Saturday, March 21

Saturday Something

Lost the plot for my title today.

Here's an odd portrait of me for HS:MS:HS, the odd angle kind of appeals to me.
Shocking 'new mum' bags under the eyes though!

Also have a couple of ATCs to share.
Made using some Laura Ashley peg stamps (didn't know they did them!) that I picked up the other day. All stamped with Colorbox chalk inks.

Have to get on as I haven't finished making Mother's Day presents yet.

** Kate **


Chris T said...

It is a lovely angle!

Aubrey Harns said...

It's an excellent shot Kate - very soft/vulnerable.

Hazel said...

Very pretty ATCs and love the angle of your photo x

lisa said...

That's a really pretty photo Kate.

lis x

Shannon said...

That is a a great shot. I got the bags and I am not a new mum!