Tuesday, September 30

Craft Day

Craft Day on QVC today so spending maximum time available on the sofa with a cuppa in hand.

Oops forgot to put on yesterday's HS:MS that it is Salisbury cathedral, tallest spire in Britain 404 feet high, all held up on what is reputed to be just 4 feet of foundations.

Today's word is 'Taut', the only thing I can find are my nerves. Had a busy evening with the kids so didn't get my projects finished, then up in the night with Himself after having a few nights where he slept through - felt like a real shock to the system! Off to a bad start this morning as I slept through my alarm and then shouted at the Small-N-Grubby one who thought it would be a good idea to wake me from a very deep sleep by gently touching my face, I nearly jumped so high I hit the ceiling.

Craft treats definitely await me today.

** Kate **

Update : the kettle is leaking from the water gauge so now not even my cuppa to accompany the crafting, quick someone pass me my credit card!!!

Monday, September 29


HS:MS is having a make over, 9 days to go until some new challenges. Until then today's prompt is 'Landmark'.

This is about all I could find in my photo files. Makes me realise just how little I have been out and about in the last year.
I've finally started my Christmas crafting, just have to dig some ribbon out of the back of the wardrobe and then I will put some photos up. I would have one of those blog countdowns but it would panic me every time I went into my blog and I suppose it's a little early for most people.

Spent some time this morning tidying my photo files, a job that has needed doing for ages, glad to have got it out of the way.

** Kate **

Sunday, September 28

Sunny Sunday

Some HS:MS catch-up

If you run a stick down this guy's back it makes a noise like the frogs you hear on film soundtracks which I am reliably informed are really cicadas!?!

SPS - just to prove the Supreme Commander is not a supreme grump all of the time.
SOS - This picture is exactly as I took it in the back garden (I was thrilled to find something alive and flowering!) I like the way it almost has a zoomed effect around the edges.
It's sunny outside and my plan for the day is housework - Yukk!

** Kate **

Thursday, September 25


HS:MS 'Stack'. Chocolate Hay-Stacks!
I have a stack of things to do and the days are really just getting away from me. I need to give something up but there is nothing I really want to - except perhaps getting up in the night for one or other of the children. The other night I was up at 12am, 3am, 5am and 7am but not all for the same child! Something has to give and it may well be my sanity.

Resisted the Bind-it-all machine and ordered some materials to make mini books/albums using book rings etc to see if I really would miss having the professional machine. Now I have received an e-mail to say that QVC will feature the Bind-it-all on 30 September so I will wait to see what price/package they will offer.

Hazel is celebrating 20000 hits on her site with some goodies, so have a visit and play along.

** Kate **

Monday, September 22

A handbag full of chocolates

Today's HS:MS is 'Delicious' and what could be more delicious than a handbag full of chocolates.
No time to blog yesterday as we were at a christening. With SMO having Godfather duties and me juggling a baby plus the other 2 I seemed to spend the whole day a step behind everyone else. I missed the photos at the font, didn't get a pic of the cake before it got chopped up and plenty of older family members were leaving before I had a chance to persuade them to pose for a few shots.

Here are a few of my gang from the day, they were always on hand for photos.

SMO is cool Godfather mode.
Small-N-Grubby with 'W' the man of the day.
And of course the Supreme Commander was there too. He was grumpy, didn't like his outfit, had a big scratch on his head that shows in all the photos and wouldn't smile not even once.
Small-N-Grubby always likes to have a go with the camera. I love his style, there are no inhibitions he just snaps away trying every angle.
But at the end of the day he was worn out!

** Kate **

Saturday, September 20

Daily Ramblings

Am attempting to blog daily now and it is a while since I managed a weekend post.

Very busy as it's the last day of out door cricket for SMO (inter-club game) and then he must take his dodgy knee to the docs before he starts playing indoors next month. Then we have a christening to go to tomorrow where SMO will be god-father. This leaves me with 3 children and a lot of organising to do.

Here is my portrait for the day, the Dinky Diva last weekend, just to prove I do have other children besides Himself.
I need to do something about that hair before tomorrow and the drainpipe coming out of the back of her head!

I have a dilemma, Craft Obsessions has 10% of anything in store, do I finally buy that Bind-It-All, but I am supposed to be saving for a new camera and a new house come to think of it!!

** Kate **

Thursday, September 18


Today's word on HS:MS 'Enjoy'.

Busy today with the Macmillan coffee morning, try and find one in your area (the main event is on Friday 26 September) and go along to show your support.

