time for some more serious decluttering. I'm tackling the whole of the bedroom, which includes the majority of my craft supplies (as that's where they live!)

I am tacking a 3 pronged approach:
  1. As I'm sorting through stuff immediately get rid of items that I know I will never use.
  2. Move everything into position where I want to keep it.
  3. Take a Konmari style look at what's there and see if all the items are things I love, need and will use.
The items I am getting rid of are going to local Scout and Guide groups, family that like to craft and new items (like unopened packs of craft stuff) are off to a charity shop that raises funds to support people with learning difficulties (so they can use the stuff or sell it.)  Absolutely no guilt there for me, although there are a few items I may struggle with, I'll get onto those in another post.

Here are some bags ready to go (excuse the blurry pictures, that's how I feel this morning!)
 That tub of flowers in the top has to have been there 10 years plus!

And here is a whole pile of boxes full of Blue Moon Beads that I am yet to sort.

I'm off to empty my wardrobe now and see what's lying in the depths.  This is my inspiration and target photo from Pinterest.
IF I'm successful in my mission I may even add a video tour to my blog post.