Tuesday, March 31

Tuft and Temperature

Had a couple of sleepless nights with the Supreme Commander - new teeth coming I think - so I haven't done much blogging/crafting over the last couple of days.

Had breakfast at Waitrose on Sunday after the older 2 went swimming with SMO.

Took this picture which I am using to illustrate today's HS:MS:HS prompt 'Tuft'.
He still has a bit of a mohawk going on! He also has a little bruise on his cheek, bless him, where he pulled himself up on a stool that promptly fell on top of him.

Here's the other 2 at breakfast. The Dinky Diva with an 'Innocent' smoothie moustache.
And the Small-N-Grubby one looking reasonably clean but I suppose the swimming pool helped with that!
Took this one for Monday's HS:MS:HS 'Temperature' and then didn't get time to post it.
** Kate **

Sunday, March 29

Bunnies and Chicks

Bunnies and chicks are this week's theme at the Daring Card Makers. Hope the little bird on my badge counts as a chick.
Background paper is BasicGrey Porcelain, with a rub-on cage and shadow stamped birds from the same range. The tree is made from scraps of Cosmo Cricket paper. The sentiment is a rub-on from Creative Imaginations. Oh, and badge from Accessorise.

Had a quick look through for a photo to show off for Sunday at HS:MS:HS. There's a sub-theme today of Spring but as I used my spring photos the other day and as we're now on British Summer Time mine's a bit more summery.
Here's hoping!

** Kate **

Saturday, March 28

I'm ready for my close-up

It's portrait day at HS:MS:HS today. Supreme Commander Branston leaned in for an extreme close-up at toddlers on Friday.
Week 51 at Tag You're It and the theme is cute and cuddly.
This little ellie is Onion, I used his friend Pickle on a card the other day.

Got a couple of bargain tops in the Next 2 day sale this morning. Including a cardigan that seems to do up in any number of ways! The children have gone out to the park with SMO now as the rain has finally cleared and we have bright sunshine. I'm supposed to be catching up on some jobs, which is why I've found time to blog. Feel in the mood for making a scrapbook page but just can't seem to get started. Off to look for some inspiration.

** Kate **

Friday, March 27


Very disappointed with my raid on the local charity shops. Came home with one toy and a few books, hardly worth the bother. Might look in a few more tomorrow as I ran out of time today. Probably need to get myself to a bootsale for some garden toys but I don't think they have really started up yet - too cold!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Protect'.
Not really sure who is being protected from who here!

Had no time for crafting the last few days so I hope to make up for that at the weekend.

** Kate **

Thursday, March 26


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Advert'. Haven't had much free time today so a cheeky cheat.
Going on a charity shop bargain hunt tomorrow, will let you know what I find.

** Kate **

Wednesday, March 25

Anything But That......

The Supreme Commander has 'done' the nappy to end all nappies and to compound the problem SMO has attempted to change it. So now I have to clean up not just dirty baby clothes and a dirty changing mat but also SMO's PJs!

Amazing how suddenly I have found loads of interesting things I need to do like watching paint dry, anything but 'that' cleaning up. So lots of extra blog hopping this morning, I may even have to shop.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Glisten'.
Love these Doodlebug glitters, they have a fantastic shine to them.

** Kate **

Tuesday, March 24

Internationally Published!

No not me....but SMO. He has had an article published by Wisden (the cricket people), you can see it here. He is a very chuffed and happy boy, particularly as he had a reply to his e-mail saying it had been deleted unread.

Today's HS:MS:HS prompt is 'Staple'.
Not very imaginative, I know.

I've also completed a DCM card this week where the subject is cards for women.
Used an image from a stamp swap that I entered a while ago and finally got around to using - I couldn't find what I'd done with a whole envelope full of 'em.

** Kate **

Monday, March 23


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Fierce'. Tried to get a shot of the Supreme Commanders awesome nashers but my camera was in danger of being eaten so this is as far as I got.
Those that know me personally will know that I'm not overly keen on buttons. They have a function and that's what they should do. They shouldn't appear randomly on lamp shades and other home decor. So seeing the Tag You're It challenge for week 50 was 1 ribbon, 2 BUTTONS, and 3 brads/eyelets had me breaking out into a cold sweat. However, I do have a small packet of buttons bought from Crafttime that are kept sealed and under lock and key for such occasions.
BasicGrey Porcelain paper, Prima flowers, Papermania egg stamp and edged with some SeeD morsel stamps I found for a bargain basement 99p.

** Kate **

Saturday, March 21

Saturday Something

Lost the plot for my title today.

Here's an odd portrait of me for HS:MS:HS, the odd angle kind of appeals to me.
Shocking 'new mum' bags under the eyes though!

Also have a couple of ATCs to share.
Made using some Laura Ashley peg stamps (didn't know they did them!) that I picked up the other day. All stamped with Colorbox chalk inks.

Have to get on as I haven't finished making Mother's Day presents yet.

** Kate **

Friday, March 20


Today's HS:MS:HS has caused a domestic! We really don't have these often, but a change is as good as a rest so they say. The prompt is 'Street' for which I have the most wonderful shot looking up a hilly street with a rainbow at the top. The catch is it's on SMO's phone because foolishly I didn't have my camera and rainbows aren't things that hang around while you run home. So I text him to send it over to me and he announces that he needed space on his phone and has DELETED it. If I hadn't been at the church toddler group at the time the air would have been blue.

So here is a not so spectacular picture of the High Street.
This little guy is called pickles and I couldn't resist him.
He has a chum called Onion who I am currently using on another project. The 2 of them have lots of friends but none that quite appealed to me like these 2.

