Enter if you dare

Enter is today's HS:MS prompt. Enter if you dare, you may be leapt on and licked to death.
1st day of the new school year for us, but my day is flying by. Must press on as I am trying to catch up with some competition entries.

** Kate **


Hazel said…
Super shot, Kate - I've just been catching up with earlier ones - some terrific ideas, especially the love hearts (haven't had any of those for years)
Igotmebabe said…
Brilliant shot
Cheyne said…
Funny!! A mop dog. :D
Sarah said…
Great shot - your dog somehow reminds me of the Magic Roundabout :)
SuzyB said…
He reminds me of the dog in 'Jamie and the Magic Torch'

Are you 'entering' those competitions, what a good idea for a shot that would have been! x

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