Decluttering Panic!!!

My bedroom floor is completely covered in bags, boxes and piles of junk, but I keep coming back to the fact that this is mainly things I want to keep. So, I decided my next move should be to turn out the wardrobe and other storage areas to see what space I could free up. As the piles of stuff started to hit the bed, that's when the panic set in.

I don't know how I will fit it all back in, or how it all ever fitted in the first place.  My only solution is to keep getting rid of more stuff, but the more I seem to lose the more the piles seem to grow.  I have this massive urge to just ram it all back in the wardrobe and forget I ever started it.

Please tell me this is just part of the process you have to go through or I am in danger of losing my nerve.



Keep going, it will get worse before it gets better. Positive? You will have refreshed your memory of everything you have!! It is time consuming and a bit nerve-wracking if you have to get it sorted to a deadline - ie sleeping in the bed tonight! I'm sure you'll feel much happier when you have finished. Good Luck!! Cindy
Hi Kate, no I took voluntary redundancy from the libraries at the end of November as there was an opportunity and I truly couldn't stand it anymore. I am still quite involved as I attend some of the groups that are run (mainly full of old library staff and friends!) and they have asked me to run some craft fairs and adult craft courses - while it helps me I will do it but although they keep asking me I will not volunteer on the children's side. Why should I? If there is a job to do, it should be paid. I ran the volunteer programme last year and we couldn't have done the SRC without them but took me so long to keep track of everyone (I had 25 volunteers at my library) it was like having an extra job!! I do believe in volunteering per se but I don't want our contracted out library service to think they can just get rid of people and they will come back and run everything for free!! If I ever do go donwthat route it will be for the neighbouring borough Hillingdon who (appear) to still be investing in libraries. (The cynics among us wonder if they are just bringing up to a standard where they can flog it off). I believe SRC is a Roald Dahl theme this year, so there should be plenty of interest from the kids. Hope the tidying went well!

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