** Kate **

Thursday, March 19

It's Spring!

Yes, spring is definitely here. Took this photo in the garden this morning for today's HS:MS:HS - 'Shadow'.
As usual mum's flowers are far more impressive, took these shots yesterday afternoon.
Got myself one of these Papermania ATC folders.
They officially hold 72 cards but you could double them up. What I like is that they made them big enough to fit the ATC envelopes in too.

Was really pleased with my butterfly tag the other day so I made a couple of ATCs with the same technique.
Off to the Dinky Diva's parents evening tonight. Not expecting any surprises, but as we (and a few other parents) had a run in with this teacher at the start of the year I'm ready for anything!

** Kate **

Wednesday, March 18


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Sprout'. Although my garden is mainly weeds I do seem to have a few things sprouting. This pot of bulbs was planted by Small-N-Grubby. (Thanks for the well wishes yesterday, he is back at school today).
The bulb planting was a great school fundraising idea. They filled lots of old donated plant pots of various sizes with soil and priced them according to size. Then at the school fete you bought your pot and the kids went around a selection of bulbs and shoved all sorts in their pot. S-N-G was thrilled when these ones came up.

In amongst the weeds I also have a few other things attempting to poke their heads out.
There is also this little sprout hanging around.
He is a big fan of In The Night Garden and loves this little boat.
He is so sweet with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the throttle!

** Kate **

Tuesday, March 17


Sounds a bit depressing and to be honest I am not exactly full of the joys of spring. The weather is lovely again and I had a full day planned, until Small-N-Grubby got up this morning and announced he was ill. Turned out he is poorly, so I now have to stay in all day with him. He's got cabin fever and I've got it too!!

So my only attempt at any of my planned activities for the day is my shot for HS:MS:HS - 'Decay'.

** Kate **

Monday, March 16


We've had a fabulous busy weekend out in the sunshine but all that was forgotten when I saw today's prompt on HS:MS:HS was 'Adore'. I set out to take a picture of the pickle and I staring into each others eyes. But let's face it, it was never going to happen! Instead I got these shots, as well as dozens more, which I will treasure for ever.
Thank you HS:MS:HS!

Finished the gift I was making.
I don't have a photo of the baby so I inserted a white sheet for the photo. Hopefully they will love it and have a really nice shot to add, or I could offer to photograph him!
Prima flowers with flat back pearls and a K&Co dragonfly. I made the letters by drawing around some wooden letters I got on my craft trip the other week.Pooh also came via my craft trip as I bought some large chrildrens Disney stencils which I used to make a template. Loads more potential projects with that set and only £1.99 for 6 stencils, bargain!

** Kate **

Sunday, March 15

He Loves me, He Loves Me Not

No particular reason for this title it just goes with my HS:MS:HS show off Sunday shot.
Working on a gift for a friends new baby at the moment, which I will hopefully finish today and be able to post pics of tomorrow.

** Kate **

Saturday, March 14

Family Fun

Portraits for Saturday.
Kids are playing in the garden in beautiful sunshine right now. Branston has had a little go on a few things and is now busy chucking things out of his highchair. He isn't the pickle of the day though. The dog has that title. Small-N-Grubby just asked me where she was as all was quiet, she doesn't do quiet when the kids are out playing. After checking every corner and hidey hole in the garden we eventually found her in the living room troughing her way through a packet of hot cross buns!

** Kate **

Friday, March 13


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Spotty'. What does the word spotty make you think of?

A tortoise wearing purple spotted pants sat on a spotted changing mat of course!

** Kate **

Thursday, March 12

Better Late than Never

This week's Daring Card Makers topic was 'Patchwork'. There's a new challenge announced tomorrow and I wasn't going to play until I found this piece of already patchwork paper in some old magazine freebies.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Drink'. I bought this cup for the Supreme Commander at Christmas and now, mid March, I still haven't worked out how to get the top off!
Signing up with the all new Bummbleberry site.

** Kate **

Wednesday, March 11

Shabby Chic

Today's word at HS:MS:HS is 'Shabby Chic, well 2 words. Here's my interpretation - my new (sshh don't tell anyone) bag with a little bag charm I made to go on it.
This week's Tag You're It is 'Wings'. I made a quick tag when I was experimenting with Glimmer Mists for another project I'm working on at the moment.
Did find the craft things I wanted in one online shop, Hooray! Now I have to wait for them to be delivered, Boo!
** Kate **

Monday, March 9


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Consume'. This young man has consumed an entire weetabix this morning.
We did buy a box of the mini ones thinking they would be useful for dishing out just the right amount for a little person, but the packet wasn't entirely truthful.
It says they are exactly the same recipe as their original big brother but they don't crumble and soak up the milk properly, you can see they are different straight away. Luckily there are plenty of other mouths around here to finish them off.

I'm off in search of a website that can supply all of the bits I need for a project without me having to pay for postage from 6 different places.

** Kate **

Sunday, March 8

Play Suspended

Couldn't stop sneezing when I woke up on Friday and by the end of the day I had a grotty cold. Haven't done much for a couple of days but by yesterday evening I was fed up and determined to craft with some of my bargains from last week.

So whilst watching The Lake House on BBC3 (loved it) I made these.

The usual ATC to get me started.
All DoCrafts.

Then a DoCrafts card.
This cute frog is in Papermania's new stamp range.

The flowers on the frog card and the next one are also in the new Papermania range.
Have been paying a little more attention to the inside of my cards recently. So I lined the inside of this one.

Have to drag myself out to a GirlGuides computer course this afternoon which could be truly yawnsville but I've packed sweets and chocs to keep me going.

** Kate **