** Kate **

Upside down day

Was literally up half the night with his Highness, so SMO walked the kids to school this morning with the plan that I would go back to bed as soon as Himself was dozing. It took me until 10am to get him to sleep and then we both slept through until lunchtime.

As today's prompt on HS:MS is 'Big' I just couldn't resist some new baby pics.
He certainly is getting big, but don't ask how big as being such a bad mummy I haven't been to the clinic to weigh him since he was 6 weeks old and he's officially 12 weeks old today.
And here he is being niffed by the Hairy one who feigns interest but is really trying to steal toys/look for scraps of food.
Feels like I've only been up 5 minutes and now it's time to pick up from school and get the tea on.

** Kate **

Wednesday, September 17


Today at HS:MS things are getting 'Juicy'. I treated myself to one of these today which I haven't had in years. They have taken all the artificial bits out of it, leaving it quite juicy (but it doesn't taste as good as I remember).
Am feeling quite pleased with myself as I walked the children to school this morning (as always) and then went to town, did my shopping and was heading home by 10am. Also managed to come out of the Post Office shop with no craft items as they didn't have either item I wanted. How virtuous am I??

Rainbows started back on Friday and I got them making cards for a Macmillan coffee morning this Friday. So that they could mass produce them, I pre-cut papers in varying sizes and then let them loose with stickers and embellishments. The results were really great.
I have bought enough to cover birthdays for the rest of the year, now I will be able to concentrate on all the other projects I have planned.

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 16


Took a long weekend off for some family time - sometimes life's too short to blog. There was even some weather that allowed for sitting in the out-law's garden and visiting the cricket.

Then spent yesterday catching up on house work and realised blogging is definitely a better alternative.

Today's prompt on HS:MS is 'Float'. This is the garden pond.The whole garden is looking very sad, we haven't touched it all summer due to the bleugh weather. I think I will wait for all the plants to die back and then clear it all out.

Made a quick card for baby/christening purposes which I think I will use this weekend.
We are going to a double christening of a friend's baby along with his sister's baby so I will need a couple of cards.

** Kate **

Thursday, September 11


Over at HS:MS the prompt is 'Over'.

Reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy is asleep across Charlie Brown.

Something else that is well and truly over is my birthday but I have been remiss and not blogged my birthday club cards from JustBex. Thanks to Andrea, Paula C, Sue, Dingledel, Maura and BettyBoo.

This was my 1st sighting in the flesh of a 'Tilda' and I have to say I am more enamoured of her than I expected to be, not least of all because she has been beautifully stamped and coloured (as were all the rest!).

** Kate **

Wednesday, September 10


Self confessed handbagaholic here. Today's prompt on HS:MS is 'Bag'. It's too late in the day to take a fresh photo and besides if I had known it was 'bag' today it would have taken me all day to decide which bag to photograph. I could probably take a new picture for each day of the year, in fact I really could do that, the bags could have their own blog, I'm practically salivating at the thought!

Here's one I prepared earlier.

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 9

Purple People Eater

Well it's not actually it's a clematis because today's prompt on HS:MS is 'Purple'.
I think I have used the photo before, it's the one I took in a neighbour's garden whilst they were away. I'm sure they wouldn't mind, honest.

What a nightmare. They have been back at school 2 days and already the Small-N-Grubby one has been off sick. He is back to school today and I'm treating myself to a lazy morning before meeting SMO in town for shopping later.

Made this card for a birthday last month. It should be there by now.
Made back in my BasicGrey Sultry phase with K&Co rub ons.

** Kate **

Friday, September 5


So the hairy horror has been called a mop, Dougal and Wordsworth, I guess she has been called a lot worse!

Today's prompt on HS:MS is 'Point' and I couldn't resist sharing this little pointer with you. Less than an hour old.
Still working hard and realise I need to edit 30 photos before a voucher I have runs out, so I must dash.

** Kate **

Thursday, September 4

Enter if you dare

Enter is today's HS:MS prompt. Enter if you dare, you may be leapt on and licked to death.
1st day of the new school year for us, but my day is flying by. Must press on as I am trying to catch up with some competition entries.

** Kate **

Tuesday, September 2

Kissing Gate

Today's title is a combination of the last 2 day's HS:MS prompts.
Gate and Romantic.

Here's a gate, sort of half a one really.
And here are the romantic shots.

1st ice cream with a romantic name, my current favorite is the blackberry flavour.
Then at the till I noticed a good old packet of Love Hearts.

Getting ready for back to school and scouring the shops for size 11 plimsolls for wide feet, how much more exciting could my life get!!

** Kate **